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This is the place to share your real estate success stories. Share your success to help inspire others and to build up your credibility! If you've accomplished something in your real estate business lately, we hope you'll let others know about it here.

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Share Your Success! Pics, Flips, and $$$
Bradley S Loniello Last post by Bradley S Loniello, 9 days ago
Bradley S Loniello Bradley S Loniello 471 9 days Jump to last post
Poll how much money has BiggerPockets made for you?
Brian M Sweeney Last post by Brian M Sweeney, about 1 month ago
Brian M Sweeney Brian M Sweeney 203 about 1 month Jump to last post
How to Use The Real Estate Success Stories
Frank Contreras Last post by Frank Contreras, about 1 year ago
Gilian Gegawin Gilian Gegawin 25 11 months Jump to last post
2% Rule IS possible in SF Bay Area!
Sean OToole Last post by Sean OToole, about 5 hours ago
Sean OToole Sean OToole 28 about 5 hours Jump to last post
CLOSED on a 98-unit TODAY!
Rajah Morrison Last post by Rajah Morrison, about 5 hours ago
Rajah Morrison Rajah Morrison 54 about 5 hours Jump to last post
Closed my first house hacking deal in Los Angeles (LA) - Part 1
Yasser Siddiqui Last post by Yasser Siddiqui, about 7 hours ago
Yasser Siddiqui Yasser Siddiqui 20 about 7 hours Jump to last post
House Hack Success in Clearwater, FL
Kevin Mathew Galang Last post by Kevin Mathew Galang, about 9 hours ago
Kevin Mathew Galang Kevin Mathew Galang 12 about 9 hours Jump to last post
Billboard, Garage, and Land; deals 1, 2, and 3 for this newbie
Cardwell Thaxton Last post by Cardwell Thaxton, about 20 hours ago
Cardwell Thaxton Cardwell Thaxton 1 about 20 hours Jump to last post
$50,000 Profit Mobile Home Flip!
Marc Faulkner Last post by Marc Faulkner, 1 day ago
Marc Faulkner Marc Faulkner 33 1 day Jump to last post
Busy summer for this teacher
Andrew Faukner Last post by Andrew Faukner, 1 day ago
Andrew Faukner Andrew Faukner 3 1 day Jump to last post
2nd anniversary; 33 units; Ty Bigger Pockets!
Bjorn Ahlblad Last post by Bjorn Ahlblad, 2 days ago
Bjorn Ahlblad Bjorn Ahlblad 2 2 days Jump to last post
512% cash-on-cash return on one rental using BRRR strategy
Steve Vaughan Last post by Steve Vaughan, 2 days ago
Steve Vaughan Steve Vaughan 6 2 days Jump to last post
0 to 7 Units in First Year
Will Parker Last post by Will Parker, 3 days ago
Will Parker Will Parker 3 3 days Jump to last post
Brand New Member trying to settle a discussion
Ben Leybovich Last post by Ben Leybovich, 3 days ago
Ben Leybovich Ben Leybovich 6 3 days Jump to last post
HELOC Closed! $94,000! It was quite an adventure!
Florentina Ronquillo Last post by Florentina Ronquillo, 4 days ago
Florentina Ronquillo Florentina Ronquillo 42 4 days Jump to last post
First Two BRRR Deals Successfully Completed!!
Troy Stanford Last post by Troy Stanford, 4 days ago
Troy Stanford Troy Stanford 14 4 days Jump to last post
First Deal DONE! - Miami SFH - BRRRR - Before & After Pics!!
Merritt Steinbach Last post by Merritt Steinbach, 4 days ago
Merritt Steinbach Merritt Steinbach 51 4 days Jump to last post
Cash flowing rental in San Antonio PLUS $$$ in my pocket!!
Jack Henry Last post by Jack Henry, 4 days ago
Jack Henry Jack Henry 5 4 days Jump to last post
FINALLY Closed on My First Multi-Family Apartment Complex
Dave Chapa Last post by Dave Chapa, 5 days ago
Dave Chapa Dave Chapa 55 5 days Jump to last post
Good Karma- may be bringing me 10 more doors!!
Jesse Harris Last post by Jesse Harris, 5 days ago
Jesse Harris Jesse Harris 3 5 days Jump to last post
Overages after a tax sale foreclosure
Arnie Abramson Last post by Arnie Abramson, 5 days ago
Arnie Abramson Arnie Abramson 14 5 days Jump to last post
Government Cheese to 144 doors, 4m. clear unleveraged properties
Cody L. Last post by Cody L., 5 days ago
Cody L. Cody L. 19 5 days Jump to last post
From 3 to 43 Units - I changed my life with one incredible deal!
Wes Woodhouse Last post by Wes Woodhouse, 5 days ago
Wes Woodhouse Wes Woodhouse 157 5 days Jump to last post
How I built a portfolio of 35 rentals and $10k+ monthly cash flow
Philippe Johnson Last post by Philippe Johnson, 6 days ago
Philippe Johnson Philippe Johnson 316 6 days Jump to last post
Did anyone here make 100k on their first flip?
Russell Brazil Last post by Russell Brazil, 7 days ago
Russell Brazil Russell Brazil 38 7 days Jump to last post

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