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First Purchase!
Started by Wesley Pittman
28 Tiny 1435013724 avatar vincentc8 Last post by Vincent Crane
12 minutes ago
Live and Flip in Columbus Ohio - $106,600 Gross Profit
Started by Marty Rini
24 Tiny 1438891712 avatar giordibruno Last post by Miguel M.
37 minutes ago
Why I Failed!!!
Started by Shawn Connors
51 Tiny 1444315513 avatar heidib4 Last post by Heidi Blanco
43 minutes ago
Wholesale Success In Canada
Started by William Johnson
20 Tiny 1443736159 avatar chrisp59 Last post by Chris Perry
about 2 hours ago
Just Closed- First Development Project
Started by Josh Eitingon
16 Tiny 1435013724 avatar vincentc8 Last post by Vincent Crane
about 3 hours ago
We are off and running!
Started by Dominique Grayson
5 Tiny 1443028116 avatar shantellg1 Last post by Shantell Garcia
about 10 hours ago
My First Flip (with Pics!)- Small $$ Profit - Big Exp. Profit
Started by Victor Eng
80 Tiny 1444281175 avatar phholdings Last post by Lorraine Hadden
about 10 hours ago
My first Rental
Started by Chris Neider
2 Tiny 1443107209 avatar chrisn18 Last post by Chris Neider
about 11 hours ago
How we made $5000 on two weekends i.e. 4 nights on a $135k condo!
Started by Pancham Gupta
12 Tiny 1421005374 avatar apoorva Last post by Apoorva K.
about 11 hours ago
Houston 14 Unit Multi-Family Close 2 Weeks Ago
Started by Kevin Wood
29 Tiny 1427667486 avatar kawood82 Last post by Kevin Wood
about 12 hours ago
Turned a $52k condo into $6250 in rent / month. Forget 2%, This is an 8.3% PROPERTY!
Started by Jack Tucker
77 Tiny 1435200428 avatar pancham Last post by Pancham Gupta
about 14 hours ago
I paid off a house in just 3 years!
Started by Dawn Anastasi
173 Tiny 1431000420 avatar fearlessly Last post by David A.
about 21 hours ago
Houston, TX- 5 Properties- Kevin Wood
Started by Kevin Wood
34 Tiny 1399730422 avatar coffeebob Last post by Trevor Rutherford
about 23 hours ago
What was your job before you went full-time?
Started by Margie Marcum
55 Tiny 1399391772 avatar travissperr Last post by Travis Sperr
1 day ago
First purchase in Temecula CA !!!
Started by Boyd Hunter
15 Tiny 1398858044 avatar aly0705 Last post by Aly W.
1 day ago
No experience yet
Started by Sean Sweeney
1 Tiny 1415682512 avatar ecolegrove Last post by Elizabeth Colegrove
1 day ago
How I fell into a 24 unit apartment complex...
Started by Demetri T.
5 Tiny 1415682512 avatar ecolegrove Last post by Elizabeth Colegrove
1 day ago
Just closed on an 8 plex
Started by Bill S.
21 Tiny 1444248420 avatar jmanning2842 Last post by Jason Manning
2 days ago

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