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I'm Investing in West End, Providence. Are You?
Hey BP RI Community! I am redeveloping an old, practically abandoned, building in the Heart of West End, Providence, into a neighborhood plaza. Plans are about ready for plan review and things are getting excited! Who... View more
Newbie looking at Elmhurst, Providence
Hi Everyone, I've been reading and learning on this forum for a few weeks. It's very impressive how nice and supportive everyone is. I'm a first-time investor. I spent a few months in Providence last fall and I was... View more
Providence AirBnB vs Long Term
The topic of AirBnB in Providence has been brought up in previous discussions but I wanted to revisit and see if anyone had comparison numbers between their long term rental and AirBnB revenue. I live in a two family... View more
New AirBnB regulations take effect in Providence 11/30/19
In case anyone wasn't aware, Providence's new regulations on AirBnB and other short-term rentals will go into effect November 30th, 2019.See the short-term rentals page in the City's Planning department website for a... View more
Providence, RI Student Rentals. Know anyone selling a condo?
Hello all, my son is starting school in RISD within next few weeks. Student rental are expensive and the make better sense to buy a condo and rent a bedroom to another student or even a 3-4 multi-family as away to... View more
Multi Family/student Rentals in Providence, RI
Hi All, My husband and I are looking to invest in the Providence market, wondering a few quick tips from those that have had success currently investing there or have in the past.  Specifically looking for average... View more
Three Family Firecoding Questions
So, I have found myself in a pickle.  I have a three family investment property under contract in Providence that I did not make subject to seller providing firecode compliance.  Why would I do this?  Because... View more
Video cameras, trash service, and Washer & dryer company service
Hello Everyone!1- I am planning to install video cameras outside and in the common area within a 3 units multifamily building in Providence. I am looking for something easy to use, manage, and not too expensive.2- A... View more
Providence Owner-Occupied Break % for 5+ Unit Properties
This is a question in regards to the Providence owner-occupied tax break on real estate.  As I understand, you can get the full break on 1-4 units if you owner occupy the property.  What about 5+ units you owner... View more
Landscape Excavation for Driveway
I am looking for connections and advice.  First, I am looking for a landscape local RI or SE MA excavator to give me a quote on expanding a walled driveway.  Second, I wonder if anyone has any general advice on... View more
Realtor and Bank recommendations in Providence RI area
I'm looking for recommendations for a realtor who works well with investors, and a bank too. Here's my situation:1) Looking in the Providence Rhode Island area, and surrounding communities (Pawtucket, East Providence,... View more
First deal - house hacking. What do you think?
Hi Rhode Island, and Providence BP'rs. I found a fairly interesting way to structure my first deal and I am wondering what you think of it.I have under contract 60Linden street Pawtucket RI  MLS1123800.It was a... View more
Home Improvement/ Handymen Around New Bedford
Hello I have a three family in the New Bedford area and have been having a tough time trying to find someone to come in and estimate for some work I need done. Im looking to have the floor re done with vinyl plank. A... View more
Larry Goins Investor Seminar HFD July 2018
I am attending the Larry Goins Real Estate Investor Seminar this Thursday -Saturday July 26-28th. I have an Investor partner that cannot attend last minute. I am looking to see if any new or novice, maybe even... View more
Providence, RI Real Estate Market
Greetings All! My name is Roland. Have loved real estate for most of my adult life and at the same time nervous and excited about trying to do some investing. I'm married with three grown kids, and looking for residual... View more
Any non-MLS deals out there in Pawtucket, RI Area (Darlington)
Looking for a multi-family in Pawtucket, RI in Darlington area on the border with MA. Anyone looking to sell quick or just looking to unload a property at a deal?
Greetings Everyone!! New Kid on the Block!!
Afternoon Everyone! Pretty new at all of this! Wanted to get some thoughts in general about the Providence, RI market, especially the arts community and downtown lofts around Pearl Street. Thank you!
Providence, RI Historical (Un)Appreciation
* Data from: you bought a multi-family in 1988, you were flat if you sold in 2013. You'd really hope you'd seen some good rental income in the... View more
Expanding Scope to Hard Money Lending
I have been investing locally in Rhode Island for over a decade now.  On occasion, in addition to my own real estate investments, I have provided some private financing to investors that I had an established... View more
Where are you having success in RI with Single Family rentals?
Getting too expensive (to buy a single family and rent it out) making the numbers work in the Newport area. I'd like to investigate other areas of the state where prices could still work. Where are you having success?... View more
Looking for GREEN General Contractor, Plumber, Electrician
Hello all,I'm looking to do some sustainable remodeling in the Providence area. I want to find a general contractor who specializes in green remodels-diverting waste from the landfill, replacing windows, insulating the... View more
RE familiar CPA in Rhode Island
Hey everyone,I'm looking for suggestions for a CPA in the Rhode Island area who is familiar with the tax strategies of real estate investing.  I currently own 3 multifamilies that I have purchased in the last year and... View more