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How are you guys finding deals with such a lack of inventory?
Hey everyone, I'm an OOS investor, I currently own 3 SFH's in the Indianapolis area, I am trying to start buying multi family at the moment, specifically a duplex or four plex. At the moment there seems to be minimal... View more
Your first house hack!
To the investors that have done or are doing house hacking out there....If you could could go back in time and do your first house hack house differently, what would you have done differently? Any thoughts or idea for... View more
Wholesale Real Estate and Airbnb Arbitrage
I am currently new with wholesaling real estate and want to meet new people to help each other grow and succeed. I am also interested in Airbnb arbitrage as well if it’s something that interests you. I live in Los... View more
What’s the market gonna look like with the new president?
I grew up in the manufacturing industry with my dad owning a big mold polishing shop. When trump got elected we seen a huge uprising in the industry we hired another 20-30 guys and were able to grow a lot bigger with... View more
Zillow for actual home prices
So my I browse a lot on Zillow and always see some ridiculous prices but then other prices very good. But I was just wondering about the zestimate and what they think the homes price should be are these accurate in any... View more
Interested in Air BNB Co hosting
I have come across Air BNB cohosting and was wondering if anyone was up to allowing me to co host their Air BNB, I can offer 1 month free as I want to gain some more experience into this but if you are happy with the... View more
Eviction in Michigan?
We have a Month to Month tennant that hasn’t paid on time in almost a year and She is very behind on utility payments...can we evict her during this pandemic. We gave her a 30 day notice multiple times but she finds... View more
Nice Beach Rental for Airbnb
Does anyone know of a good Airbnb market that would be good to purchase as an investment? I’m looking to buy a beach house that would be able to cash flow in the next year or so. Ideally somewhere in Puerto Rico,... View more
where should i invest in real estate?
Hi, please i am new to real estate investing and bigger pockets, I have watched a lot of the podcasts and read many books on rentals and i'm really interested in buying rental properties (could be single family or... View more
2021 Housing Market
Is it just me or has anyone noticed the price increase on homes these last couple months? I'm ready to jump into the multifamily property space in the market but have been thinking whether or not it's a good idea to do... View more
Deferment question for a friend
My buddy did the 6 month deferment on his rental properties but his mortgage lenders are saying he have to pay the 6 months at the end of the deferment he want to know are they supposed to do that or are they supposed... View more
Tenants roach infestation
The tenant on the second unit of my rental property complained about roaches in her apartment. I got an exterminator to come see and solve the problem the other 2 units and the basement showed no signs of roaches or... View more
Timing the Market Cycle
The trick to timing the real estate market is really really simple.I've been hearing a lot of people talk about a pending real estate crash.Some of these people have been out of the market since 2013 or 14. Imagine if... View more
workbook 2021 assistance
I just watched the 2021 webinar and was trying to find the free workbook offered.  I was hoping that someone could direct me to the site to get it.  I googled www.biggerpockets.com/2021work... and came up empty... View more
Bitcoin is 10k again what are you going to do now?
Just curious what other investors think. Is this just another hype deal or is this a new reality for possible rent collection?Side note, I tried to sell a house for bitcoin in 2013 with no takers or even one response.
Beltzhoover Neighborhood in Pittsburgh?
Hey Everyone,I’ve been looking at some properties in the Beltzhoover neighborhood of Pittsburgh, PA. They caught my eye in that the current listings in the neighborhoods surrounding seemed to be going for $100-200k,... View more
Looking for a good news outlet for real estate market updates?
In the midst of the election and the senate and president turning democrat, I'm wondering about the future of real estate investing and how I should be preparing for any changes. Does anyone have a good news outlet... View more
Making six figures as a Property Preservation Contractor
With foreclosures being a very realistic possibility in markets all across the country in the near future, I have stumbled upon an article of a woman who makes 200k a year without buying or selling real estate as a... View more
The Foreclosure Moratorium
Does anyone know the latest and greatest on this subject ? I am currently in the process of selling single wide mobile homes that are twice moved. No bank will finance a buyer on them, and so I am offering owner... View more