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Learn how to make money with Discounted Mortgages and Notes, trust deeds, contracts, and with cash flows on this forum. Also, tax liens, contractor's liens, leases, etc.
Note: This is not the area to solicit business.

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Note Newbie Questions/Frustrations
Started by Jeff James
8 Tiny 1412206458 avatar jeffjames Last post byJeff James
about 4 hours ago
Is there a market for land contract?
Started by Jonathan Ortega
12 Tiny 1448322693 avatar jlh Last post byJay Hinrichs
about 4 hours ago
PPR notes course Black Friday sale
Started by Kevin Renaud
7 No avatar tiny Last post byKevin Renaud
about 6 hours ago
Buying a 2nd lien note with owner in bankruptcy
Started by Han Oh
23 Tiny 1448397310 avatar jc7david Last post byHan Oh
about 7 hours ago
NPN Market Pricing Feedback
Started by Dion DePaoli
11 No avatar tiny Last post byDion DePaoli
about 9 hours ago
Who's Liable for IRS Tax Lien Complex Situation
Started by Jake Plumber
2 Tiny 1434490509 avatar rext Last post byRex Thornton
about 10 hours ago
Tax Liens - who can help me get started?
Started by Craig Garrow
12 Tiny 1399733043 avatar craig garrow Last post byCraig Garrow
about 13 hours ago
General Tax Deed Question
Started by Sebastian De la puente
0 Tiny 1443387081 avatar sebastiand Last post bySebastian De la puente
about 14 hours ago
Portfolio Lenders in Columbus
Started by Ryan Congrove
0 No avatar tiny Last post byRyan Congrove
1 day ago
Tax lien on a house after a bankruptcy?
Started by Jeff Hink
6 Tiny 1413468347 avatar rkoehler12 Last post byRyan Koehler
2 days ago
Started by Joshua M.
26 Tiny 1409965358 avatar globalvillage Last post byBob Malecki
3 days ago
Wholesale Deal but Lien issues
Started by Oraude Boston
9 Tiny 1448388149 avatar alexh15 Last post byAlex Holt
3 days ago
Question about Notes
Started by Alin Toncz
6 Tiny 1448038412 avatar alint Last post byAlin Toncz
3 days ago
Tax Sale in Ontario, Canada
Started by Nick Thompson
5 Tiny 1446157871 avatar navc Last post byNav Chandhoke
3 days ago
PaperSource and NoteWorthy
Started by Steve Hodgdon
3 Tiny 1409965358 avatar globalvillage Last post byBob Malecki
3 days ago
NPNs for a newbie
Started by Nathan Walter
20 Tiny 1447274700 avatar steveh35 Last post bySteve Hodgdon
4 days ago
Efficient scrubbing of tax lien lists (Abs/Out of State)?
Started by Phil Johnson
0 Tiny 1446685050 avatar philj2 Last post byPhil Johnson
5 days ago
HOA Discovery
Started by Alberto Stein Rios
10 Tiny 1448388139 avatar patrickics Last post byPatrick Desjardins
5 days ago
2nd Lien Question
Started by Christopher Montgomery
9 No avatar tiny Last post byRobert D.
5 days ago
Pulling Credit
Started by Alberto Stein Rios
16 No avatar tiny Last post byRobert D.
5 days ago

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