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Port Norfolk Historic District Recommendations and Guidelines
I just bought my 10th unit as somewhat of a house-hack.  I'll be living in it for 2 years while stationed at NS Norfolk and then it will become a rental.  It's a really solid Victorian Home in the Port Norfolk Historic... View more
Recently Started Wholesaling, and Looking for Advice
Hi everyone.  I started a lead generation/wholesaling business a couple of months ago, and I'm getting lots of really great leads.  I also work a full time job, and I've been looking for motivated people to help. ... View more
Looking for Property Manager recommendations in norfolk.
I have a house I have rented out for couple of years, just looking for some reccomendations for a property manager to get a new tenant set up in the house this November.
Investing in Williamsburg, VA
Hello BPers, I need some help with researching a market. I am interested in purchasing a a vacation property (condo/townhome/single family) in Williamsburg, VA that could double as a rental when I not using it. ... View more
Advice Finding Off-Market Deals in Norfolk, VA
Hi! I'm actively looking for off-market deals in Norfolk, VA adjacent to ODU, Norfolk State, and EVMS primarily as a fixed-income style investment and I was wondering if you had advice on:1. Investor-savvy real estate... View more
Investing in Norfolk Area-Looking to Connect With A Local Agent
Hello, I am an investor from Philadelphia, PA. I have had success in the area for a number of years. Because it is such a hot market, home prices have skyrocketed, competition is fierce, and the local political... View more
Investing in Norfolk, VA area
Hello All!  My name is Katherine and I’ve been an investor in MI since 2007.  I am moving in the spring/summer for My husband’s residency at the Portsmouth Naval Hospital.  While this is exciting, I’ll be starting from... View more
New-ish Investor headed to Norfolk
Finally got the motivation to post a new member intro haha. I'm also looking forward to expanding my knowledge and experience with you all. My name is Miles and I'm active duty military and own a couple buy and hold... View more
Investing in Portsmouth
Looking for any help investing in single family and Multifamily in Portsmouth area. I have some low income rentals and am looking to buy more and the prices look ok there. Also would need a PM in the area. Thanks Ken
Converting a Portsmouth SFH into a Duplex
I purchased a SFH in Portsmouth that was once a single level duplex and the previous owner converted it into a SFH. The rental income makes sense to convert it back into a duplex, but I am having a hard time reaching... View more
Turn back utilities for inspection
Sorry for the double post! I'm working on a deal in Norfolk and inspection is a contingency. The seller agreed to keep the electricity on but he won't turn back on gas & water. The house was built in 1950's and I... View more
Business Line of Credit for Real Estate Investment
With multiple partners, I have 3 projects in the works. One is complete and on the market for sale with offers coming in, one is complete and awaiting inspection for rent, and the third is still undergoing rehab. I'm... View more
Property Manager or Realtor Wanted
Investor looking for property manager or realtor to work on for single family house, as first project. Potential for more business. Recommendations are also welcome. Thank you.
Looking For Realtor and Property Manager
I'm an out of town investor purchasing a property in Hampton. I'm looking for a good real estate agent to work with as well as a property manager. Recommendations are welcomed and appreciated.
Norfolk a good place for investing?
For a first time buy, is Norfolk a good idea to start my Real Estate career? I want a Duplex to house hack but I don't want to live in a dangerous area. So in that regards I'd rather use my VA loan to buy a single... View more
In Search of Norfolk CPA
Does anyone have a recommendation for a good CPA (who specializes in real estate) in Norfolk area? We have four units in Norfolk, one in California. Thanks in advance!
Duplex Under Contract Near ODU
Hi everyone!I recently got a duplex under contract right near ODU. I was hoping to connect with some other investors that have rentals in that area or are familiar with student rentals. This is my first duplex that I... View more
Collection Agency recommendations in Norfolk, Virginia
Can anyone make recommendations for a collections agency that operates in Virginia?  I have the eviction documents but they owe a lot more than security deposit 
Contractor/Handyman Recommendations in Norfolk, VA?
Hello Fellow Investors!My wife and I recently purchased a 6 unit property in Norfolk, VA! We are in search of reliable local handymen and/or contractors to perform improvements. Thanks in advance for sharing your... View more
Military PCS Orders to Norfolk VA
My wife has orders to Norfolk and we plan to PCS next summer, so I'm getting a head start on reasearching the market. I'm looking for some advice on where to buy a home. Ideally, I'd like to buy a SFH or small multi... View more
Cash Per Door Expectations
I am actively seeking my first multifamily deal in the Norfolk/Portsmouth area. Am I off base for trying to get $150/door net cash flow on a quad that rents 700/month? That tends to put me at 80-85% of most asking... View more
Norfolk Property Manager / Contractors
I currently hold a note on a property in norfolk virginia that is in foreclosure and vacant and looking to get a property manager or contractor / rehab specialist over there to do property preservation and clean up the... View more