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Moncton Neighborhoods Insight
Looking for insight into Moncton neighborhoods. Areas to avoid? Areas with the best tenant profiles? Single family (if the numbers are right), duplex to fourplex. First time posting,  so please advise if more info is... View more
Hello Investors from NB
Hello everyone,I'm a new member and I will love to meet people who investing in NB and grow my net work.About my self: I'm from saint John nb and I'm investing in that area . Started to invest in 2017 and my portfolio... View more
Moncton neighborhoods for multifamily units
Hello, I recently moved to NB and am looking to invest in small multifamily units in the Moncton area. I am investing mainly for cash flow with a budget of about 200-300k. I would prefer to invest in the nicer parts of... View more
Investing in Saint John
I am new to investing in multi-family real estate and have been looking in NB specifically Stain John. The prices in Indiantown and West Saint John are very attractive for multi family even if the buildings are in need... View more
Home Inspectors in Moncton, NB, Canada
Hello everyone,I and my wife are buying a house in Moncton, NB  Canada and we got our first offer accepted.  So it's time to go on with the property inspection. Our agent recommended a guy named Chris Chapman from... View more
Coronavirus how will it affect.
Hello everyone, It's a new situation I believe to most of us with the coronavirus that is taking the economy down. Want to get your thoughts/opinion on few subjects: 1.would you do a ren't relief plan to your tenants... View more
New Brunswick real estate investing
Hey folks, I've been looking into Moncton, NB (Canadian living in the US). I haven't done business here before, any notable differences for dealing with here versus the US, things on my mind in no particular order: 1)... View more
Purchasing my first property in moncton, NB
Hello everyone! My husband and I finally decided to make the move from BC to moncton, NB.  We have been looking for a good multifamily property, a duplex, with descent returns but starting to realize they are flying!!!... View more
Investing in the Maritimes
Hi all, I really appreciate all the wisdom that is shared so freely here on BP!I’ve recently had a rental property expropriated that I’ve owned for many years in the Montréal area (expropriation was a bizarre... View more
Commercial Investing in Freddy, SJ, or Moncton
Hey everyone, I am looking for more information on commercial investing in the 3 cities in NB. I have experience with SFHs but want to take a look at something different. Are there any meetups that are active or people... View more
New Real estate investor in NB
Hey I'm a new investor in Meductic,NB, I will be starting to invest in Woodstock,Fredericton and possibly Saint John and Moncton.    I am currently looking for a multi-unit building to brrrr for my first investment.  ... View more
Looking for Wholesalers Northern NJ
Starting to fix and flip in Northern NJ.Looking to develop relationships with wholesalers in Sussex, Morris and Parts of Passaic Counties (West Milford, Ringwood areas) in New Jersey. Please send me a message.Alicia... View more
First Maritime Post - NB Forum
Since we now have Provincial sub-forums on BP, I am going to suggest we collapse them as follows:- Atlantic Canada - Québec- Ontario- Prairies & the North- British Columbia My argument for the collapse is there are... View more