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Airbnb Investing in Jacksonville area
Who here is using AirBnB to rent out studios or private rooms? From the numbers I have run it looks like a great investment. How has your experience been? What has your typical Occupancy rate been? Seems like a great... View more
Material Facts / Misrepresentation on "amazing deals!"
Hey guys! Just a quick post to draw attention to a situation I've been seeing more and more of lately.  I know we all love these emails that come straight to our inbox with "Rare deals" and "Great buys!". Most of them... View more
Looking to connect with Jacksonville, NC investors
Hey all!My name is Danny Kaminsky and I'm new to the Real Estate Investing world, and am looking to get started in the Jacksonville area. I'm currently a Data Scientist and I move around a lot, so I won't be able to be... View more
Investors in Jacksonville
I’m getting ready to close on my first home in Jacksonville, are there any other people who invest around here? I figure with the steady paychecks from marines, it isn’t a bad move.
Looking for a Realtor in Jacksonville, NC
Hello BP Community!Im looking for a realtor in Jacksonville NC that has experience with helping investors search for properties that have rental potential.Any recommendations? PS: Any recommendation for PM, contractors... View more
Jacksonville NC Home Inspector?
I am looking for recommendations for home inspectors in the Jacksonville NC area. The house we are looking at was built in the 60s/70s. Thank you very much!
New Bern Tiny Home rental netting $25,000 profit
I've been proposed a deal on investing in a Tiny Home, to be placed in New Bern, NC (Fairfield Bay).  The person presenting me this deal is suggesting it could warrant up to $200 a night, through AirBnb.  On the... View more
Insurance rates near coast
I recently read in an article from Star News Online that insurance rates for non owner occupied coastal properties are likely to go up 10% this year.  Anyone feeling the effects of this yet? Does anyone know if this is... View more
ISO Inverstor Friendly/Saavy Realtor in Oak Island area
My husband and I are looking to pick up a rental in Oak Island and are looking for a local realtor with experience working with investors. Any suggestions?
Wakeup call - ghost forests
This is more an FYI, since my guess is that most on BP don't have NC or VA silviculture land holdings. If you do have or invest in tree stands on the coast, then hopefully the ecological phenomenon described by this... View more
Short term rentals on coast
Does anyone have experience with short term rentals? I'm in discussion of some condos on the coast. I've been told some condos are getting $1200 per week to rent. Certainly a better return than even many very good... View more
Coal ash pond reportedly flowing into Cape Fear River, Wilmington
I hope this doesn't end up being another Dan River type incident. Unfortunately, the Sutton Power station ash ponds are significantly (5x to 6x) larger than the Dan River ash ponds according to NC DEQ Inventory of Duke... View more
100 year floods seem to occur about every 3 to 5 years
The Neuse and Pamlico rivers, along with everything that feeds into them, have risen and will continue to rise substantially due to Florence. The USGS has monitoring points for those concerned about river and stream... View more
Informal meet up for those in or around Wilmington, NC?
Anyone up for having an informal meet up for those in or around Wilmington, NC? I've joined the local REIA, yet I'm also curious if anyone here wanted to start something.I'm looking to build my network, as I'm sure... View more
Security Deposit Account State
Are there any issues with holding a security deposit in an account of a financial institution that is headquartered in another state?  We use online deposit capture with a large bank that does not have a brick and... View more
contractor moving to Hampstead NC.
I am planning on moving to Hampstead NC to semi retire and invest in sf rentals.  Does anybody have any thoughts on the rental market there? 
Coastal hunting leases - bear, deer
I'm posting to see if anyone has leased land for game hunting. I'd like to share notes on setting up and running hunting operations. I can share what I know about timber tracts and/or NC residential (apartments/SF)... View more
Flooring Installation Wilmington NC
Looking for a good flooring company that serves Wilmington, NC. I will be installing LVP flooring in a Buy and Hold rental we're closing on in 30 days. Need it installed soon after. Let me know if you have any... View more
Wilmington, NC inspection
So, we just went under contract on a primary household, but it does have a separate income property attached :)Looking for a very thorough and extensive house inspector to use as its an older home (1941) and we... View more
Major hurricane IRMA - 10 days out
Probably worth planning ahead, regardless if this hits the coastal NC area or not. This is potentially a big one. Model is by, a Czech meterological data analysis company. I have no affiliation with the... View more
Anyone deal with CAMA?
I am looking at developing on a lot that requires 30' setbacks per CAMA (Coastal Area Management Act), but 15' setbacks per the declaration & plat. The lot is in Pamlico county, if that matters. Just curious if... View more