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How’s rental going in SLC and Utah counties?
Hi there, This is a question for RE investors and professional in Utah. We are diversifying our portfolio and bought two SFRs in Salt Lake county this 2020. With all covid-19 things we heard, there’s no factual... View more
Market of the Moment - 1/22/2021
Market of the Moment 1/22: A small bump in inventory in some price points, fewer solds in the last 7 days. It is tough out there for a buyer right now.
Market of the Moment 1/15/21
Inventory is still very low, especially under 300k. If the weather stays nice, we may see some additional inventory hit the market. One thing I've learned as an agent, most people don't want to go look at houses in... View more
Best Places to Invest In Salt Lake City?
Hey guys. I'm planning a move to the Salt Lake City area in the near future and I have been doing quite a bit of analysis on different rental properties (just using the calculator to get my practice in). However, I... View more
House Hacking SLC Strategy
Good Morning Bigger Pockets! I plan to purchase a house hack-able property in SLC, and would like to strategize/ get some insight into the best way to go about it.  My current plan is to find a large house in either... View more
Accountant Recommendation for Salt Lake City
Hi- we own a legal duplex in SLC - we're looking for recommendations for a CPA who knows the real estate niche.  Thanks in advance for your suggestions    MK
HELOC or second on rental in SLC
Hello all - Anyone in Salt Lake have success finding a lender that will do a HELOC, or second mortgage, on a rental property (NOO)? At the moment I am unable to do one on my primary residence. Looking to tap into my... View more
Market of the Moment - 12/18/2020
Market of the Moment - 12/18/2020: Our market is going into a frenzy with this lack of inventory. 32 houses less in the 400-500k range since last week. I've listed three homes in the last three weeks, all under... View more
Market of the Moment - 12/11/20
Market of the Moment: Inventory is playing a game of limbo, how low can you go? We closed more homes this week by 12, once of the reasons all the pendings went down. Due to inventory, buyers are not complacent based on... View more
Market of the Moment - 12/4/20
Market of the Moment: Inventory continues to drop. Salt Lake County has 613 single family homes active as of tonight. Buyer demand is not slowing. We haven't had heavy snow yet, which usually has a slowing effect on... View more
Hippest Neighborhood Near Downtown SLC
Hey BP Fam - I'm looking to purchase a SFR near Downtown SLC for my periodic use in winter (big skier) and summer (escaping Texas heat and hiking); but it needs to generate income as an STR when I'm not there. It does... View more
Market of the Moment - 11/20/20
Market of the Moment: Actives and pendings down in all price points this week. Slight rise in days on market. As we move into Thanksgiving, the market doesn't seem to be pumping the breaks. Seller's market. The... View more
Teenage Obsession With Answers Needed!!
I am a teenager who is in dire need of help before I decide my future! I do plan on going to college at the University of Utah as I have excelled at school and am going to pay for college with scholarships and parental... View more
Market of the Moment - 11/6/2020
Market of the Moment: We have more closings that newly active across the board this week. Most of us are wondering what kind of seasonality we are going to see given the late start due to COVID, the shortness of... View more
Salt Lake City Bigger pockets group
Hi all, I live in Salt Lake City and I was wondering if there is an existing group of people who have used bigger pockets to connect and the strategies taught here as well. Covid has disrupted other networking channels... View more
Market of the Moment - Salt Lake County, Single Family
Market of the Moment: We had a small increase in inventory last week, celebrate the small victories! Our numbers are still all indicative of a seller's market with less supply than demand. Given our cultural shift... View more
Asphalt paving recommendation
I own 2 duplexes in Salt Lake City. Code wants me to repair or repave the circular drive in front of them. Looking for recommendations on companies to call. Thanks
Building a Duplex
I am looking for anyone who has experience in building a duplex or triplex in Utah.  I have found a possible lot, but I would love any advice anyone has on building from start to finish, financing etc.
Advice on selling home in SLC (upper avenues)
I am planning on selling a rental in the upper avenues of SLC. Desirable lot with a view, list price will be around $900k. As always, I'm having trouble deciding how much work to do on the house before listing. It is... View more
Market of the Moment - 8/28/20
Market of the Moment: Another week in paradise if you're a seller. Houses are going under contract even faster (as if that's even possible). We have lots of buyers that are snatching up houses. However, we still see... View more
MLS Info on Utah Market
Look at the difference in Actives from 2019 to this year. 2019 had 3,899 MORE LISTINGS than we do this year. That's why median home price is increasing.  Definitely a sellers market right now.
REI Moving to SLC Looking for a Rental
My partner and I are moving to Salt Lake from Bellingham, Washington in September. In the next few years I'm developing a small real estate portfolio and we currently have enough saved up to make a sizeable down... View more
Real Estate Tax Attorney Referral Needed
Hey guys, like the title says, i'm looking for someone local who specializes in Real Estate Tax Deferral Strategies.  I'd like to look into options other than a 1031, so don't really want someone who specializes in... View more
YoY Metrics for Salt Lake County - Inventory and Price
Market of the Moment: Ending Q2, prices have risen 8% year over year. Homes sold have decreased by 16%. Lack of inventory is driving prices up. It's definitely a sellers market in this moment. 27Dean Ellis, King... View more