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First meeting w/ Real Estate Attorney ????
Good morning... My first post, so looking forward to hearing from you.  Thank you in advance. I have had my initial mtg with my RE CPA. I am now planning to have my first mtg with RE attorney. I would greatly... View more
First meeting w/ Real Estate Attorney ????
Good morning...My first post, so looking forward to hearing from you.  Thank you in advance.I have had my initial mtg with my RE CPA. I am now planning to have my first mtg with RE attorney. I would greatly... View more
Getting Started North of McKinney
After a long time saving and learning I've got the nugget I want to use to begin my REI journey. My current plan is: Single family 3/2's along the McKinney to Dennison stretch of 75. Looking in lower middle class... View more
Short Term Rentals in Dallas
Are there any investors or Realtors on this forum that either own or help investors buy properties to use as short term rentals? I have family in Dallas and Frisco and would like to purchase a "2nd home" to use when... View more
Looking for meet-ups in the Dallas area!
Hey Biggerpockets, I am a new investor and am looking for any opportunity to learn and receive guidance, if y'all know of any meet-ups or webinars in the Dallas area I would love to be a part of it!
DFW - Best Local Banks & Credit Unions for Hard Money Refi!
Hello all,I'm in the process of lining up financing before finding my first distressed property in Dallas, TX / DFW to invest in using the BRRRR strategy. It is KEY to know who you'll be refinancing with and their... View more
Brand New Investor, Looking to Connect!
Hi BiggerPockets! I'm SUPER excited to have joined the BiggerPockets community. I've been reading as much as I can from this forum for a few days now, and figured I'd make my first post. I'm a cyber security specialist... View more
Tips for Analyzing Properties!
Hi BP!I'm looking to get my bearings around analyzing properties to identify deals. I just read The Book on Flipping Houses, and the book explains that it is necessary to examine several (50-100) properties to get... View more
Looking to connect in Dallas!
Hi everyone! I am an independent contractor working in East Dallas, Old East Dallas. Before going on my own as a contractor I was a property manager working directly with owners/investors. My primary experience is... View more
Online Mortgage lender vs Mortgage broker
I've spent a little time now talking with lenders and it seems like online mortgage lending companies like rocket mortgage and Better.com have the best rates. I rarely hear people in the discussions talk about these... View more
Local Dallas BP Meetup tomorrow morning 8am!
Please reach out if you would like to network, share your expertise and learn a little from what others are doing. Tomorrow here in Dallas. Please send me a DM for info as space is limited with social distancing.... View more
Looking to invest in the Dallas, TX Market
I have been seeing alot of activity in the Dallas area in terms of people moving to that area, as well as the percentage of renters vs homebuyers are significantly higher in comparison to the rest of the country. Does... View more
Cash Flow Rentals in Dallas Area Market
I’m a new investor currently living in Los Angeles and due to price restrictions am looking to broaden my search when it comes to real estate investment.  I have a sister who lives in Dallas and have been many times,... View more
In search of CPA for W2, SFRs and Multifamily
Good Evening, I'm looking for a CPA. I would prefer to be local, in the DFW area (always prefer face to face). My wife and I work full time and have W2s. We have a series LLC, with some SFRs in different LLCs (A, B, C,... View more
Complete renovations for multifamily
Hi I found a 8 units deal in Dallas and the listing agent said it needs complete renovations to the studs. The building is built in 1929 ish, the electrical system and interior needs all updates. The roof also needs... View more
HVAC for Dallas/DFW Área?
Hello, Would anyone from the Dallas area be willing to share contact info for a good HVAC company? My property in Richardson has an ancient system.  I am in the process of getting bids but would love to work with... View more
Random question - Any suburbs in DFW that don't feel too suburbia
Hello all, looking for some guidance. My wife and I are moving to Dallas from Seattle... she really does not care for suburbs where all the houses look the same. Her favorite area in Dallas is Lower Greenville but most... View more
Looking for Multifamily Property Management Companies
Hello all, I am looking for a smaller multifamily property management company that manages 200± unit apartment complexes in the DFW area. I know many of the companies that manage in this range are usually larger... View more
Denton County Connections
Howdy y'all! I feel lucky to have found this forum. I'm currently in construction and have managed to save up around 50k. I'm really trying hard to get into real estate investing but wherever or whoever I reach out to... View more
Looking at properties to invest in Dallas
Hello, I am interested in investing in real estate in Dallas, TX because it looks like a cool place. I am looking at the Plano, Carrollton, Garland region as well as Crowley near Fort Worth. Are these decent areas?... View more
Does anyone own rentals in Denton near University of North Texas?
I'm looking to potentially acquire some properties there.I don't have any colleget properties in my portfolio yet.I'm curious of your experience.  A few questions:1) what challenges have you experienced?2) how well... View more
Dallas/North Dallas team building
Good afternoon all,I am new to the rental investment game and looking to build my team in Dallas. I am currently looking for a realtor in the Dallas & North Dallas areas that have experience in condos. In addition,... View more
BRRRR in North Dallas
Hi!My wife and I have recently moved to the DFW area and we're doing our initial research on the area.  Given the local market seems to have really low levels of inventory, along with rapidly rising property prices, we... View more
Cash out refi in business name
Anybody here have experience in this process. We are having a rough time looking to get some guidance from people who have done it in their business name. Thanks in advance.
Planning for property tax increases
Hi, I'm trying to get started doing buy and hold / BRRRR investing in the DFW area, but when I use the calculators on BP there's one thing I can't wrap my head around, which is tax projections. With good appreciation... View more