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What do we think Asheville's Market looks like through 2021?
Hey guys, something I've been thinking a lot about lately (as I'm sure most of you have as well) is what Asheville and the surrounding area's RE markets are going to look like going into 2021. This has been a strange... View more
Looking to Buy with Cash in Asheville, NC in a 1031
Hi all. I'm brand new today to Bigger Pockets but have been drawn to Asheville, NC and watching the real estate market there for a while. I have a few questions if any of you might be able and inclined to answer.Is... View more
24 Apartments New Construction
Hey guys, I'm trying to gauge interest in 20+ unit apartment building in West Asheville that has NOT been built, but will be under construction by spring of 2021. The new buyer will take delivery 2022 and enjoy the... View more
Investing/Househacking in Asheville
Hey everyone! I've seen a lot of BP posts about people that live in Asheville, but aren't investing here. I understand why, but I'd love to hear from those that are putting their money to work in the Asheville market.... View more
Advice on local lender/bank?
Hey WNC investors. I purchased my first investment property in October in Brevard and have been waiting six months to do a cash out refi... and now it's time (and in the midst of the pandemic). I wanted to see if... View more
Any Gc recommendations!
I have a family member who has a rental property just outside of Asheville and is looking for general contractor recommendations. I know BP community is the best for this!  Any help would be appreciated!!
What is the COVID impact in Asheville - numbers please
I'll go first.  I only have LTR's: vacancies - I had poor timing with 2 vacancies that took from March to June to fill.  I had a third unit being remodeled, that I just listed and had a huge amount of interest (July),... View more
Buncombe county zoning/permits/violations etc.
I have sights on a property outside of city limits and ETJ, that is OU (Open Use) zoned. This parcel has several problems, the primary issues at hand are that no permits have been issued for well, septic, and... View more
Property Manager Recommendation - Asheville, NC
Hey Everyone,There is a thread on recommendations for Property Mangers in Asheville from a couple years ago, I'm wondering if anyone has any updated recommendations.  The summary from that thread is that Bayshore... View more
Asheville area familiarity driving tour
Greetings,My wife and I will be in Asheville next week for a few days celebrating a friend's birthday. We're staying an extra day so that we can explore the area as a possible retirement location. If we like the area... View more
Bonds for Security Deposits
Is anyone using a surety bond for security deposits? As the property count grows and the deposits reach in the 10's of thousands, it seems like poor cashflow management to have all the cash just sitting in a separate... View more
Sud-dividing in Asheville
I have a property that was once two lots and recombined as one. I want to sub-divide the lots to their original dimensions. One lot has a SFR on it that I am considering selling. The second lot has a garage with... View more
Any WNC's Headed to the Conference?
Happy Saturday! I am headed to the conference in Nashville tomorrow. Does anybody in the Asheville market want to meet up for introductions?Bryce
Asheville considering STR/Kitchens rule change read this article and thought I'd share.Help me understand this:"An accessory unit, not part of someone’s home, can be rented as a short-term rental as long as the owner follows... View more
Seeking a kickass accountant
Anyone know a high-powered accountant with real estate investing expertise? I think mine is getting overwhelmed by it all, missing some major deduction possibilities in his rush to make the extension deadlines. I have... View more
Medium Term - Fully furnished Rental help
Hi. We are finishing up a fully furnished rental in Las Vegas, NV. Looking to rent 30+ days at a time, to traveling hospital workers - or contractors looking to house their superintendents for long periods of time. ... View more
Furnished Rentals (Monthly/ "Medium" Term)
As we know, Asheville (mostly) does not allow STR. Is anyone doing furnished 30+ day rentals?I'm trying to gauge the demand.I get an email every now and then from real estate agents asking if anyone has a furnished... View more
Who knows a good property manager willing to manage a 3-unit trai
I recently bought 21 Indian Lane, a sweet spot between Asheville and Weaverville with three singlewides and happy tenants. I'm looking for someone who can manage the 3 units in such a way that I can forget I own them,... View more
Common Pet Fees - Asheville / Hendersonville
I've done my share of renting throughout North Carolina and have seen many different approaches to this.What are you seeing as common here? Pet "Deposit"? Additional monthly "Pet Rent"? Both?I'm a huge pet lover. I... View more
Any good reccs for closing lawyers in Asheville?
I've been buying, selling or refinancing something or another about once a month lately, and have had trouble finding closing attorneys who are available and reasonably dependable. Anyone know a good one that likes to... View more
Wholesaler in Asheville Area
Hey BP Family,I'm looking for a wholesaler in the Asheville area market. If anyone is one or knows one I'd love to talk to you. Please PM me or reply on this thread. I'd appreciate any help.Thank you so much!Ray Dalida
1% Rule in Asheville?
I'm relatively new to the area (1 1/2) and have been looking for rental properties to purchase. It is virtually impossible to find a property that meets the 1% / 2% test rules. Are the the investors banking on... View more
Recommendations for Investor Friends Lender
Hi y'all, I'm a brand new investor and thankfully due to my time in the military I have saved up a decent amount of cash and am looking into buy and hold properties in the Asheville area. Can anyone recommend a lender... View more