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Long Island NY Real Estate Wholesale
Hello Everyone,    My name is Charles. I am 23 and live in Suffolk. I'm trying to get started in Real Estate through Wholesaling. The main thing i am looking for from this post is to build a group of people in a... View more
Bringing Value to Long Island Investors
Hey all!I'm a couple years into real estate now as an investor and have been a licensed real estate salesperson now since October 2020. The reason I decided to become an agent was to provide true value in potential... View more
New REI looking to house hack vs. out of state invest
Hi BP community! I'm looking to start out as a REI on long island. I've been reading many books, attending weekly webinars on BP and LIREIA, and browsing the forums the past few months but this is my first post. My... View more
Looking to network with otherw on The Northfork & The Hamptons
Hello all, my name is Tommy, I am a realtor in Suffolk County. I just wanted to introduce myself and welcome any connections of anybody in the area. I am a firm believer in networking and building relationships. I have... View more
Long Island Investing
Hello all, my name is Tommy, I am new to Bigger Pockets. I love the community and am looking to build relationships with other local professionals in my market. If there is anyone out there that is looking to invest on... View more
Nassau County NY Agents
Hey BP, So typically when I get a lead in on a house that there is not much value add for me and the homeowner is looking for retail prices I refer them to Bryan Karp.  However Karp does not go out into Nassau County,... View more
Long Island REI Meetup
Hey everyone, I went ahead and scheduled a zoom meeting for us! I figure we can just kinda get the first one under our belts and go from there. No restrictions as far as strategy or role in REI. Just cmon down any say... View more
Advice for a new wholesaler in Long Island, NY?
Hi, My name is Suraj, I am 19 years old, located in Long Island, NY and looking to get into wholesaling real estate. I have been trying to wholesale on-market properties virtually for about a month now and have had no... View more
House Hacking on Long Island
Hello everyone! I hope you and your families are well. I'm a 24-year-old full-time graduate student at Hofstra University (expected graduation 2021). I work as an IT technician, and I'm still living at home. I plan on... View more
Flip up tp 100k in long island?
Hey guys, thanks for the great forum! If I have 100k to invest in a flip- would Long island be a potential destination or should I look into more affordable location in upstate and Jersy? How do you find an area in... View more
Advice/Guided needed for Young REI
Hi, I am a junior in college looking for advice/guidance on how to purchase a home. I am looking to purchase during 2023-24 because that is when I'm hoping to start medical school. I'd rather put a down payment on a... View more
Any burning tax questions?
Hey everyone!My newly formed business Accountants Buy Property is looking to get in the wholesale side of the business here in Long Island! I am also a CPA with many years of experience practicing in the real estate... View more
Looking for a good appraiser on Long Island
Made an offer on a house out in suffolk county looking for someone who can recommend a good appraiser. When I bought my home I was very new and just used everyone my real estate agent recommended. This time I want to... View more
Getting started with poor credit and possible foreclosure
Greetings from Long Island.... I want to become proficient at RE investment. However I’m coming from a place of disadvantage I feel. I kinda want to poll the audience and see what y’all think, first about me and my... View more
My friend needs an apartment - Please Help
My friend used to rent from my parents a few years ago but they had to kick her out so another relative could move in. She rented from them for a year and never missed a rent payment. For the past two years she has not... View more
Contractor with FHA 203K Experience Needed Lynbrook NY
We are in need of a contractor with experience in working with FHA 203k loans, on the eastern side of long island, more exactly in Lynbrook NY. is an 1878 Sq.Ft. colonial built in 1931. if you are fully licensed or... View more
Long Island Rental Property : Buy or Pass??
Searching for deals on Long Island is tough given high prices and high taxes. Here's a decent SFH in well-kept working class neighborhood, nice street, near plenty of commerce and transportation. This deal cash flows... View more
Expediter in Oyster Bay NY
Hey guys, just wondering if anyone could recommend an expediter in the town of Oyster Bay.  Our expediter we use does not go out to Nassau.  Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.Thanks!
Amazon and Brooklyn Price Movements?
Has the Amazon announcement for HDQ2 moved anything in Brooklyn?   Not sure if they have a building yet, or hiring.   I'd heard Brooklyn was not welcoming to them, so wasn't sure what the word on the street is with... View more
Real estate attorney
Anyone know of an attorney in long island or nyc that is knowledgeable in contractual law, transaction ,formation of real estate companies as well as real estate investing?
Is BRRRR possible on Long Island, NY?
I was listening to the Bigger Pocket Money podcast #60 with @Mindy Jensen @Scott Trench featuring @Gino Barbaro . One thing that immediately resonated with me, and as usual shocks the rest of the world, is the... View more
Confused whether to Wait or relist Property - Great Neck
A friend of mine reached out to me about a property he in the process of selling. The house is located in Great Neck, Long island area. Very convenient location to trains and highways.They accepted a bid and went in... View more
Looking for wholesalers in local area
I recently started searching for wholesalers in my area by doing a quick Google search and the results were fairly disappointing.  I am in the Suffolk County, NY area, and would be interested in connecting with... View more
Newbie wants to house hack in Suffolk!
Hi my name is Hunter Burrell and I'm looking to house hack a small multi-unit property (most likely duplex) here on Long Island. I'm currently renting the upstairs of a house in Huntington Station for $850 (utilities... View more