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This is the place to share your real estate success stories. Share your success to help inspire others and to build up your credibility! If you've accomplished something in your real estate business lately, we hope you'll let others know about it here.

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Share Your Success! Pics, Flips, and $$$
Jerryll Noorden Last post by Jerryll Noorden, about 1 month ago
Jerryll Noorden Jerryll Noorden 458 about 1 month Jump to last post
How to Use The Real Estate Success Stories
Frank Contreras Last post by Frank Contreras, 7 months ago
Gilian Gegawin Gilian Gegawin 25 3 months Jump to last post
Poll how much money has BiggerPockets made for you?
Spencer Cornelia Last post by Spencer Cornelia, 3 months ago
Spencer Cornelia Spencer Cornelia 202 3 months Jump to last post
First buy and hold far!
Noel R. Last post by Noel R., about 1 hour ago
Noel R. Noel R. 1 about 1 hour Jump to last post
This BRRRR thing really does work, with pictures
Jonathan Miller Last post by Jonathan Miller, about 4 hours ago
Jonathan Miller Jonathan Miller 244 about 4 hours Jump to last post
First BarrRr Completed
Josh Stack Last post by Josh Stack, about 12 hours ago
Josh Stack Josh Stack 19 about 12 hours Jump to last post
The Broker Said It Couldn't Be Done. 4 Unit/Closing Next week
Tariq Bahay Last post by Tariq Bahay, about 13 hours ago
Tariq Bahay Tariq Bahay 10 about 13 hours Jump to last post
22 Years Old with 20 Units in 10 Months!
Gina Clarke Last post by Gina Clarke, about 23 hours ago
Gina Clarke Gina Clarke 391 about 23 hours Jump to last post
Another SFR under contract for the Aussie in Cleveland, OH.
Federico Gutierrez Last post by Federico Gutierrez, 1 day ago
Federico Gutierrez Federico Gutierrez 7 1 day Jump to last post
My BEST DEAL in 2017
Jayran Wilson Last post by Jayran Wilson, 1 day ago
Jayran Wilson Jayran Wilson 47 1 day Jump to last post
Buying a house while on a flight to Bali!
Elliot Smith Last post by Elliot Smith, 2 days ago
Elliot Smith Elliot Smith 3 2 days Jump to last post
My first unexpected BRRR!
Sam Shueh Last post by Sam Shueh, 3 days ago
Sam Shueh Sam Shueh 2 3 days Jump to last post
​How BiggerPockets made me $77,000 cash! w/PICS
Aditya Soma Last post by Aditya Soma, 3 days ago
Aditya Soma Aditya Soma 78 3 days Jump to last post
Ann Arbor Michigan Buy-and-Hold Success
Joshua Birk Last post by Joshua Birk, 3 days ago
Joshua Birk Joshua Birk 5 3 days Jump to last post
5 Unit apartment building BRRRR
Hernell D. Last post by Hernell D., 4 days ago
Hernell D. Hernell D. 3 4 days Jump to last post
Triplex Rehab Completed Meriden, CT
Jose Bernard Last post by Jose Bernard, 5 days ago
Jose Bernard Jose Bernard 5 5 days Jump to last post
Latest Buy and Hold Rehab in Elgin, TX
Gary Ennis Last post by Gary Ennis, 5 days ago
Gary Ennis Gary Ennis 4 5 days Jump to last post
Lands Available list post tax deed auction investment success!
Carolyn Morales Last post by Carolyn Morales, 6 days ago
Carolyn Morales Carolyn Morales 3 6 days Jump to last post
BP Podcast - Thank you for listening to my episode #248
Todd Dexheimer Last post by Todd Dexheimer, 6 days ago
Todd Dexheimer Todd Dexheimer 13 6 days Jump to last post
Successful Omaha Real Estate Meetup
Stephen Sykes Last post by Stephen Sykes, 7 days ago
Stephen Sykes Stephen Sykes 7 7 days Jump to last post
What are your favorite Personal Development / Success Books ?
Cornel Smith Last post by Cornel Smith, 7 days ago
Cornel Smith Cornel Smith 2 7 days Jump to last post
My first no money down duplex
Eric Ciesielski Last post by Eric Ciesielski, 7 days ago
Eric Ciesielski Eric Ciesielski 18 7 days Jump to last post
Latest Flip Gets Over Asking Offer in 4 Days!
Maxwell Allen Last post by Maxwell Allen, 8 days ago
Maxwell Allen Maxwell Allen 16 8 days Jump to last post
KC Turnkey Experience
Ron Quinn Last post by Ron Quinn, 8 days ago
Ron Quinn Ron Quinn 3 8 days Jump to last post
Residential Assisted Living Facility just Licensed in Texas!
Tyler Lyons Last post by Tyler Lyons, 9 days ago
Tyler Lyons Tyler Lyons 8 9 days Jump to last post