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The times we are lied to
I am lied to on a daily basis. Most of the time I can figure out what is really going on or at least figure out that I am not being told the truth. My question is what should I do with these people? I guess we get so... View more
Using father’s VA loan benefit
Hello Bigger Pocket, My father is a veteran and he never used his VA Loan to buy a home. Can we use his VA loan as co signer to buy a property while we take care of all down payment and monthly mortgage payment. How is... View more
What should a mentor be?
I never had a mentor. I have heard a million times that people should get a mentor and how much that has helped them. I whole heartedly believe that. I think the main reason I never had a mentor is because I never... View more
Is there anything more important than Hustle?
There are a ton of elements to being a successful Real Estate Investor. You need to acquire an education about the industry particularly which aspect you plan on focusing on. You need to learn about sales, marketing,... View more
203k Loans During the Pandemic
Hi Bigger Pockets! I am considering using an FHA 203k loan in Richmond, Virginia to acquire a slightly distressed property and use it as my primary residence. My question is if any other investors have used a 203k loan... View more
House hacking in Richmond virginia
Hi, I'm new in REI and new in Richmond virginia. I would like to know what are the good areas in Richmond to house hack to brrrr or fix and flip? I'm looking for a residential property that needs rehab and has good... View more
Richmond, VA Real Estate Agent/ Investors
I currently have a few rental properties in the Petersburg area, but am living in Richmond. I am wanting to invest in an owner occupied unit in the Richmond area next. Looking to find a real estate agent who has an eye... View more
The world through the eyes of a Newbie
Do you ever stop and think back about when you first got into Real Estate? Or even before that when you were just thinking about getting into Real Estate? What would you go back and tell that naïve person? When I think... View more
Those little moments that count.
Someone who was very new to the business reached out to me today. They were nervous about a deal they were working on and wanted some advice. I had a few minutes and whenever I can I try to help people. Hoping to build... View more
The holiday slowdown
I have noticed for most of my career than people slow down their work considerably around the holidays. I do not think most of us do it intentionally it just seems to happen. We have family obligations, holiday... View more
Female Meet-up Richmond Virginia Area
Myself, @Ashley K. , and @Heather Nunn (and a few other non-BP females) are looking to get a group of experienced female investors local to Richmond together to meet up monthly. We are thinking in-person meet ups... View more
When negotiating, everything sounds the same
The more volume we do, the more of the same old lines I hear every day. I literally sit at my desk fielding phone calls from investors who want to negotiate down our asking price-- all day sometimes. The thing is, I... View more
Who are the Rockstars of the Richmond, VA Market?
Im working on a couple projects in the Richmond, VA market. I wanted to know who the Rockstars of the Richmond market are,....agents, flippers, landlords, developers, etc. If you are one, comment below. If you know... View more
Class A Contractors in Richmond, VA
I'm looking to connect with some Class A contractor here in Richmond, VA. Has anyone worked with someone you'd recommend?My project should be around $100K and includes parging/foundation/pier work, siding replacement,... View more
Managing people is a tough gig
I passionately believe that managing people is the hardest job in the world. I can design and implement all the systems and processes I want but eventually it is going to come down to someone implementing them. I have... View more
No prerequisite experience needed?
I know one of the big things with Real Estate Investing is that people always say you can get into it with no cash, no credit and no experience. While I believe this is true, to a point, I think the no experience thing... View more
Staying motivated in the RE business
I have seen so many people start and stop in the Real Estate business more times than I can count. I recognize that a lack of initial success is going to result in people petering out but what about the people who... View more
When is it bulls--t?
In my local market there recently was a big scandal about someone who was ripping a bunch of investors off. Without going into too much detail, he was a well-known guy in the local community and a lot of the investors... View more
Election is almost here
These thoughts have nothing to do with political affiliation or preference so let us try to keep it civil. Plus, nobody really wants to hear it. 😊 We are a little more than 3 weeks away from the Presidential election... View more
Does Real Estate have to be personal?
I have always considered Real Estate a personal business. The traditional Realtor who builds relationships and gets their clients that way. The investors who network at meetings and become friends. The schedule can... View more
Different Audiences. Know your audience
I see a lot of different sales techniques and most hold some merit. I have seen genuine, sleezy, pushy, aggressive, tactical and a million others in this business. I say go with what works for you but always be willing... View more
Is legacy just vanity?
I hear people talk about leaving a legacy a lot. They want to make generational wealth and create their “legacy”. I have had a hard time understanding this. I am sure this is going to be an unpopular statement but... View more
Is the Real Estate market really not going to take a hit?
I have been watching the last 4 months in absolute awe. Unemployment is through the roof, businesses are going bankrupt, most people are staying home not spending money yet the stock market and Real Estate market are... View more
Rentals. Do they matter anymore?
How many people out there thought rentals were the path to wealth? Are any of you questioning that now? I guess there is a good argument that eventually things will go back to normal and rentals will once again be the... View more