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Securing wholesale deals in Milwaukee.. so everybody wins
Hello all, I am currently new to the Milwaukee area wholesaling scene, and I would like to ask others who are in the area about any methods (On-Market or Off) that have worked for you on securing deals that you can... View more
Networking in Milwaukee Area.. Where to start?
Hello all, thanks for taking the time to check out my post. My name is Brandon Roberts and I'm a motivated wholesaler new to the area. I want to conduct business with others who have a strong sense of ethics and... View more
Milwaukee City Owned Properties
Wondering if anyone has bought properties from the City of Milwaukee? Three specific Questions: 1.) How was the process over all 2.) Did you find the work estimates done by the City to be fairly accurate  3.) Did you... View more
FHA Loans: Bank suggestions
Hey Everyone. New here and looking to purchase my first duplex. Want to start the pre-approval process. Does anyone have any recommendations on banks that are knowledgeable regarding FHA loans?
Short Term Rentals in Milwaukee
Are there any investors or Realtors on this forum that either own or help investors buy properties to use as short term rentals? I'd love to connect and get some thoughts and advice! Here are a few questions and... View more
Up + Coming Milwaukee Neighborhoods?
I would like to invest in a neighborhood that's got a hipster vibe and has historic duplexes. I've got a long family history in the Milwaukee area but currently live in CA so don't know the city well. Looking forward... View more
Milwaukee Hard Money Lenders
Hello! I am in the Milwaukee, WI area looking to do some fix and flips to get some money together for buying rental properties. I need to use hard money am looking for the best lenders with the best terms. I appreciate... View more
Milwaukee Wholesale Assignment Contract
Would anyone be willing to share a contract template that they've actually used to assign a wholesale deal in Milwaukee? I've heard mixed reviews about just grabbing a generic one off the internet - doesn't seem very... View more
Inherited Lease - No Rules on Smoking (Milwaukee, WI)
My property here in Milwaukee has an interesting situation. I inherited two tenants living downstairs who have been smoking in the unit. The smell is totally overwhelming even with the HVAC upgrades. I re-read the... View more
Thoughts on Milwaukee 53215?
Hi everyone! I live in California, and have been listening to the podcasts and absorbing every bit of education I can for the past few months and finally pulled the trigger last night and made an offer on a triplex in... View more
Milwaukee wholesale contract
Would anyone be willing to share a contract template that they've actually used to assign a wholesale deal in Milwaukee? I've heard mixed reviews about just grabbing a generic one off the internet - doesn't seem very... View more
AirBnb Management Company in Milwaukee, IW
Hello,Does anyone out there provide 24/7 property management services for short-term rentals in the Milwaukee, WI area?  Or, can you recommend someone.  We are very unhappy with our current on-the-ground management... View more
Milwaukee, I need help understanding the city
Im reaching out because we're looking at purchasing some rental properties to flip in Milwaukee. The issue i have is that I am not familiar with Milwaukee and was hoping that you could spare a few minutes to help... View more
Line of Credit Against Rentals
I'm looking to find a lender willing to take a second position and issue a line of credit against a small portfolio of investment properties, or against several individual properties. All are non owner occupied SFH and... View more
Duplex held in LLC (Milwaukee)
My partner and I bought two duplex's with cash in Milwaukee and complete the transaction as an LLC. We would like to get out cash from the properties now but are having the following issue: 1.) Conventional loans not... View more
Investor looking for realtor in MKE
Can someone help me spend this $150K? I simply want two more SFRs in MKE built after 1950. I also have five properties that I want to finance and BRRR until I can't BRRR anymore. So that would translate to roughly... View more
Milwaukee Rental Properties
Hello! My name is Gabe Pelak. I recently graduated from college and am moving to Brookfield to start my day job in Insurance Sales. Over the past few months, I have gained a passion for real estate. My plan as of right... View more
My First Deal and What I Learned
I set a goal this year in my introduction post to own 1 property by the end of 2020. I purchased my first duplex some time in August and have successfully reached that goal. I wrote about my first purchase in the Deal... View more
You opinion on Lincoln village neighborhood in Milwaukee
We are considering to purchase multifamily at Lincoln village in Milwaukee, We are worried about the crime rate in the area,Is there are good blocks there, what do you think about the near neighborhoodsThanks
Checking 2 duplexes for buy and hold
Hey, I currently have 1 SFH in Silver Spring, and I'm looking to buy my second property. I'm thinking about multi family, and I'm currently checking these 2 off-market deals: The first one: 4877-4879 n 47th 2 units... View more
Trouble Finding Out Of State Refinancing, Wisconsin
I currently live in South Carolina, but am originally from Milwaukee, WI. I have been looking for BRRRR deals in Milwaukee since the market is much more favorable than my current location. However, I am struggling to... View more
Foundation Repairs - In Need Of Recommendations
Hey everyone, I just closed on a single family home in Bay View, Milwaukee last week. The house needs some substantial repairs to its foundation. Any cost effective recommendations for quotes? I am looking to BRRRR... View more
Looking for HELOC help
Hi BP friends - wondering if someone could point me in the right direction here.  I have quite a bit of equity in my home and would like to establish a home equity line of credit to use on some home repairs that are... View more