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Bought tax lien, deceased owner in probate, who pays med bills?
Hi, So I just got the OK from the govt to start foreclosure on a tax lien... I've done this b4 and have an attorney but I would love a response before the weekend is over because I am FREAKING OUT! She passed away in... View more
Payment and LTV percentages
I’ve heard investors say you should stay away from low payment notes. I’m wondering the rationale. As long as the yield is acceptable, I’m thinking what does it matter? I guess it could limiting because of you want... View more
Opening a llc for my property
I currently own a 2 family house in queens NY and I also have a commercial property in upstate. I was thinking about opening another llc for my 2 family that I live in now. Is that a good idea?
Deed cannot be filed due to taxes owed in MI
A buyer recently paid off her contract for deed which was held by me. She cannot/has not recorded the deed due to the fact that  property taxes are owed by her and in Genesee County, property cannot be conveyed if... View more
Tax Lien Question for unpaid taxes
What is the process for a property getting unpaid taxes sold to public bid in Miami Dade County?If I found a property that has not paid their taxes for a year or two, what is the exact process for paying the taxes and... View more
How Steeply Discounted Are Non-Performing Notes from Banks/Unions
Hello BP Friends! My background is in REI but I'm brand spanking new to "Notes". My interest is in non-performing notes. I'm hoping members who have a solid background in NPNs could help answer my question. I'm looking... View more
Systems of a Note Investor
Recently did a webinar for people on how to manage a portfolio of notes. I wanted to share with everyone some of the systems I use. Please note I get NO affiliate link or referrals from these sites and... View more
San Diego Tax Defaulted Property Auction
I am interested in purchasing a house at a tax defaulted property auction and had a few questions.  1)  In California the previous owner has up to a year to protest the auction.  It seems like from my research that... View more
Tax Lien vs Note Investing
I'm looking to start investing somewhat passively on the side of my normal day to day job. I've been intrigued by the idea of note investing and tax liens. Has anyone here have experience with both? What are the pros... View more
Assignment of Rents (Residential)?
Anyone have any experience, good or bad, with getting an Assignment of Rents for Residential Properties?We're trying our hand at this for the first time and were curious what others have done.For this particular loan,... View more
Help me understand some math from "Invest in Debt" by Jim Napier
This is from page 98 in the book.Johnny owes you $10,000 -- interest rate is 10%, payment is $132.15, number of payments is 120.He's going to sell his house so he asks you for a discount if he pays it off now.You agree... View more
Advancing Escrow for NPNs
This is similar to another post about advancing property taxes for NPNs with a few differences.We will make advances for escrow accounts for owner occupied loans, in which the borrower may file Ch 13 Bankruptcy.... View more
Note Investor Licensing
I read many posts about note investors being required to be licensed in many states. I have posted on this as well as states such as GA, OH, KY etc require a license. What I found interesting is I did a search of every... View more
Note Investing
Hello-I spent a few hours today reading and learning about non performing note investing. If I were to tap into my ROTH and convert it to a IRA LLC or SDIRA what would be a minimum requirement to start? Let's just say... View more
Alabama Tax Lien Redemption
I currently have a tax lien on a Jefferson County (Alabama) property and received a "verification of allowable expenses by tax sale purchaser" from the owner who is trying to redeem the tax lien. I do not have any... View more
Buying your first note
I'm looking to purchase my first note and I was wondering how did you acquire your first one? I'm currently cold calling banks and I'm putting together a list now for mailers. Also I'm looking in my network to see... View more
PPR no longer selling notes?
I've purchased (I think) 6 separate notes from PPR over the last 3 years or so for my IRA to hold. It looks like with the new year they've completely transitioned away from individual note sales as they pursue other... View more
Contract for Deed vs Deed of Trust
Looking to possibly sell a rental house to its current tenant using seller financing in MS. My initial thought was to do a contract for deed. My understanding is that foreclosure would be easier and less expensive if... View more
Florida Delinquent Tax Roll-best "status" focus?-TDA vs Open
I would like to have a conversation with a Tax Sale Investor who has experience with working Florida Delinquent Property Rolls to solicit buying tax delinquent property from the tax delinquent owner, before it goes to... View more
Area Population and Note purchasing
I’m wondering whether note investors factor in the population of an area. Why or why not? It seems to me that population is a big risk. There’s a bunch of paper on some sites from places with just a few thousand... View more
Does anyone has experience with purchasing tax leins?
Hello! I'm researching tax lein sales and I'm interesting in hearing if anyone has obtained a property through paying off tax leins. Any information I should know? Seems too good to be true. From my understanding, the... View more
Advancing Property Taxes for NPNs
What are investors attitudes and processes when deciding on advancing property taxes? Big banks advance property taxes on every asset (unless it falls through the cracks for some reason). Much simpler that way since... View more