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Looking for a CPA in El Paso, TX
Hello! I’m closing on my first deal this Monday and have began searching for a CPA in El Paso, TX that is familiar with real estate investing. I want to make sure I am receiving the full benefits of real estate but... View more
PPP 2 - Are you applying?
Just received notice from my bank that they are accepting new apps for PPP 2. I am up in the air on applying or not. The 1st PPP helped a lot with our self-storage employees, but we're okay right now. I am also... View more
WealthFactory or Wealthability
I have recently consulted with both WealthFactory and Wealthability regarding tax and wealth planning. Both programs are pretty expensive. One purports to teach you how to find good advisors and the other purports to... View more
Appreciation on monthly balance sheet?
Hi. I like to update my balance sheet each month, and wanted to get some feedback regarding appreciation calculation. It's not an exact science, but it's fun to keep track of appreciation on the properties (SFR's) I... View more
Solo 401K Trust Bank Account
I would like to open the trust bank account with ETrade for my self directed solo 401K plan. Has anyone successfully done so. If so, can you share tips, exact forms you filled. Thanks in advance
Overcontribution on Roth IRA - need help to fix
Hello all! So somehow, I didn’t notice my AGI would be above the IRS Roth limit (198,000 AGI) and I had contributed 6000 into my Roth in 2020.So my tax program is telling me I have to pull 1250$ + any earning made on... View more
Redirecting funds away from 401k into RE investments
In the pursuit of financial freedom, I am considering redirecting my funds from my 401k into another vehicle that's liquid. This will give us immediate access to the money for purchasing/rehabbing properties. I'm not... View more
Mortgage broker cant pull of what we agreed upon now im stuck.
Help please, im not sure what best route moving forward is. (Sorry its a bit long)Situation: In September I took possession of my father in laws second house. The house was in poor condition. (He Was dropped... View more
Rebuilding credit: A Journey Toward 720
What else can I do to improve credit?I let my credit slip slide away. I am now scoring 630 with a repo for a truck on my credit. Here is what I am doing:I have monitoring set up.Got a BOA secured card. Which led me to... View more
High Equity or High Cash Flow?
I am caught between 3 different houses to purchase. One is a turnkey and has high equity but the rental market isn't that great so I wouldn't be able to have great cash flow. The other 2 needs about $35k in repairs,... View more
First Home Purchase: Financing
Hi all, I am 22 and about to purchase my first home. My plan is a live-in-rehab/house hack. My question is about financing: should I put the minimum 3% down and obtain and FHA loan and therefore pay mortgage insurance,... View more
Advice Needed - Payoff mortgage or keep the capital?
Hello All!Here a little backstory to my situation.  I went through an ugly divorce a few years back where she took over the rental property we had, I kept the house we were living in, and I had to declare Chapter 7... View more
To Refi or To Invest?
Im currently awaiting the reappraisal of my 1st property to remove my $111 PMI. I put extensive work into it and foresee a nice increase in the value from the initial 380K purchase to a conservative number of 440K I... View more
Refi 30 to 15, Reasonable closing costs, Reasonable rate?
Hi all,I have a 30 year fix rate mortgage on a primary residence with a HELOC. I see 15 year teaser rates all over the place "less than 2%..." Each place I call the rate always ends up being around 2.4+/- and I'm fine... View more
Has anyone used WealthAbility?
Hi Everyone,  I wanted to see if anyone has used WealthAbility by Tom Wheelwright.  The amount they charge to analyze your information and give you a plan is pretty steep, so I wanted to see if anyone has used them and... View more
Including PMI to Cash on Cash return
Hi! New BP member here and over all new to real estate investing So for the last week I've been familiarizing with the expenses involved in buying a rental property and while watching tutorials I notice that they... View more
Whole Life Insurance as a Foundation for Real Estate Investing
I’ve recently come across the concept of “personal banking” through “overfunding” whole life insurance policies and leveraging the cash value to buy assets.In theory it sounds like a can’t loose situation. You have a... View more
Lots of equity in house, but poor credit: What are refi options?
A friend own a house with lots of equity. Unfortunately, he let his credit slip for various unfortunate reasons. What are his best options to refinance his house, pull some equity and explore real estate... View more
What should I look for when selecting a self direct IRA?
I left my 9 to 5 and think it is time to rollover my retirement from my previous employers to a self direct IRA to help with my real estate journey. Do you have any advised on what to look for when selecting the right... View more
Provider for Solo 401K plan administration and compliance
Hi BP Forum:I have a solo 401k plan that hold a townhome investment.  My plan documentation needs to be updated and I'm looking for a provider who can perform the requisite administration on an ongoing basis too.Would... View more
Where do I come up with my next down payment money?
Hi Everyone!I've loved seeing so many people offer so many different options on how to achieve things. I would love to get everyone's opinion on something.My business partner and I are in the process of purchasing our... View more
Paradigm Life, Infinite Banking, Whole Life Insurance
Has anyone on this forum had experience with this company? Paradigm Life claims to use Whole Life Insurance Policies as a financial tool and since i trust this community, I am reaching out to get some referrals.