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The Investor Deal Diaries forum is a place to walk through your deals with your peers—or check out what they've been up to. Share the challenges (and successes) of your latest deals here! (Be sure to include photos and numbers!) For more real estate investor stories, you can visit the BiggerPockets Blog .
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Building apartment for sale
Krystal Joy Erguiza Last post by Krystal Joy Erguiza, about 2 hours ago
Krystal Joy Erguiza Krystal Joy Erguiza 0 about 2 hours Jump to last post
BRRRR Purchase and Remodel in Farmville, Virginia
Ben Sears Last post by Ben Sears, about 4 hours ago
Ben Sears Ben Sears 9 about 4 hours Jump to last post
Commercial BRRRR in Galveston Texas
Cynthia Corder Last post by Cynthia Corder, about 22 hours ago
Cynthia Corder Cynthia Corder 22 about 22 hours Jump to last post
Would you do this deal?
Andrew Moullin Last post by Andrew Moullin, 1 day ago
Andrew Moullin Andrew Moullin 49 1 day Jump to last post
TimBRRRR 1.0, a step by step BRRRR
Dan Hillebrandt Last post by Dan Hillebrandt, 1 day ago
Dan Hillebrandt Dan Hillebrandt 77 1 day Jump to last post
My First Flip - A BP Success Story
Raza Dhanji Last post by Raza Dhanji, 3 days ago
Raza Dhanji Raza Dhanji 4 3 days Jump to last post
Issues arise with rental
Jared Wonders Last post by Jared Wonders, 3 days ago
Jared Wonders Jared Wonders 4 3 days Jump to last post
Small multi Little Rock arkansas
Judy Best Last post by Judy Best, 4 days ago
Judy Best Judy Best 2 4 days Jump to last post
Kevin Moules Last post by Kevin Moules, 4 days ago
Kevin Moules Kevin Moules 72 4 days Jump to last post
Crushing it with BRRRR in Metro Detroit (Pics Included)
Rebekah Keller Last post by Rebekah Keller, 5 days ago
Rebekah Keller Rebekah Keller 41 5 days Jump to last post
Seeds of doubt regarding capital pitches for equity
James Zabovi Last post by James Zabovi, 6 days ago
James Zabovi James Zabovi 9 6 days Jump to last post
First Deal - Nightmare 203k Loan - Still Moving Forward!
Tim Lemons Last post by Tim Lemons, 7 days ago
Tim Lemons Tim Lemons 2 7 days Jump to last post
Added back splash and window casing to add value to this kitchen
Rick Novotny Last post by Rick Novotny, 7 days ago
Rick Novotny Rick Novotny 3 7 days Jump to last post
Anyone familiar with Union City, GA?
Joseph McCrillis Last post by Joseph McCrillis, 9 days ago
Joseph McCrillis Joseph McCrillis 1 9 days Jump to last post
Out of state turnkey with Memphis Invest
Patrick Bavaro Last post by Patrick Bavaro, 9 days ago
Patrick Bavaro Patrick Bavaro 25 9 days Jump to last post
Diary of a New Construction Project
Tim Ivory Last post by Tim Ivory, 11 days ago
Tim Ivory Tim Ivory 526 11 days Jump to last post
Access to private money
Kyle J. Last post by Kyle J., 11 days ago
Kyle J. Kyle J. 2 11 days Jump to last post
Buy/Hold Lehigh Acres, Florida: the good, the bad, the ugly???
Stetson Miller Last post by Stetson Miller, 12 days ago
Stetson Miller Stetson Miller 6 12 days Jump to last post
Just finished a trip to Indy
David Ripplinger Last post by David Ripplinger, 14 days ago
David Ripplinger David Ripplinger 4 14 days Jump to last post
Percentage Split for Partnership Deals
Chris Meadors Last post by Chris Meadors, 17 days ago
Chris Meadors Chris Meadors 4 17 days Jump to last post
Next logical step forward?
Lauren C. Last post by Lauren C., 19 days ago
Lauren C. Lauren C. 5 19 days Jump to last post
BRRRR 101 - My 1st venture
Richard Mercado Last post by Richard Mercado, 20 days ago
Richard Mercado Richard Mercado 12 20 days Jump to last post
Opinions on NE San Antonio deal
Diana Frasier Last post by Diana Frasier, 21 days ago
Diana Frasier Diana Frasier 4 21 days Jump to last post
My journey has begun.
Andrew Syrios Last post by Andrew Syrios, 24 days ago
Andrew Syrios Andrew Syrios 9 24 days Jump to last post
How do I know if the person on the other end is legit?
Nathan G. Last post by Nathan G., 25 days ago
Nathan G. Nathan G. 1 25 days Jump to last post

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