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Evansville IN looking for a contractor
I purchased a 2 unit house with a neglected Soffit & Fascia & gutters that are destroying the downstairs unit and basement (water leak). Does anyone have recommendations for contractors in Evansville, IN a... View more
Property Management and Agent in Evansville
Hi All, I used to live in Evansville and have a majority of my rentals up in Fort Wayne, but looking to add in Evansville. Does anyone have a recommendation for a good property manager or an investor friendly real... View more
New investor in Evansville/Owensboro area
Hello everyone, My name is Lance Woolverton and I am a real estate investor living in Owensboro and working in Evansville. I currently am focused on buy and hold investing and  flipping for additional capital.  I am a... View more
Investing in Evansville, IN. Population trends.
I found two nice rental properties in Evansville, IN, south from the University of Evansville. The properties already produce very good cashflow, so I'm inclined to buy them. However, when I look at the stats, I see... View more
Evansville IN referrals and market vibe
Hi, we are considering investing in Evansville In and the greater Vanderburgh County area and would love some input on the market from any local investors. Also, any referrals for agents, management, attorneys, and... View more
Evansville, IN Acountant Recommendation
I’ve done my own taxes in the past, but due to the increased complexity and scale with a few BRRRRs this year and selling another investment property in the near future I’ve decided to start utilizing an accountant.... View more
Evansville Investor Meet Up!
The BiggerPockets family in Evansville continues to grow and grow. Let's get together and connect! It looks like December 9-15 may be the best week before the end of the year. If you are interested reply to this thread... View more
Contractors for a rehab, Evansville, IN
I'm planning to purchase a SF home in Evansville, IN that will require a substantial rehab. I was wondering if any of the forum members could recommend contractors they tried and whose work they liked. I live in Texas,... View more
Evansville has rolled across my radar
Hi Everyone. I currently invest in a few properties in different areas of the country. I'm looking into purchasing more mutlifamily units and Evansville has come across my radar. I'm looking to connect with people and... View more
Found my first deal? Advice
While I am rebuilding my credit, I came across an off market house from a friend. It's a 4 Br/1 bath 2 story house with a good metal roof. I can make it a 4br/2bath. When I check out comps, they are in the $140k... View more
Tax Lien Certificate - For Sale
I am looking to sell the assignable rights to a tax lien certificate that I won at the Vanderburgh County tax sale on 8/23/2019 for $40,000.  The certificate is for a 5 acre lot of land in Evansville, IN, specifically... View more
Evansville IN banker needed
I'm not currently in the Evansville area, but want to help connect my father (93 yr old WW2 vet) with a reputable banker in the area where he lives.  He wants to get out of the market and is having difficulties working... View more
Looking to connect with agents in the Evansville metro area
Hi guysSince my local market started getting expensive so I started to look for opportunities out of state, mainly in mid-west. I was looking through southern Indiana on Zillow and then Evansville came on my radar... View more
Help with ideas on strategies
Ok, I'm gonna start asking questions.2 years ago I rehabbed a house by bosse high school  (Washington and 41, east side of 41). 700 sqft 2 bedroom 1 bath Repairs came to roughly $30k (strip to studs, all new everything... View more
Contractor wanting to becone an investor
Found this forum while watching tons of videos on you youtube. A little bit about myself:Roughly 7 years ago I became a contractor focusing on working for investors and property managers in the evansville area. Ive... View more
New investor in the area
Hello, I am new to the real estate investing game and have been looking around different areas within about a 2 hour radius from where I currently reside. While looking around I came across several cash flowing multi... View more
Insurance will not cover rolled roofing
I am reaching out for help on this one.  I recently purchased a home and was in the process of getting it insured.  State farm just reached back out and said due to the roofing on the back side of the house (it was... View more
Looking for Like Minded People in Evansville
Hi, my name is Ryan Clevenger and I'm new to Bigger Pockets and new to real estate investing on purpose.  To clarify "on purpose" I bought a home in Fort Branch and lived there 4 years and then sold it for a pretty... View more
Evansville Resource and Personal Introduction
Good morning!I recently switched careers from the commercial construction industry here in Evansville to being a licensed realtor. I have 5 years of experience in construction estimating and project management. If you... View more
Newbies first rental property
I just closed on my first rental property two day ago and just wanted to share how I got to that point. I have been studying and listening for couple years and finally motivated myself to dive in and take action. I've... View more
Evansville Change in Flood Zones
I wanted to pass along some important info I ran across a couple of days ago.  It appears that there will be a change to flood zones in Evansville and Vanderburgh County.  There was public comment yesterday (here's... View more
Meet up in Evansville
Hi all, Would anyone be interested in a meet up in the Evansville area? I’d love to make some connections with people in the area that have interest and experience in real estate. Let me know! Thanks, Mitchell
Propety Manager Referrals
I'm looking for REFERRALS to property managers - referrals being people who have used and are happy with their property manager (as opposed to property managers advertising their services).I recently purchased two... View more