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Agents, what's your #1 tip? (Plus, NEW BOOK!)
SOLD: Every Real Estate Agent’s Guide to Building a Profitable Business is available now! SOLD provides a much-needed look at how successful real estate agents build their business, close deals, and generate... View more
Announcing Our NEW Premium Membership!!!
Hey hey hey, BiggerPocketeer Agents!We’ve been working on something really cool for the last few months, and I’m super excited to announce it here.BiggerPockets Premium is now live for agents, hard money lenders, and... View more
Realtor says cash offer doesn't matter.
Hey guys and gals,I am helping my parents find a house and we have found one with a real estate agent from the area. So, I was going over the offer we would like to make with her this morning and she told me "Cash"... View more
out-of-state real estate broker disclosure laws
Suppose I get my broker's license in CA. If I buy investment properties in AZ, or any other state for that matter, do I have to abide by the same disclosure rules as in CA? For example, if I want to sell, do I have to... View more
Is your local market still hot?
How is your local market?  I am in Santa Cruz and the Monterey Bay / Silicon Valley area and the market is still a seller's market with little inventory compared to past statistics.  So crazy. We have investors... View more
Social media tips and tricks
What are some good strategies for growing a social media base for real estate? I am an agent in Austin, Texas and would love to hear your hacks! I primarily use Facebook and Instagram.
Flying into Louisville and Cincinnati! Multifamily agents!
I recently completed my first multifamily BRRRR here in FL and I am looking to do my next one out of state. I am buying with cash up to $200k and looking to find another Plex. Can be turnkey but I do love forcing... View more
New Realtor looking for “investor friendly” Broker
I'm preparing now for my Realtor exam. I primarily want to be an investor in Rental properties. If I really just want access to the MLS and to represent myself in Deals, what would my relationship with a broker look... View more
Agent in Illinois - western suburbs
Hello!I'm looking for a reputable real estate agent who can help locate properties in the western suburbs (Naperville, Bolingbrook, ect) of Illinois.  Interested in turn key properties and also duplex or smaller... View more
Real estate license application question
Hey everyone! I’m currently working on getting my real estate license here in Houston, TX. I was wondering if you are able to submit your real estate license application before completing the whole course? Thanks !
Is anybody else tired of getting hit on by eXp Realty agents?
I always thought Keller Williams Realty recruiting tactics were cringeworthy and my opinion hasn't changed but, somehow, eXp Realty recruiting tactics are exponentially worse. A Realtor in my office was recently hit on... View more
Getting Agent License
I'm a new (wannabe) investor in the Des Moines area.  I'm currently evaluating SFRs in hopes of buying my first rental.  I'm also trying to read/learn all I can in the meantime.  I'm strongly considering getting my... View more
Looking for realtor in Atlanta
Looking for a realtor in Atlanta. I’m looking to relocate and purchase a home I’m thinking in Fairburn. I will be visiting ATL next week and would like to meet. Please send your contact information along with your... View more
New Brokerage In Naples, Florida
Hello all: I have been a BP member for several years. Most of that time, though licensed, my focus was on purchasing rentals. I made the decision recently to open a brokerage on my own and work on sales as well as... View more
Investing in Southern New Jersey to Philadelphia area
Good Afternoon everyone, I have been looking in the south Jersey area approximately 1 hour outside of Philadelphia. Seems to be a very broad area. Wondering if anyone can give any direction or recommends one area over... View more
Real estate agent Stockton area
Hello,I’m an investor looking for a motivated real estate agent in the area of Stockton CA. I specialize in fix and flips. Anyone you would recommend would be greatly appreciated.
First transaction fell apart.
I’ve had my license for about a year but delayed starting due to covid. I got my first buyer last month...we looked at three houses...he put an offer on one and we got it. There were 8 other offers and we got it due to... View more
New Real Estate Agent
I am a new real estate agent just got my license active on 1/7/21. Though real estate is not extremely new to me I was able to date close 10 deals for my own portfolio consisting of multi family and BRRRR-ing houses.... View more
Hard money lender for personal residence
I have a client the is receiving a large insurance settlement from a work injury in several payments. Credit is not good and no verifiable work history. Would it be possible to put 50k down on a 200k home and use a... View more