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Chattanooga, TN Contractors
I have a GC that I am using most of the time for my rehabs, but I also want to develop a list of reliable backups when the need arises.  My strategy is buy & hold, with some fix & flip when it makes sense.  Who... View more
Property Tax Higher on Rental?
Hey helpful people, I know that in some states property tax is higher on a rental property than an owner occupied.  Is this the case in Chattanooga?  If so, what is the rate?  Good to know so as I look at Zillow... View more
Looking for advice for rental properties in Chattanooga!
Hello! Hope everyone is staying healthy and sane. I am exploring Chattanooga and want to find a good cash flow rental property (buy & hold) in this market. I am trying to find more information on the specific... View more
Looking for a general contractor for rehabs/flips
I work for gkhouses. We manage around 300 units in the Chattanooga area, and we are looking for a general contractor that can help us with general work around the properties we manage when we acquire a new property, or... View more
Chattanooga named as G20 smart city Alliance City
Chattanooga continues to transform as a tech city in the Southeast.  In mid-November, it was selected as a G20 smart city alliance city. To quote the press release this will help "kickstart adoption of the roadmap, the... View more
Chattanooga Home Inspectors
Looking for recommendations on home inspectors for rental properties. Want someone who is knowledgeable and thorough.I look forward with connecting with more of you. Thanks!Ross
Chattanooga lawn maintenance
Hi all,I’m an out of state investor in Chattanooga, and this will be my first Autumn / Winter owning in the city.I currently have my lawn cut twice per month (in Red Bank) , I wanted to ask whether you think there is... View more
Financing / Lender Recommendation in Chattanooga
I'm looking to put an offer in on a duplex in the Chattanooga area, that will require some rehab. Does anyone have a recommendation for a great lender in the area? I live in Florida so greatly appreciate any feedback... View more
Property Management in Chattanooga
Hi, I'm an out of state investor seeking recommendations for an investor friendly property management company, as well as investor friendly realtors in Chattanooga. Looking to expand my out of state rental portfolio... View more
Seeking commercial broker in Chattanooga
Hi Yall,Looking to get connected with an experienced commercial broker in Chattanooga. Atlanta-based developer here pursuing multifamily land deals as well as historic preservation / adaptive reuse deals. Please reach... View more
Sub diving lots/new construction
Does anyone have experience sub dividing lots and then building a new house/multifamily on the new lot? There is a bunch of waste space on the side of the lot that would be perfect for a new property. I've reached out... View more
How are school ratings impacting rental properties in Chatt?
Hello everyone, I have been seriously looking at properties in Chatt and target at properties with good cash flow for rental. I have passed on a few properties in 37412 (southern part of East Ridge) and 37411 (Sunshine... View more
Chattanooga Contacts Needed
Hello BP,I'm looking at alternative markets to my (insane) home market of Huntsville, AL, and Chattanooga popped up as fitting my personal criteria.  I'm looking for recommendations for property management, real estate... View more
Chattanooga Wholesaler Recommendations
Hi Everyone- Hoping to be pointed in the right direction. I'm about to finish renovations on my second house-hack of a single family home here (roommates are a great thing!), and I'll be moving to Chattanooga from... View more
Buying Vacant Lot in East Chatt - is Orchard Village a bad area?
Hi there Chattanooga BP community,I'm a new real estate investor seeking to do my first deal, and as I'm from Los Angeles and don't know the Chattanooga area well, I wanted to reach out to the BP community for... View more
Chattanooga too good to be true?
I am from Oregon, and have been looking to get started with buy and hold investing here. It's been pretty hard finding cash flow properties here, so my wife and I have been discussing the prospect of investing out of... View more
SFH to duplex in Red Bank (Chattanooga, TN)
Hello everyone, I am looking to buy a SFH with a full in-law suite in Red Bank and trying to rent it out as a duplex after I house hack it for 1 year to satisfy primary residency status for a FHA loan. The house is... View more
Handyman needed in Chattanooga / Red Bank
Hi All-I have a property in Chattanooga (Red Bank) that needs quite a bit of work done. Do you have a recommendation for a jack of all trades? This is a flip so it needs everything and I am on a budget (no surprises... View more
Seeking a recommended lender for refinance
I'm looking to do a cash out refi on a property of mine in Chattanooga. I'm located out of state so don't have any local lender contacts. Hoping for someone experienced working with out of state investors. Doesn't need... View more
Chattanooga, Tn market
I'm a real estate investor and new to the area of Chattanooga, TN. What are some good area's to invest in? I know that's broad but looking to connect with some people who know the market. 
Chattanooga area real estate agents
Does any one know any investor friendly real estate agents in the Chattanooga area? I recently moved to the area from Atlanta due to work. I have a property in Atlanta but am looking to expand into the Chattanooga... View more
Looking to connect with investors in Chattanooga
Hi all,I'll be in Chattanooga next week on Sun 1/12 and Mon 1/13. Anyone here want to meet up to discuss real estate? Would love to connect with any realtors, commercial brokers, and property managers who are... View more
Property Management in Chattanooga
Hi all,Can someone recommend a solid property management in Chattanooga? I have a few SFHs in the city which I have managed by the same property management company. However, as I'm about to close on a 'new' duplex I'd... View more