Short Sales Questions
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Can I Do A Short Sale With Just A Quit Claim Deed?
hi everyone. I have a property owner who just wants to deed me his property for a fee and have me do the short sale without his involvement at all. Are banks open to such Arrangements? Anything I need to look out for?
$ 289,788 Mortgage Balance$ -31,627 Est. EquityComps:$180K$216K$270K$176K$145K = 987K divided by 5 = 197.4 (ARV).65% x ARV = 128.31128.31 - Repairs (25K) = 103.31103.31 - Profit (10K) = 93.31 (Offer for seller)I’m new... View more
Tenant screening with Keycheck
Hi all, Wow this is a first! I typed in Keycheck to see if I could find anything on the tenant screening platform in the forums and nothing came up.  Anyways I was just trying to get some opinions if anyone has used... View more
Lis Pendens expert needed
Hi BP, I have been saving for a number of years to buy my first property. Back in June i purchased a property on an auction website. The purchase price was $280,000 and it was independently valued at $320,000 shortly... View more
Utility Expenses for a quad
Hey everyone!I am in the early stages of real estate and am currently trying to learn how to analyze deals. Right now I am trying to figure out exactly where all of the expenses come from.When I watch videos on... View more
Can a homeowner in foreclosure quit claim deed property for money
Can a homeowner in foreclosure accept money and quit claim deed their property? And then can that new homeowner try to do a short sale with the bank and be the buyer and essentially the seller?
Escrow Process--Is no commuincation from Escrow common?
I am in escrow on a home with multiple liens that nearly went into foreclosure. I have been in escrow since March 2020 and cannot get escrow to give me a final pay off. A few months ago they said our offer was short... View more
Short Sales: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly
I am curious about everyone’s thoughts on short sales. I am looking at an apartment complex that is a short sale, surely there are plenty of pro’s and con’s to a short sale. Perhaps more con’s than pro’s (or maybe... View more
Thoughts on Short Sales
I've come across several properties that are short sale on the MLS. Could anyone provide me with their own insight or knowledge of these in terms of pros and cons or the general process? Thanks in advance!-Alex
Can anyone explain a Lis Pendis?
I recently got a property under contract with the heir of a specific property. We were looking to wholesale the deal to an end buyer, and immediately we found one. Both contracts were signed and sent to the title... View more
Finding a good short sale mitigator for a reasonable fee
I currently know a mitigator, but the fee he wants is 4 times higher than the one I used 3 or 4 years ago. The one I used then no longer does it. What is a reasonable fee for a mitigator? Having taken a course that... View more
IRS liens on off market deal
I found an off market opportunity, however there are are liens from the irs for $100k+ does anyone know if it’s possible to negotiate or deal with the irs in order to get liens reduced if you buy the property?
Potential Short Sale...Need Help!!!!
Hi BP family.  I’m a new investor and have found a potential property that looks pretty good on paper.  The problem is the property is under water but the owners bank doesn’t seem to want to do a short sale. Has anyone... View more
I am in negotiations with a personal representative of an estate to purchase a home owned by the estate. It would be a short sale.I know standard policy of a short sale is that seller cannot be allotted any funds by... View more
Digital Signatures for Short Sales? HOW?
Has anyone had success with Digital Signatures on Short Sale paperwork? I rarely use digital signatures on short sale paperwork, and more often than not, the lender will make us redo the documents with digital... View more
Working with administrator on probate shortsale
Interesting scenario. Looking to purchase a home in probate, that is underwater and being foreclosed on, and to top it all off, no executor...I'm working with administrator.  I have worked with two court appointed... View more
Buying short sale homes
Hi everyone,Any recommendations on buying short sale homes? I am just beginning to learn about it and would like to situate myself for possible opportunities in the future. Books, forums, additional websites, virtual... View more
Help!! Short Sale Two Houses Away for my first deal!
Preston Dahl 3 mins HELP!!! I have an awesome short sale opportunity on a house that is being foreclosed on two houses away from me. How do I do a short sale? Can anyone provide sound advice or point me in the... View more
Bankruptcy Trustee Shortsale
Does anyone has experience buying Bankruptcy Trustee Short sales?I just started stepping my foot into Real Estate Investing. I'm interested in a short sale that is asking for 70,000. The value of the house after repair... View more
Cash Purchase then HELOC right away? Short sale (Please help)
Hi All!I am very close to closing on a short sale and just ran into a huge brick wall with the mortgage. They said they wont approve it now unless the foundation and roof are fixed first.I am trying to figure out a way... View more
Short Sale Strategy help
I have a property under contract and the agent has submitted an cost estimate, appraisal (which came exceptionally high) and comps to the bank. The bank came and stated they want 80% of the appraisal which is around... View more