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Mobile homes and mobile home parks are in a league all by themselves. Discuss these particular investment properties here.

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Don’t Miss the ‘Micro Home’ Opportunity
Started by Jerry Lucker
20 Tiny 1399321370 avatar wendytimmons Last post byWendy Timmons
about 4 hours ago
100 pad Eco Friendly Mod Home Development in Austin! 2016
Started by Gordon Meadows
10 Tiny 1448322693 avatar jlh Last post byJay Hinrichs
about 4 hours ago
Has anyone established a Mobile Home Park from scratch?
Started by James Edenfield
9 Tiny 1447045352 avatar jeniferl Last post byJenifer Levini
about 4 hours ago
Difference between to park and mobke home park
Started by Kyle D.
8 Tiny 1448386622 avatar surer Last post byJohn Arendsen
about 12 hours ago
About John fedro
Started by Stan Kyle
9 Tiny 1424183049 avatar mikek10 Last post byMike Krieg
about 15 hours ago
It’s All about Lifestyle Choices, isn’t it?
Started by Jerry Lucker
0 Tiny 1420493103 avatar jerrylucker Last post byJerry Lucker
about 15 hours ago
What to do with run down mobile homes?
Started by Mark Elliott
10 Tiny 1430314047 avatar austins agent Last post byPatrick Connell
1 day ago
Out looking at Mobile Homes?
Started by Jerry Lucker
4 Tiny 1448386622 avatar surer Last post byJohn Arendsen
1 day ago
Cost to demo and remove old singlewide - Michigan
Started by Dave C.
1 Tiny 1434903723 avatar wakeproperties Last post byChris Martin
1 day ago
For Folks Living In RESIDENT OWNED Manufactured Home Communities
Started by John Arendsen
0 Tiny 1448386622 avatar surer Last post byJohn Arendsen
1 day ago
Are You a Member of MHI or a State Association?
Started by Ken Rishel
2 Tiny 1430456709 avatar rishelgroup Last post byKen Rishel
3 days ago
Property Management Software HELP
Started by John Spagnolo
6 Tiny 1435904117 avatar baczekj Last post byJack Baczek
3 days ago
Sucess stories - mobile homes with land
Started by Zack Presnell
8 No avatar tiny Last post byZack Presnell
3 days ago
Looking for deal analysis on 1987 MH, mkt 15,300, asking 17K
Started by Ashley Wolfe
12 Tiny 1448397906 avatar ashleyw14 Last post byAshley Wolfe
5 days ago
Description on Zillow sounds like a wholesaler
Started by Ashley Wolfe
3 Tiny 1448397906 avatar ashleyw14 Last post byAshley Wolfe
6 days ago
Looking For Private Lender - Central Texas
Started by Grayson Wester
0 Tiny 1439593865 avatar g1122 Last post byGrayson Wester
7 days ago
Transferring property into your business TEXAS
Started by Samson Taylor
10 Tiny 1448398564 avatar balopez Last post byBelinda Lopez
7 days ago
Analyze this! Just went to see what I thought would be a turn-key
Started by Ashley Wolfe
16 Tiny 1448397906 avatar ashleyw14 Last post byAshley Wolfe
7 days ago
Texas - Mobile Home Buying
Started by Samson Taylor
2 Tiny 1448388465 avatar samsont Last post bySamson Taylor
8 days ago
Own a MH in a park, park owner upset with tenants, threatening me
Started by Jeffrey Sullivan
6 Tiny 1447906880 avatar jeffreys22 Last post byJeffrey Sullivan
9 days ago

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