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Need Help
Hi guys, newbie here. First time in real estate investing. Been reading up alot about owning real estate for investing. Currently I am overseas and based in Thailand. I decide to start my very first real estate... View more
Section 8 deal - yay or nay?
In Boston. REO in very rough neighborhood. listed at 299k and needs work. At 20k of work I'm going to try and get it for 225k-240k. Already spoke to the agent, it's been on the market with no offers for 7+... View more
Is the risk bigger than the reward
I live in NJ I have been searching for a house to flip.I found a bilevel foreclosure for $249,900.00. The comps are @$315,000.00 The house is trashed and needs $40,000.00 in renovations my cost.Once I add in closing... View more
I found the perfect scenario today... But
Okay, vacant house listed for sale. Vintage untouched 1954 where the original owners died and the kids are trying to sell the property through a realtor. Owner financing a possibility. ... The realtor is strong... View more
Would you do this deal?
Ok, I'm not actually going to buy but, I've been looking at this site excessively, and decide to give my valuation skills a go. After a few days of going over properties via, realtor sites, craiglist, etc studying the... View more
Mother of Bad Deals
I need a little help for the forum. Have a relative in Shasta California who has little or no experience in REI and wants to hit it big now that the market has fallen off. I'm seeing the numbers he's looking at and... View more
How can an investor help in a foreclosure?
I'm trying to better understand how a real estate investor could help a homeowner who has received a NoD under two different scenarios: 1) The homeowner has $10K in credit card debt and wants to stay in their home if... View more
Potential Deal or No Deal?
I contacted a listing I saw online through e-mail because there was no phone listed. The listing was from Jan 30, 2008. I figured I'd ask to see if the house is still available and to my surprise it still is... this... View more
Help on a potential deal... my first multi-family
I'll try to keep this as concise as possible. There are two "houses" being sold together. One is a duplex and the other is a 3-unit (2 downstairs side-by-side and 1 upstairs). The houses are next door to each other.... View more
CAP Rate % Vs. Payback Period (PBP)
Here is my question. I am reviewing at least two dozen multi-family units per week. I have a few realtors that are throwing a lot of garbage at me and I am trying to weed through the mess. Some of them are... View more
Should I?
I live in Miami and I have the oppurtunity to invest in a personal home. I know a woman who has missed a few payments on her mortgage and her bank is allowing her to do a short sale. The comps in the area are between... View more
Question RE: sales agreement contigency
I'm in the process of writing a counter offer for a sales agreement that was presented to me yesterday. The way things are written now, the sale is contingent upon the buyers ability to sell their current home. I... View more
Need some advice quick; tax returns vs listing information
I've been looking at a 16 unit building for a few months now. Price started at $440,000. The day it dropped to $300,000 I went to look at it and put an offer on it. The seller represented the following in the... View more
Anyone worked with JP Morgan Chase on a Short Sale?
I'm here in Seattle and have a pre foreclosure Property. 1st & 2nd is with Chase stationed in So Cal. Anyone have any input in dealing with JP Morgan Chase? I’ve dealt with Chase Manhattan but never in Cali. I... View more
Great opportunity- looking for investors
Longer term investment in residential Real Estate. Sales arranged simultaneous to purchase. No renters. Cash flow and capital appreciation. Everybody wins. Great for community. First investor in gets returns plus... View more
Preforeclosure w/ equity
Seller is in pre foreclosure. He owes 285k, the house is worth 415k. I have a buyer for 365k I want to give the seller 25k and make a spread for my self. I'm also a realtor that wants to be as an investor I want... View more
Valuation Method
I do not specialize in business brokerage, however, I have sold one business which was actually just an asset sale. What method have some of you used in determining the value of a business? In business brokerage, is... View more
For Sale by Owner
I'm considering purchasing a FSBO condo. Have never done a FSBO deal & wondering what I should be on the lookout for in the Purchase & Sale Agreement? Should I have the agreement checked over by someone? If so,... View more
Analyzing this deal to make 20-25k profit.
I found a deal that I believe is a good one. The property is listed at $320k and it has been on the market for over 200 days. It's a 1 story, 3bd/2br 1900 sq.ft. Houses sold within a 2 mi. radius and in the past 2... View more
How can I make this a WIN/WIN ?
I am looking for advice to begin investing in real estate and would appreciate any assistance you may be able to offer. Situation I currently live in my deceased grandfather’s home that is owned free and clear by... View more
Low offer on note of condemned house
I located a property that has a note for 140K. The note holder, an out of state financial company is eager to sell. The house was condemned by the city. The judge has given until March 28 to begin repairs or the house... View more
can you help with this scenario........
What do you think of this hypothetical deal. Would it be good? Purchase price $46,000 Down Pymt: 4,600 Mortgage: $41,400 Principal/Interest payment: $275 (30 yrs at 7%) Gross Rent: $600 Operating Expense:... View more
Deal Evaluation Software for Mac?
Can anyone recommend a good software program for Mac that will analyze cash flow, DCSR, ROI, Cash-on-Cash return, pre-tax/post-tax, etc. over user-definable hold periods. REI Wise was recommended to me, but it's... View more
What would you do?...Grandparent's House
Hi All, My grandparents are both retired and owe about $36,063 on their current house. As you might imagine their monthly note is only about $600. It will sell for no less than about $200k. I am looking for advice on... View more