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MHPs: Subdividing Lots in NV
Hi All, we own a 17-space MHP in Hawthorne, NV. We are looking to sell the park and have had several prospective buyers inquire about the possibility of subdividing the lots to increase the number of spaces. How would... View more
Individual water meters
Is it legal to meter each pad even when the park is on a well system? I know you can’t profit when you are on public water, you can only pass through the bill. This park is on a private well, so can I meter each home... View more
Mobile Home/Storage Units
I have been in contact with a MHP owner with some storage units on site. I reached out to the owner and introduced myself explaining to them what my goals and aspirations are. I asked first if they were looking to sell... View more
New construction mobile home
I’m buying a lot and doing all the prep work (septic, well, power, grading, driveway ect) then putting a brand new mobile-home on the lot. Looks like the lot and prep are going to be about $25k the home will be around... View more
Thinking about starting a trailer court..shoot holes in this idea
Good morning everybody! Its been a while since I've last posted. A lot has changed, we have purchased and sold several homes, and are in a good financial position to make our next move. Ill try to keep this short... We... View more
Rent, Owner Finance or Sell
Hello, picked up a nice single wide mobile home on almost two acres for $35K cash a couple of months ago and after ~$5K in updating and minor repairs, I'm in at about ~$40K.  I could sell for $95-$110K and double my... View more
Mobile Home (RV) "flip"- Title questions (San Diego)
I've stumbled into the idea of flipping a mobile home (A mobile home RV might be a better description of this one). I'm looking for feedback on the process/feasibility for those that have experience. I'm in talks with... View more
Seeking lenders for syndication
Hi All,My partners and I are putting together a syndication of 5 smaller parks located near each other but are having a hard time finding a lender.We've been through the local banks and credit unions, and have even... View more
Analyzing mobile home parks
Hi all- I'm looking into purchasing mobile home parks here in South Carolina.  How does one analyze these?  Do you treat it as a commercial property and base things off gross and net operating income?   Thanks in... View more
Covid-19 VS Mobile Home Parks
I've love to hear from mobile home park owners or managers!  On the broader scale in general Midwest markets, how did mobile home parks fair during Covid (LAST 12 MONTHS)?  Were occupancy numbers up/down?  Was rental... View more
Seeking mobile home park friendly CPA
Hi All! Happy new year! I'm reaching out to you all to see if anyone has any connections to a few great CPAs that are knowledgeable in the way of mobile home parks? I would really appreciate it. Please drop a name and... View more
My First Mobile Home Park Purchase
Hello BP family. I am a fairly new real estate investor of sf. When looking for other deasl I came across this mobile home park for sale online. I know that mobile home parks are profitable so I am in the process of... View more
In search of six used mobile homes for park in Indiana, need help
Over the next six months, I need to fill about seven lots at one of my parks in Indiana and I'm not finding good options right now so if anyone has some suggestions, I'm all ears.Thanks,Mark
New Mobile Home Park Owner
Hey Bigger Pockets Family, My partner and I are preparing to close this week on a small mobile home park in Midland, TX. This will be a first for us both and I wanted to get your feedback and experience in owning and... View more
Do Mobile Home Lot owners own the vacant homes?
Basically the title,There is an old mobile home lot in my area that I am looking to reach out to the owner to pitch him a deal of me fixing up and selling the vacant mobile homes on his lot and keeping the profits from... View more
Possible MHP Backflow Issue?
I am selling a 46 space MHP that was built in the early 60's. The park is on city water/city sewer and the water pressure is low, but in the range of normal. The buyer had the water tested twice. They are saying that... View more
What is the typical business model for a MHP?
I'm looking into an MHP park that has a lot of potential but has been left to rot for some time now. I'm a newbie to MHPs and wanted to see if someone could help me understand the most common business model?Does the... View more
Growing my MHP business
Welp, looks like my last post crossed a line. Let me try again....We own several MHPs in the Houston metro. I was able to initiate several deals this year, and we closed on 4 new parks. Looking to 2021 and beyond, I... View more
Financing new 2021 mobile home in co-op
I am looking to place a brand new mobile home on lot within co-op( I own the shares)Should I pay for the mobile home with cash, or should I finance the house ($53,000) Also, Can you refinance a mobile home within a... View more
Need Help Constructing An RV Park
I have 3.48 acres on the Lower Colorado River just outside of Austin Texas. I think the best use of the land is to build an RV Park. I had an engineer to a preliminary concept site plan and we can potentially get 36... View more
Developing RV parks?
Does anyone have any experience developing or buying RV parks? I live in the Houston area and work in the petrochemical industry doing industrial  construction. In my line of work most people own campers and travel... View more
RV Park development costs
HiWhat are expected development costs per RV spot without land and soft costs? I saw $10k/spot on earlier discussions We are exploring a business proposal for new development RV Park in South Austin/San Antonio, TX... View more
What to do with 4 acres near Ft. Bragg, NC
Hello all, so I have 4 acres in NC, it is near Ft Bragg. Its on a dirt road (its a horsehoe road) and my 4 acres are right at the top of this horseshoe. I bought this back in 2007 (sight unseen well my family went to... View more