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Real Estate Investor Association
Hi all, I'm wondering if any REI groups are effective and efficient in the BHAM area? Do you participate? Also, I'm a former college football player, and I know how accountability supports growth. I'm looking for an... View more
Rental Analysis for area code 35125
Just got an offer accepted for my first rental investment in Birmingham area code 35125. The property is recently renovated, 1800 sq ft, 4bed 2 bath. I am looking to get some help on pricing this rental. My guess is... View more
Landscaping, painting, contractor referrals
Greetings. I just closed on a 44 unit MF outside of Birmingham. I am looking for referrals for a landscaping and painting please. Anyone have a good crew they are working with? Thank you in advance!
Important questions for a Hard Money Lender!
After finding an HML that will lend where your prospect house is (most will only lend in major metro areas or have steeper rates if they do lend outside metro areas), I would ask these questions: Are you a direct... View more
Any local banks in Birmingham currently doing HELOC despite COVID
My wife and I currently own a SFR in Birmingham and have a nice amount of equity in the property. With all that is happening right now in the world, we wanted to try and open a HELOC on this property. If anyone has... View more
Birmingham Resident and Investor
Greetings! I hope this meeting finds you well and that your year is off to a good start. I'm a resident and new investor in the Birmingham area, looking to connect with other investors.  I look forward to... View more
Hard Money Lending Experience
Good morning BP!I was wondering if anyone has had experience using hard money in the Birmingham area BRRRRing from OOS. I’m currently looking to make my first property purchase and am not yet in the position to make... View more
Birmingham general contractor
Hi all,We are looking at offering on 20+ unit multifamily property in Birmingham and are looking for referrals for trustworthy, reliable general contractors who can help us with a full gut of the units.  Thank you all... View more
Local-specific Probate details to know about?
Hi everyone,I am new to this area and would like to ask:1. I do not think a court process is needed to buy out of probate from the personal representative, is that correct? So no RE licence needed?2. Are there any... View more
Section 8 Property Manager in Birmingham, AL
New investor in Birmingham AL area - I'm closing on my first property, that I intend to turn into a Section 8 rental. As an out-of-state investor I'm looking for a qualified and reliable property manager. Look for... View more
Birmingham Zoning Question?
Does anyone know how to check what the zoning is for a parcel in Birmingham? Ive been to the citizen access portal and can find properties there but dont see any zoning info. Ideally Id like to be able to find every... View more
Hi Birmingham Investors, lets connect!
Hi! I'm looking to connect with Birmingham, Al investors. I'm an investor based in Mobile, Al. I'm really interested in Birmingham because I would love to move there soon, I'd love to network now and offer my help as... View more
Looking to Invest Remotely in Birmingham
I am a Chicago transplant living in Orange, California. My fiance and I have started looking to purchasing an additional property in the area for long term cashflow. We are focusing on Birmingham area due to the... View more
Investing Birmingham vs. Huntsville
I am looking to purchase a few single-family homes in Alabama, and I am interested in learning more about the difference between Huntsville and Birmingham.  Huntsville definitely seems to have a dynamic,... View more
Is Ensley a good place to BRRRR?
Found a house on 42nd st that I am interested in and was wondering if anyone knows that street. I hear that things can vary wildly from street to street there. Thanks in advance.
Investing in Birmingham AL
I just got back from my second trip to Birmingham. I've been working with @Rob Drum (realtor) and @Mark Byers  (prop manager) and they have done just about everything possible to justify my confidence in them.... View more
Birmingham, AL (Tarrant)
Hi all - under contract for a 4-plex in Birmingham, AL in Tarrant (35217) and new to this market. My partner and I are looking for cashflow and need to start putting together our team, particularly a property manager.... View more
Investing in low income areas
I know local investors are investing in these areas for the cash flow and don't care about appreciation as much. I believe there is an opportunity here for investors with strong systems and the patience to deal with... View more
Birmingham, AL Section 8 status?
We've had 3 properties in Birmingham, with qualified voucher tenants waiting weeks for housing authority inspections. One property has been waiting 8 weeks. Our property management company says (i) it's caused by Covid... View more
Wanting to invest in Birmingham
I have found a few properties in Birmingham and need to network with someone with boots on the ground since I live in Orlando. Any help would be appreciated. I am specifically looking at properties to BRRRR.
Birmingham Turnkey Rentals
I'm looking at buying some property in the Bellview Heights area from a turnkey provider/investor. I've been to Birmingham several times in the last few years, but never to scout the city for property (visiting UAB... View more
Alabama Contracts to Buy Termination Options
Helping a friend with her contract.  Is it common not to have a termination period for which the buyer can terminate with out cause?  For example in Texas our contracts include an option to terminate usually set at... View more
Property managers for condos?
So I know most condo's and townhomes charge a monthly Condo/HOA fee that covers only the exterior parts of the property. My question is if you were going to rent out your condo would you hire a property manager to... View more
Birmingham area property management suggestions?
Hi, I am looking for suggestions in the Birmingham/Calera Area for property management companies that I can grow with. Someone who is hands on and responsive would be really helpful! Any inputs on the same would also... View more