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Buying real estate in Alberta
I am new to real estate and own one property in Grande Prairie, AB. I am currently focused on buy and hold strategy.Due to COVID-19 and oil prices, Alberta economy has suffered badly. I am not very knowledgeable about... View more
Anyone interested in hearing a real-life case study of new 6plex?
Hi, would anyone on here be interested in hearing a real-life case study of how we built/purchased multiple residential houses (brand new) and financed it using commercial financing? Thinking of putting something... View more
Meetups in Calgary
Hey, I was wondering if anyone knows of any investor meetups in Calgary, AB Canada. I'm looking to connect with some people who have done a few deals and get a bit of guidance on how to start out.
Hello BP! I am currently 19 and located in Edmonton, AB. I am looking for some fellow Edmontonian real estate investors to connect with In which I'm more than willing to provide any sort of help I can whether that's... View more
Investing in Calgary
Hi BP,Invest from Vancouver, BC here. My partner and I are looking to get into the Calgary, AB market and we want to start building our network. If any of you have any referrals for a good realtor, contractor, property... View more
Is Anyone Using the BRRR Method in Calgary AB, Canada?
Anyone successfully doing BRRR methods in Calgary AB, Canada in the last couple years? It would be amazing if you have examples of what you did. What area, what the purchase price was, how much it appraised for, before... View more
Zillow vs.HonestDoor vs. Realtor
Hi All, I have been looking at the different platforms for real estate data and am curious if there is any real difference between them ? Zillow doesn't seem nearly as robust as the stuff that's down in the states.... View more
Insurance for rental by the room
Hi,I was wondering if anyone on here does rental by the room and where you got insurance? I am looking to rent out a 7 bedroom single family home by the room and so far have not found an insurer that will cover me.Thanks!
Newbie here......... Brrrr in Edmonton? what are your experiences
Hello BP, My name is Joe, married and I live and work in Edmonton, AB, Canada. I stumbled unto BP a few months ago because I was interested in real estate and wanted to educate myself more on it. I now think it is time... View more
Anyone in the Edmonton area do any AFS or assignments?
Just curious to hear if anyones used any of these strategies and wants to share how it went for them. Im taking barry mcguires rapid cash flow program right now so i hope to do some in the near future.
Is wholesaling possible in the current Alberta markets?
So as a beginner with very little downpayment for an investment to flip. I was hoping to learn more about this investing by 1st maybe doing 10 paper deals to also grow my personal capital and if one or two look too... View more
Good realtor’s Edmonton, AB area?
Hi there, I am super new to real estate investing and am looking for my first rental property in the Edmonton area,I was curious to see if anyone has any recommendations on any realtors who have experience with helping... View more
Rental Eviction - Alberta (my first one)
All, Looking very much like I will be going through my first rental eviction in Alberta (non payment of Rent). Are there any Alberta investors who can share with me their rental eviction template? Thanks in advance!
Canada Alberta Fort McMurray
Wondering what is the plan to rebuild there.I was up there about 10 years ago I bid on a commercial property and got out bid by Canadian super store.. spent 3 days there toured the tar sands ( awesome)  Just wondering... View more
Meet up in Edmonton
Hello all, I just want to gather some interest to see if any investors on this board would like to meet up in Edmonton? We are a group of investors that's active in the Edmonton and Calgary market. We are... View more
US Citizen buying property in Alberta, Canada
I'm a US Citizen who's looking to buy a condo in Calgary/Edmonton, Canada. Also, I would like to use the condo as an investment property (i.e. rent it out long term). - Can i use a US Bank to finance the property in... View more
Edmonton Multifamily Deal
Hello all!I'm an investor based out of Vancouver and am currently under contract for a 12 unit property in Edmonton. I'm looking for some input from locals who are familiar with apartment cap rates and can help... View more
Looking for people who have flipped houses in Alberta!
I am looking to do a flip in the Edmonton area either near whyte ave west of 99th st or walking distance to West Edmonton Mall.The Lrt will be there before to long and were looking to use Air B N B. I always thought a... View more
Shopping for more credit and impact on credit score
Hi everyone,I am looking at trying to access to bigger line of credit (currently only have a 30k one) and I remember reading a post from @Brianne H. in which she said she booked appointment with as many banks and... View more
Hard money lenders in Calgary?
Hey all, might anyone have recommendations on HML's in Calgary? I just lost the contract on a deal as conventional financing let me down too late in the timeline to be able to recover from. I don't want this to happen... View more
Eviction Alberta Process
HI All,I am a Calgary Landlord and looking to evict a tenant from my property. The issue is that I have entered into an option to purchase agreement. I am looking to liquidate the property ASAP and will return their... View more
Meetup: How to evaluate property deals - Math class that pays!
Have you ever been unsure about how to analyze and evaluate a real estate deal? Or possibly confused as to whether a particular property deal would be better suited as a fix & flip, rental property, wholesale or... View more
calgary new to investing
Hey all, My name is Karsten and I'm new to BP and investing. I haven't invested in anything yet, still in the education stage to make sure I make minimum mistakes. But I am a plumber by trade and have been plumbing for... View more
Looking for agent or contacts in Grand Prairie, AB
Hello Alberta BP'ers! I've been speaking with a fellow investor who has been investing in Grand Prairie and doing very well with renting furnished rooms to workers in the area. I like his idea and his numbers look... View more
Memphis investors looking to network during trip to Canada
Hi ya'll. My husband (@Sam Wilson) and I will be traveling from Vancouver to Calgary via Banff (and a few other places along the way) from May 1-12We'd love to meet up with other investors for a coffee or a drink -... View more