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Looking for a contractor for new construction in San Jose
I am hoping the BP network can provide some referrals for an honest and reliable general contractors for a ground up construction job in San Jose. The job would entail building a new construction home with an ADU. ... View more
120sqft livable 'sheds'
Hi, If I build a shed with size 120sqft and a bathroom inside of it, is it technically a shed and not an ADU? since no permit needed for anything less than 120sqft.I found someone renting out an 120sqft 'ADU/shed' for... View more
Hello, I'm looking for a CPA that specializes in Real Estate and is an investor themselves. Does anyone have any referrals that they can share?
Zestimate and other website price estimates?
I found that my home has lower Zestimate (by Zillow) and the other website price estimates compared with other similar homes in the neighborhood. It is actually significantly lower than a bank appraisal.  When I... View more
San Jose California ADU
Hello,I am trying to build an ADU on top of my garage. The size of the ADU is about 700sf. the pricing I have been getting from general contractors is 480$ per sf. I think that price is outrageous.I can share the place... View more
Pros/Cons of ADUs on an investment property?
Hi all -- I'm trying to understand why more people haven't built ADUs on their investment properties. The rough math says they could themselves be up to an 8%+ yield.
Tiny house!?!? Breaking the rules in Silicon Valley
I love real estate investing, its awesome.  However, in my personal life, I'm a minimalist.  I really could invest more if I minimized my personal expenses.  My idea..... Buy a lot of land somewhere, preferably 30 mins... View more
House Hack in Mountain View
Hi All,I am looking to buy a multifamily (4 units) in Mountain View and live in one of the units. The other units are currently occupied and they have really low rents (almost half of market rents in the area).Would... View more
Traveling Nurse Rentals
Hi BP,I did a general search in the forums for traveling nurse rentals, but want to get feedback from the SJ area.I have a SFH and was thinking about renting some of the rooms to traveling nurses. Does anyone have... View more
Best Brokerage in San Jose
Hello BP! I am finalizing my courses and want to start thinking about good brokerages that are located in San Jose. I am bilingual in Spanish and have thought about targeting brokerages who lack Spanish agents. I am... View more
need complete remodel quote estimate
Property is 1,148sqft, 3bed, 2bath, family/living room, kitchen/laundry.Work that i would like to do:- brand new kitchen- 2 brand new baths- all cosmetics brand new- some if not all windows need to be replaced- convert... View more
Berryessa house rental - need advices! Thank you!
Hi everyone, I am considering buying a single family house in the Berryessa area near the Regional Medical Center and rent out by room or segment into studios and then rent them out. I looked at some apartment apps,... View more
Share your Bay Area House Hack Story!
Hello BP Members!  I'm in the market for my first Bay Area house hack. I'm starting this forum so successful house hackers can share their story.  If you live in the Bay Area, and are currently house hacking, please... View more
Owner Builder for new home build in San Jose
Planning to build a spec home in the San Jose area. We have already put in the earnest money on a lot with a very old house. The question I have is how easy it is to be the owner builder on this construction project... View more
Reserves for Repairs and CAPEX (House Hacking)
Hello BP Bay Area Team!I live in San Jose and I'm looking to house hack my first property in the Bay Area! As I analyze deals, I'm looking for guidance on how much capital I should be putting away for repairs and... View more
Sell or keep? Los Gatos area
I own 2 homes in Bay area, should I sell one? One is paid off, near Monterey, a block or so from the beach, a rental , and the other, my residence, in Santa Cruz mountains near Santa Cruz, with a low mortgage.  The... View more
ADUs in the Bay Area
Early this year, the State made it easy for homeowners to add an ADU on their property. On a cap rate basis, it seems like a great deal for homeowners or investors who want to earn some extra income for their property.... View more
Single Resident Occupancy - San Jose
I currently house hack in San Jose, but would like to move out and buy a second house hack. Any advice on being compliant and getting permitted as an SRO? Any things to look out for or advice would be greatly appreciated.
Looking for a CPA in the San Jose area
Setting up a real estate business. Would love to know a CPA who can help me setup the right entity and also work with me to minimize the taxes on my many deals.I did contact many of the other CPAs mentioned in prior... View more
San Jose: Steady, Increase, or Pending Drop?
San Jose Investors.  What do you folks think? I hear some say SJ is still growing with potential new IT space attractive to some companies.  Like the new Google facility at Diridon.  I see others say SJ may be headed... View more
Need remodel/addition advice and estimate for Santa Clara County
Hi, First time home buyer here. We are in escrow for our primary SFH 3BR/2BTH 1100 sqft home, which is in original condition and looking for recommendations for expansion/remodel including 1) Looking for... View more
Building an ADU in San Jose
Hello fellow BPers,I want to start a thread for those interested or is in the process of building an ADU in the city of San Jose. Let's share experiences with the city, utilities, etc!W
Places to consider investing outside of Bay Area
Hi all,I'm a newbie to real estate investment who currently live in the South Bay. I'm thinking about purchasing a SFH or duplex for rental that can generate positive or break-even cashflow with 25% down payment. I'm... View more