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Need help on my First BRRRR
Hi BP members, I am an investor from NJ, I would like to invest in BRRRR properties in and around Newark and orange. How do I establish a connection with investor-friendly realtors and contractors
(Services needed) Trash services in Newark
Looking for someone ASAP to handle trash at my property and to sweep the front and sides. Would also need someone for snow and salt services when needed.
Issues Paying Property Taxes
Has anyone else had trouble paying their property taxes in Newark? I have been trying to pay my property taxes in Newark for weeks and it seems to be literally impossible. The website does not work when I want to "add... View more
Looking to help anyone start
I'm an investor in Newark NJ which also holds his Mortgage lending license. if anyone has any questions/concerns please reach out. Also if you have any questions of starting out with FHA/VA/Conventional i'm more than... View more
I am looking for a 203K licensed general contractor in the Newark
I am looking for a 203K licensed general contractor in the Newark NJ area. I plan on buying a fixer-upper and living in the house for a few years; BP community can you recommend a general contractor who has experience... View more
Fairmount Neighborhood in Newark NJ
Hi BP friends, I recently got a potential deal in Fairmount area in Newark, NJ (S 12th st near S Orange Ave to be exact). Anyone has any idea of the area? Is it safe? I will definitely do my own due diligence but want... View more
Investing in Irvington NJ
I'm a new investor that just purchased a rental property in Irvington NJ.   I have since been warned to get out of the property and that Irvington is not the place to be due to high taxes, tough neighborhoods, and high... View more
University Heights
Hi there, I'm a new investor looking to buy a single/multi family in Newark close to NJIT/Rutgers, does anyone have experience investing in this area?
New Jersey Real Estate Attorney - Essex and Union County
Hello fellow BPers!A potential partner and I are looking to JV on a fix 'n' flip in Essex County, NJ. Looking for an investor friendly real estate attorney who can help partner and I determine which is best route to... View more
How to find Handyman for Rentals
Hello Brick City Landlords,      I’m in need of a handyman for a couple rentals in North Newark. I was curious how you guys go about finding one to work with ? Thanks          
Thoughts on an Airbnb in Newark Weequahic area
Hi BP members, I'm getting ready to close on 3 family in the Weequahic area in Newark NJ and was wondering if anyone have any of their properties listed on Airbnb as I was thinking of converting 1 of my units into... View more
Newark NJ Investing.
Hi All, Can anyone give advice on the Fairmount section of Newark.  I have 4 distressed properties in the N 7th block for sale. 
Newark Horror Stories
What are your biggest regrets/mistakes in the Newark area? What do you wish you knew when you first started? For me it's to be more on top of my tenants' rent payments because I had to evict someone after 3 months of... View more
Water Crisis in Newark
Hello Newark Investors,         I wanted to reach out to a bigger audience and get some thoughts regarding the Newark Lead crisis which has contaminated the water and how this might impact the real estate market there.... View more
Newark New Jersey Markets
Hi Everyone!Does anyone invest in the Newark, New Jersey market, and if so which areas do you recommend to look at.  My partners and I are interested in expanding our reach to Newark but are first doing our diligence... View more
Hello,   I'm looking to buy a property in Newark, but it's been quite frustration because I have gotten mixed reviews about certain areas. I know Ironbound is great and University Heights...but I really like the... View more
Hello,   I am eagerly looking to purchase a condo in Community Hills in Newark by the Sprinfield/Belmont section. If anyone has any info or leads about this development please share. I am not seeing much of any of... View more
need a recommendation for a contractor in New Jersey
Im wish i could say i want but right now i need a decent contractor i had a potential deal under contract but my "partner" /contractor pulled out last minute. Anybody can recommend a contractor i would really... View more
Commercial Real Estate lawyer, Newark, NJ
I am looking to purchase property in Newark,NJ, need a Commercial Real Estate lawyer, Does anyone know a good local lawyer?And how much i should set a side for lawyer fees? 
Advice on a deal in Newark NJ 07104
I am about to sign a contract on a deal in Newark NJ 07104I am looking to talk to someone that has bought and rents properties in that area.The deal: Single family unit, 2 bedroom 1 bathroom. I can close for 60K,... View more
Legal help on Stipulation Agreements
I have been managing rentals in Newark for 5+ years. Recently, when I have a tenant that is falling behind and wants to catch up after I take them to court, I have been writing what my lawyer calls a Stipulation... View more
Newark, NJ Advice & Redevelopement Plans
I'm looking to invest in a 2- or 3-unit property in Newark, NJ  (I live in NYC/Manhattan).  My goal is to find a value-add rehab, refinance, and hold for cash flow (15%+ cash on cash return).Let me know if any of you... View more
Neighborhoods in Newark - you impressions
Hi,I am new to the city and have a keen interest in real estate investing. I have been driving around the neighborhoods in the city trying to get a feel for what each of them have to offer in terms of vibe, potential... View more
I just bought a property with a loan from hard money and i was told that i have to hold it for 6months before refinancing. I will like to know which banks refinance deals in less than 6 months in New Jersey. I will... View more