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Has anyone approached a refrigerator repair service provider ?
It's ten years since I constructed my house. I bought my refrigerator during that time. Recently there was an issue with my refrigerator. It was not cooling properly. So I was finding it difficult to store the food... View more
Property Management in Cedar Rapids
I posted this in the local Iowa forum. Thought I'd try in this sub-forum as well. Can anyone recommend a property management company in or near Cedar Rapids to manage my rental properties? Thanks in advance!
Meetup and Networking in cedar rapids
I would love to know if anyone in Cedar Rapids would like to get together for a small meetup.   Basic meet and greet to discuss goals and areas of interest.  Who is in?
Derecho 2020: The trees are gone, what now?
Hello everyone, I hope your friends and families are safe and your homes are still standing.  I'm still not sure how it's been a week already, but here we are.  I've spent The last 7 days going house to house helping... View more
Post-House Hack Strategies
First house hack, located 2o minutes south of Seattle, closing soon. Am already thinking about what the next deal is going to be in 1, 2, and 3 years from now. Any suggestions for leveraging this property for the next... View more
Contractors near Cedar Rapids, IA
Hi BP community! I'm a buy & hold investor in the Marion, IA area. Does anyone have a good electrician and/or plumber they'd be willing to refer? I'm looking for reliable contractors (aren't we all?) and long-term... View more
Looking for investors in CR area!
Hi all! Are you an investor purchasing in the Cedar Rapids area? Message me your name and contact info, as well as what you buy, area of town, and average budget. I'm working on creating an active list and will have... View more
Maintenance Company Recommendations
We’ve been utilizing an individual for any maintenance issues but would like to work with a company that provides a better system for submitting workorders. Does anyone have any recommendations?
REI Meetings in Cedar Rapids, Iowa or surrounding areas
Hello, My name is David Kass and I'm looking for any REI clubs or meetings in the area. I'm serious about getting started and need to make connections around the area. If anyone knows when and were meetings are held... View more
Window replacement installer recommendations in the area?
Does anyone have a recommended window installer in the Cedar Rapids area? I have 12+ windows that are standard sizes and need to be replaced. I have read widely different prices for installed window cost and don't want... View more
Cedar Rapids, IA - Wellington Heights Neighborhood
Hello Everyone.Wondering if anyone has had any success with rental markets in the Wellington Heights neighborhood in Cedar Rapids. It seems as though the houses are priced well. It is close to Coe College which could... View more
Newbie question on forming an LLC
New to Bigger Pocket, and the real estate investing community. I had a question in regards to a beginner investor starting out. Currently in the process of forming a LLC to encompass my future real estate purchases. I... View more
Appliance repair
Does anyone have recommendations of good people for appliance repair? Currently, my issue is with a dishwasher that's not working. Seems like a lot of places want $60-$90 just to show up and take a look which seems... View more
Encumbrances on a property
I am currently looking at an interesting foreclosure single family home that is 10 minutes away from my home. I was doing my due diligence and was told by the clerk of court in my county that none of these judgments... View more
Marion/Cedar Rapids New Investor
I have just recently moved to Marion/Cedar Rapids to play ball with the Titans, I am wondering what the market is like in this area? Would love be able to help some experienced investors in this area out and see what... View more
Success in SFR investments in Wellington Heights Neighborhood?
Has anyone had success investing/renting out SFR in the Wellington Heights neighborhood in Cedar Rapids? We are just getting started in REI and there could potentially be some good deals on the housing in this area,... View more
Concrete repair
We've got a sidewalk with a sunken pad and a driveway crack we'd like to have repaired out in Walford (next town past Fairfax on 151). Does anybody have recommendations for who we could contact to take a look at this?... View more
Cedar Rapids General Contractors
I am looking for recommendations for a General Contractor in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  I am evaluating some properties to flip and need someone to go through a few properties for estimates and eventually to actually do the... View more
Carpenter or Handyman
Anyone have recommendations of a carpenter or handyman in Cedar Rapids, Iowa that can replace some boards on a garage? I was planning to scrape and paint it myself, but after starting realized the fascia and some of... View more
Any turnkey companies in Eastern Iowa (Cedar Rapids, Iowa City)?
Continuing to look into investment options I've been learning about turnkey investing and it seems like it may be a good match for me in terms of my experience level, time, and investment strategy.  As in I have little... View more
Cedar Rapids Investor
Hello folks. I am looking to make connections with fellow investors who are interested in networking for mutual benefit. I am interested in continual learning from local people. What are the up and coming... View more
New To Cedar Rapids Iowa
My wife and I recently moved to Cedar Rapids from Fargo ND.   We did a live in flip (before we found Biggerpockets :( ) and were just in the process of funding our next deal, when my company offered me a job here.  ... View more
Water heater
Does anyone have recommendations of who use in cedar rapids for water heater repair/replacement? I've got one that has leak. Thanks!