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Fort Worth Rental Market Help: Agents/Property Managers
Hey, my wife & I are Dallas based, we currently own 5 rentals in Minneapolis but are looking to diversify with a rental in Fort Worth Area and looking for recommendations from any agents/investors on the area.... View more
General Contractors in Fort Worth
We've all had good and bad experiences with contractors. Like a lot of us I'm always on the look out for that next reliable one though. Just wondering if anyone here had any tips on where to find some or... View more
Converting a Single Family Home into a Duplex? (Fort Worth, TX)
Hello BP :-) Has anyone gone through a process of converting a SFH into a Duplex or vice-versa?I am interested in how long the process took, what kind of paperwork did you have to file with the city? Was there any... View more
Contractor for Granbury, TX Remodel
Greetings- I have a house I am intending to flip in Granbury, Texas and I am looking for recommendations for contractors for the remodel.  There will be basic maintenance on the outside with cosmetics on the inside... View more
Thoughts on Rentals and Flips in Cleburne, TX
Has anyone found success in the markets just south of Fort Worth like Cleburne? We have found buyers for the area, and realtors are suggesting that it's a hidden gem with everyone moving further away from the city, but... View more
River Oaks, North West of downtown Fort Worth
Hi all! While driving through River Oaks a few times, I'm noticing some new custom construction in the old run down neighborhoods. However I'm not seeing any changes in the commercial side around the neighborhoods, but... View more
Mobile home flipping DFW
I'm looking for my first mobile home purchase in / near Fort Worth. Having a little trouble finding deals. Seems like I'm going to have to get very creative to find a motivated seller. I'd love to hear from anyone,... View more
New investor looking to grow
New investor in Fort Worth. Looking to network with others. I have some capital and loan approval I’m ready to buy. I’m a maintenance person and willing to help and work for free In order to learn and gain knowledge.... View more
Arlington, Texas Market
The DFW market seems like a great market,I've specifically been looking into Arlington. Could some of y'all DFW natives tell me a some pros and cons? and what parts of the city is great and not so great. Also, anything... View more
DFW and buying land....ready to pull the trigger and then wait
I would like to buy land in the DFW area, anywhere from .66 to 1 acre.  I am conflicted about whether to buy now or wait until I am actually planning to build as I do not wish to pay property taxes on the land but I am... View more
New Construction vs Older Homes
Is it just me or are people selling older homes for roughly the same price as new constructions in North Fort Worth right now? Please note that when I say "older" homes, I mean 2-15 years however this concepts still... View more
Cold Calling? Texting? Both? (I'm not a wholesaler)
Hey everyone,I am currently in the middle of my first mailing/postcard campaign (postcards) as well as mailing foreclosures (personalized form letter printed from home) and driving for dollars (same contact as... View more
Fort Worth Condo Investing
Hey BP, is their anyone that does condo investing in the Dallas/Fort Worth area? I'm looking at a few that cash flow pretty well and I'm just wondering if there is anything I should look out for when purchasing and... View more
Beginner Real Estate Wholesaler
Hello, I'm a 19 year old student studying Real Estate & Finance at the University of North Texas. I am currently trying to network with other Real Estate Wholesalers in the DFW area to get any advice and or tips on... View more
Best way for me to network myself?
I just started an acquisitioner job for a investment group here in TX. I need to network with investors and agents in order to find the deals not seen by the public (obviously). I am new to the real estate, been on for... View more
Thoughts on TCU/Botanic Gardens Area
What are people’s thoughts on the area around TCU campus and near Botonic Gardens and Dickies Arena? Not from the area so I don’t have first hand knowledge. Figured I’d get the opinion of those with a closer look. ... View more
Beginning in fort worth.
Howdy! My wife and I are looking at operating in Fort Worth and I'm curious to see who all is active in the area. The goal for us is to flip while acquiring rentals to build a portfolio that allows us to move into... View more
Building multi-families in Fort Worth
Hi,I'm a realtor/investor in the Waco area. Fort Worth area has sparked my interest and looking to work with a builder to buy/build multifamily properties in Ft. Worth .Thanks,David
New in Fort Worth looking to network
I’m a new investor, I’m looking to network locally. I’m a maintenance person during the day and willing to offer any skills I have and also willing to help in many aspects in order to learn. I have my finances in... View more
Calling: Dallas/Fort Worth Area Investors and Fix-n-Flippers
Hi BP! My name is Vinh and I'm an investor located in New York. I'm thinking about expanding my business in Texas. Would love to connect and discuss the various real estate micro-markets here - in terms of job... View more
I will work for free in order to learn Fort Worth
I'm a new investor. I live in Fort Worth Texas/Saginaw area to be exact. I'm also fairly new to area and still learning the quickly changing area. I don't personally know anyone that invest. I'd like to change that... View more
What to do with unpermitted additions
Good afternoon. My wife and I are new to real estate investing and have been actively looking for our first deal. I have some construction experience (but no expert) and on several of the houses we have looked at, I... View more
First Rental in Fort Worth area - advise needed
I am a Pennsylvania (Philadelphia and surrounding area) investor and just made my first venture into Texas in the 76131 zip with 4 bed 2 bath SFH. Did a total gut rehab inside and the house is quite nice. But after one... View more
Exit Strategy for Retiring Landlords
First-time poster. My wife and I are new investors, looking to buy single-family or small multi-family in the Northern suburbs of Fort Worth. In the 7-habits of highly effective people, Steven Covey states you should... View more
The best way to find cash buyers
Looking for the best way to find cash buyers. I have posted the houses I have under contract on here but I am not getting anything. If any one can help I would be very grateful.