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$87 A Month Credit Repair. Improve Your Credit; Get Funding!!
$87 A Month Credit Repair. Time to Improve Your Credit and Get Funding For the Holiday!! Are you tired of paying high rates and being denied opportunities? Now is the time to fix your credit! Prestige Business... View more
Business Consolidation Loans; Payoff Existing Debt and Save Money
Business Consolidation Loan Up To $250K; Payoff Existing Debt and Save Money Daily or Monthly; Free Consult!! Covid-19; The Global Pandemic and 2020 has affected us all in one way oranother. The hardest hit have been... View more
Invest in distressed property
Benefit from today's dynamic real estate market with me, a Short Sales and Foreclosure Resource (SFR®). As an SFR®, I have advanced knowledge and education in distressed property transactions.Contact me today and... View more
Final Call For My Super-Duper Fast Track Mentoring Offer!
You can now take advantage of my 30 Day Fast Track program which I reserve for my mentoring students with my Super-Duper Fast Track Mentoring Program Offer. Not only will you be able to participate in my 30 Day Fast... View more
2nd annual ADU Expo –Virtual and Free. January 23, 2021 9-12
Job description The ideal candidate is a SELF motivated, well-organized individual who has a deep understanding of prospecting, managing sales and developing long term relationships with property/homeowners.... View more
Personal Loan Up to $100K; No Upfront Cost, Free Consult!!
Personal Loans up to $100K; No Upfront Cost, Free Consult!!Times right now for business owners are rough but overall we can here to help. We have over 30 Funding Options for our clients. Personal Loans up to $100K. We... View more
Earn Up To 2% Per Day With Bitcoin; 7 Days A Week; $100 to Start
Bitcoin is on the rise. Earn up to 2% Per Day with Bitcoin. Passive!! This is passive income. The platform does all the work. You can get started as little as $100. Packages range from $100 up to $100K. Some additional... View more
Anyone have a builder recommendation for Pleasanton, CA?
The Network find a contractor feature seems to be timing out. Figured I'd go old school word of mouth and see if anyone has great experience with a local developer?
Why Every Wholesaler Should Have Lease Options In His Tool Kit!
Learn why having Lease Options in your tool kit can bring you $60,000 to $120,000 in additional income without making any changes to your existing business model other than adding one of the most profitable real estate... View more
Are you looking for your next OFF MARKET deal?
If you're looking for off market deals in the Austin area or up in Killeen/ Bell county area I'd love to help. I can provide around 30-40 distressed properties per month in the hottest markets in Texas. Are you a... View more
Looking to buy Multifamily (2-4) in Metro Boston, Massahusetts
Happy New Year, BP Family! I'm finally ready to purchase my first property and am looking to invest in a multiunit that can offset or reduce my mortgage payment while I live there. How can I find a value add property... View more
Birmingham Real Estate Market Update - 1/15/21
- What happened in the Birmingham real estate market this week? Where did sales increase in 2020?? - Register for the January webinar on investing in Birmingham real estate here CLICK HERE TO GET THE UPDATE... View more
Best Accountant for Real Estate Investors
I'm interested in talking with a new accountant. Can anyone recommend an accountant that specializes in helping real estate investors? I want the best and someone proactive.  I'm not interested in average or even... View more
Business Term Loan From $5K to $250K; 600 Credit Score and Up!!
Need Business Funding? Get a Short Term Business Loan Up to $250K; 600 Credit Scores Welcome!! Short Term Business Loan - Loan amounts of $5K - $250K- Repayment terms up to 18 months- Automatic daily or weekly... View more
Boost Credit Score 50-100 Points in 2-4 Weeks With Our Tradelines
Improve Your Credit Score In 2-4 Weeks; Sometimes 50-100 Points With Tradelines. Free Credit Review and Consult!! Once you improve score you work with you to position you to get up to $400K in Funding. We have over 30... View more
January 16 -- Monthly Brunches of Notes month, there are thousands of homeowners who are delinquent on their property taxes. As many of us who invest in NPNs already know, many of these people ignore these delinquencies... View more
San Diego Wholesalers Wanted
Looking for great wholesalers in desired San Diego markets. 600k-1m range with value-add potential and margin. Not hard money. Please message me if you are a wholesaler or agent ONLY if you have a serious system set up... View more
House hack by hosting foreign exchange students
A little while back I wrote a piece for BiggerPockets about the multiple ways my cofounder Deni Supplee has house hacked suburban single-family homes. The latest? Hosting a foreign exchange student. She and her... View more
Are you looking for Lead Gen and Skip tracing Services?
Dear Sir/Ma'am, Good Day! Hope everything is fine at your end. For your information, Malik Enterprises has been serving in the marketplace for 3 years and carries vast experience across almost all categories in Real... View more
Go Virtual with only a Laptop & Phone!
Learn how you can expand your market Nationwide and go virtual right from your desk with just a laptop & phone. Spend a few minutes with me on this short video and you’ll see how to increase your bottom line... View more
Seeking RE Agent and Financing in Northern CA & OR
In need of a REA and Finance. I am looking to purchase a property with land in Northern CA or in OR. I can discuss my parameters more via message . I have financing but am always looking for more financing options and... View more