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This forum is for real estate investors and professionals who are interested in networking and talking about the Bridgeport, Connecticut real estate market.

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Experience Buying Rentals in New Haven
Baron Keel Last post by Baron Keel, 3 days ago
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Keith Lemms Last post by Keith Lemms, 6 months ago
Keith Lemms Keith Lemms 5 6 months Jump to last post
House Inspection Recommendations?
Michael McKay Last post by Michael McKay, 8 months ago
Michael McKay Michael McKay 1 8 months Jump to last post
What are investment opportunities in Bridgeport Ct in multi family houses
Jahan Habib Last post by Jahan Habib, 9 months ago
Jahan Habib Jahan Habib 14 9 months Jump to last post
Bridgeport Target Returns? by Gross Rent Multiple
Michael Kovac Last post by Michael Kovac, over 1 year ago
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