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Are we reliving 2006 in 2016?!
Started by Heidi B.
100 Tiny 1448386622 avatar surer Last post byJohn Arendsen
about 11 hours ago
2016 Crash
Started by Jacob Casarez
11 Tiny 1435106797 avatar jacobc4 Last post byJacob Casarez
about 14 hours ago
Best markets to buy multifamily in 2016: A round-table discussion
Started by Brian Burke
79 Tiny 1454605280 avatar randys3 Last post byRandy Scott
about 17 hours ago
Thoughts on the next housing crash
Started by Jeff Robert
23 Tiny 1444011240 avatar brianl34 Last post byBrian Lacey
1 day ago
Vancouver, I love you but you're bringing me down.
Started by Bayard P.
8 Tiny 1448380912 avatar chrishowe Last post byChris Howe
2 days ago
Salt Lake City is #7 on Zillow's Hot list for 2016
Started by Steve Theobald
8 No avatar tiny Last post byRachelle P.
2 days ago
market analysis
Started by Carl Gryska
1 Tiny 1452807155 avatar cailyn Last post byCailyn Aune
2 days ago
How to Make Money in a Falling Market
Started by Billy Bell
1 Tiny 1433964188 avatar donp8 Last post byDon Petrash
3 days ago
Looking to buy in area that will double value in 1 to 2 years
Started by Chai Sag
117 Tiny 1448386500 avatar jdm3 Last post byJd Martin
3 days ago
Laws Affecting Property Owners: California, Los Angeles 1/1/16
Started by Frederick Sutton
2 Tiny 1453831198 avatar fsutton Last post byFrederick Sutton
3 days ago
2016 Stock Market Crash?
Started by Peggy Liu
48 Tiny 1453323317 avatar house helper Last post byJeff Robert
3 days ago
Interesting Article about Rent Control Downside
Started by Demetri T.
0 Tiny 1437501078 avatar demetrit Last post byDemetri T.
9 days ago
Dr. Ted Jones Phd 2016 Economic Forecast Houston Market
Started by Sharon Tzib
0 Tiny 1399690366 avatar realestateress Last post bySharon Tzib
9 days ago
Borrowing in a Negative Interest Rate Economy
Started by Brian Lacey
3 Tiny 1452436115 avatar keen Last post byKeen Chung Lo
10 days ago
Palm beach county market
Started by Amber Spence
3 Tiny 1441729149 avatar dwainb Last post byDwain Beckford
11 days ago
Any West End Atlanta, GA advice for out of state investor?
Started by Chris Billington
7 Tiny 1454112824 avatar billington41 Last post byChris Billington
12 days ago
Prop 13 Reform Initiatives 2016
Started by Frederick Sutton
2 Tiny 1453831198 avatar fsutton Last post byFrederick Sutton
15 days ago
Forbes List - America's Next Boom Towns
Started by Carrie Hiner
4 Tiny 1436980814 avatar rachelt Last post byRachel Trimble
16 days ago
Attention Agents
Started by Brahms Guignard
1 Tiny 1448386891 avatar russelltee Last post byRussell Brazil
20 days ago
Anyone Buying and Holding in the Cleveland area?
Started by Terry Alexander
3 Tiny 1449037301 avatar smartland Last post bySteven Gesis
20 days ago

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