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Successful Sheriffs Sale (Was the only guy there!)
Started by Sam Erickson
22 Tiny 1399755765 avatar glenndacho Last post byGlenn Banks
15 minutes ago
Brandon & Josh were wrong AKA My first flip
Started by Jessi Hill
72 Tiny 1449803622 avatar shaneh17 Last post byShane Hedeen
44 minutes ago
#24 rental was purchased today
Started by George P.
28 No avatar tiny Last post byBilly Smith
about 2 hours ago
Bought First Investment Property with success!
Started by Karin U.
14 Tiny 1450229743 avatar realestatenewbe Last post byRoshard Jones
about 3 hours ago
Started by Tiffany LeGrand
0 No avatar tiny Last post byTiffany LeGrand
about 3 hours ago
My First Deal: SFH Buy & Hold Rental in Houston
Started by Iman Yu
24 Tiny 1439997298 avatar imany Last post byIman Yu
about 4 hours ago
A JV Rehab with another BiggerPockets Member - A Success Story!
Started by David Begley
112 Tiny 1454351417 avatar glennt9 Last post byGlenn Tracy
about 4 hours ago
Bought 1st Property, working 3 jobs, with 5 kids under 5 yrs old
Started by James Stokes
186 Tiny 1439339653 avatar jamess24 Last post byJames Stokes
about 5 hours ago
My Experience
Started by Bryant Amundson
3 Tiny 1453127987 avatar williamh53 Last post byWilliam Homer
about 8 hours ago
$134K Payday! .... 4 years in the making - Land investing.
Started by Douglas Larson
25 Tiny 1451926400 avatar russ n Last post byRussell Naylor
about 10 hours ago
Rental #16 under contract!
Started by Dawn Anastasi
129 Tiny 1454330449 avatar daniela43 Last post byDaniel Ahern
about 20 hours ago
Goal Achieved: Duplex House Hack
Started by Edward Stephens
17 Tiny 1454037085 avatar ashgala Last post byAlexander Ball
about 22 hours ago
Opening the Kimono: My Out-of-State REI Experience
Started by Michael L.
72 Tiny 1445997244 avatar davidg46 Last post byDavid Green
about 22 hours ago
How BP Inspired Me & My House Flipping Show- Airing Tonight 10/9c
Started by Justin Stamper
49 No avatar tiny Last post byBrian Pulaski
about 22 hours ago
Finally closed a 203K loan and it has been a long ride...
Started by Arthur Banks
6 Tiny 1449037301 avatar smartland Last post bySteven Gesis
about 23 hours ago
Putting People First - Is Profitable and Feels Good!
Started by Michael Tempel
0 No avatar tiny Last post byMichael Tempel
1 day ago
To self manage or not...that is the question
Started by Randy Barnaby
14 No avatar tiny Last post byRici Ryan
1 day ago
BRRR- On the Second R and just got my appraisal back!
Started by Stacy E.
9 No avatar tiny Last post byWilson Churchill
2 days ago

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