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Thoughts on 2/2 Condos
Hey everyone! Starting to get real serious and moving towards my first income property, I've noticed a few condo's popping up that were 2/2's.  Wondering what folks thoughts are on: 1) Condo investing and 2) 2/2 in... View more
Looking for real estate agent in Hampton Roads area
I am a beginner investor from Northern Virginia region looking at finding distressed properties in Hampton Roads to either BRRRR or maybe flip.Are there any licensed real estate brokers / agents who can help me find... View more
Value of a 2 cottage (duplex) property in Virginia Beach
Hello BP (new user, first post).  I'm curious what the value could be of a 2 cottage property in Virginia Beach.  Technically, it's a duplex.  The property is a 800sf 2/1 with a 400sf 1/1 over the detached garage all... View more
Invest in Fayetteville, NC
Fayetteville, NC is a growing military town with son much potential. Are you an investor looking to branch out? I want to build a larger network with investors who want to invest in NC.
Finding The Right Brokerage
Hey guys, so I am currently taking my real estate agent licencing course and I am wondering what brokerage I should look for. I am going to be working part-time due to being active duty military. Should I look more... View more
Help please. Looking at 4 unit multi family now!!
Hello, I wanted to see if someone in the area of Hampton roads or close by would like to offer some insight On their first rental property purchase
Live in Flip in VA Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake
I'll be moving to the area sometime around February and would like to buy and rehab a place before moving in.  The intent would be to use it as a rental when I left 2 years later.  Ideally I would add an extra unit as... View more
Contractor in Hampton, VA
Hello! Does anyone have a contractor they recommend? I have a single fam; 3 bedroom 2 bath house that I need to renovate as a rental. I'm new to the area so any help would be much appreciated! Thanks! Jimmy
Turn back on utility for inspection?
I'm working on a deal in Norfolk and inspection is a contingency. The seller agreed to keep the electricity on but he won't turn back on gas & water. The house was built in 1950's and I just want to make sure the... View more
Where the wholesalers at??
Hey everyone, I'm new to the real estate game and I call it a game because I have so much fun learning about it, but I only know real estate brokers or agents in my area, I live in Ashburn, VA. I'm looking to meet real... View more
VA Beach floodzones
Hello BP! Shout out to all VA investors... hoping to gather some advice. I am looking for a SFH or Duplex in the Norfolk/Virginia Beach area to buy and hold and/or AirBNB. Preferably under 180k.Research has let me know... View more
First Time Filing Taxes
I purchased my first property this year and I am researching how I should file taxes next year. My property is operated under my LLC and I use business banking accounts. Can anyone share their method for filing taxes?... View more
Looking for a property management company in Virginia Beach
My current property manager is not performing as I'd like. Looking for a reliable property management company in Virginia Beach VA.Referrals appreciated. :)
Looking to partner with a GOOD CONTRACTOR in Va Beach, Norfolk!!!
Good morning BP,Here I am again, with another problem, however it's a good problem to have. I am a wholesaler in the Hampton Roads area and I have a number of properties I am working; so many such that I can't see them... View more
House hacking and rental
Hello fello BP! Me and my wife are planning to move out from hawaii and we are looking into the virginia beach market. I would love to ask what the market is like, examples of what I am asking, is it a great market for... View more
BRRRR ("fix and rent") in Hampton Roads
I'm curious if BRRRR ("fix & rent") works in the Virginia Beach / Norfolk / Chesapeake / Tidewater metro area. Essentially, the ability to have your purchase price + rehab costs less than 70% of the ARV, so after... View more
Norfolk/VA Beach Neighborhoods
Good Evening Local BP Members!I just got back to the area after being gone for a little while and ready to jump back into the business and get my first deal under contract.I was looking to get everyone's opinions on... View more
Looking to network and Learn from Veteran investors
Good morning everyone, Name is Theodore I am currently working as an IT but my goal is to branch off and do Real estate full time. Im currently focusing on wholesaling but would love to learn from different investors... View more
House Hack Financing
Happy Thursday,I'm in the process of getting myself ready to purchase my first investment property in VB; however, I am unsure if I should go with an fha loan or a conventional loan. Coming up with 20% down on a 220k... View more
Need Referral for Quiet Title Attorney
Have been dealing with an access to public road issue in Va Bch and hoping for a recommendation for a good attorney that deals with owner's title issues to assist my sellers in dealing with their ongoing owner's title... View more
Deal Analysis Help, Lake Edward,-75.980244,36.703522,-76.280994_rect/11_zm/The address is 6030 Margate Ave, and it is near Lake Edward.  It is a 3/2... View more
General Contractor for Hampton area
Hello!I am in search of a reliable and trustworthy general contractor to handle some renovations and flips. Would anyone know of any that they can recommend?Any help would be much appreciated!Thanks,Jimmy