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Looking for a Good Local Bank in Allentown PA
Going through My first BRRR in Allentown. I bought it cash.Its taken me alot longer than expected. City of allentown held up with permits and inpectors being able to get out to the properties. Have got alot of traffic... View more
Bethlehem Rental Property Tax Registration
I'm sure more experienced investors know about this already but I know I would have found this information useful when I closed on my first rental property in June. Hopefully someone else finds this useful too. I found... View more
Double-down or Jump-ship
Hello BP community, Rookie Investor here with a question/situation: I Began my investment strategy 3 years ago with the goal of cash flow, buy and hold. Mind you that I knew nothing about REI. I was just stumbling in... View more
Sweep fine on small multifamily, finding and handling culprit
Hey BP investors! So I have this property (3-unit) in Allentown PA since March and it feels like I have started receiving sweep fine like it's raining trash on it (ok I'm exaggerating a bit).Now I certainly don't blame... View more
Going after back rent and repair costs following eviction
Hello fellow Bpers!I have a simple question: At what point does it become worth it to go after an evicted tenant for back rent and repair costs?I have had this tenant who has played the eviction moratorium and game... View more
First Time Investor looking to buy in Allentown
Hi guys I'm looking to buy my first investment property and have heard good things about Allentown. I'm from Philly and the market here is pretty expensive. Can someone talk me out of investing here? Or list some... View more
Electrician for work in Easton PA
Wonder if anyone would have any idea of cost to change out and update Knob-and-tube wiring in Easton, PA. I am searching for electrician to perform same work, and any recommendations would be great, and appreciated.
First time buyer searching for MF in Schuylkill County PA
Hello all I am a first time buyer looking for a multi family in Schuylkill County. I live in the lehigh valley and know it is very hard to find a rental property right now.Has anyone purchased properties out that way... View more
Analyzing the Easton, PA Market
Hi BiggerPockets community,I am interested in learning more about the Easton, PA area for real estate investing. So far I haven't found as much detailed information breaking down the different neighborhoods in this... View more
Anyone investing Bethlehem, Pa? (Lehigh Valley)
I feel like the Lehigh Valley is a hot market and a great place to invest but i never see anyone on BP talking about it. Anyone know where the wholesalers are in Bethlehem/Allentown. I feel like this is the place I... View more
Need a local person to show vacant units to prospective tenants
Hi - I am a remote investor and closed on a few properties in Easton this past month. Have two vacancies that I would like to fill out. Could not find a decent PM company in the area so managing myself. Tried working... View more
Plumber recommendation Bethlehem PA
Looking for a plumber recommendation to finish a job on a SFH in Bethlehem PA. The contractor's plumber bailed out on us after all the covid work stops caused months of project delays. Appreciate any help and... View more
Sub-metering vs RUBS
I have a rental with one gas hot water heater for 4 apartments and looking into sub-metering vs RUBS. Any recommendations for one vs the other? RUBS would obviously be easier and cheaper. Is it commonly done in the... View more
Easton PA
Hi Lehigh Valley Neighbors,I am based out of North Jersey and have been thinking about Easton for a while now as a buy and hold market. After being outbid for the umpteenth time in my home market I am now considering... View more
Management company for my rental
Ok, I think at this point I've had it with managing my property. Im thinking Im way too nice and let tenant get aways with stuff they would normally shouldnt be able to get away with.Any managment companies here in... View more
Migration to Allentown from COVID-19
As we all know the COVID-19 crisis has made all of us rethink about life and where we want to be and what we want to do. Since Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf reopened the Real Estate market our area has seen a greater... View more
Long-distance BRRRR, recommendations requested.
I am considering the Lehigh Valley market and live about 2.5 hrs away. Any recommendations for rockstar team members? Realtor, Contractor, Property Management, Lender. Thanks!
Looking for a contractor for my first BRRRR.
I am working on getting my first rental property through the BRRRR strategy in Allentown and I'm looking for an experienced contractor who has worked with investors who flip or BRRRR. Does anyone have any... View more