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Best Deals are Off MARKET in Miami
Started by Ramon Gonzalez
10 Tiny 1416585834 avatar longodds Last post byRobert G.
about 1 hour ago
How one 475K condo turned into $2.75M in Assets in 15 yrs
Started by Jennifer Lee
9 No avatar tiny Last post byGerald R.
about 11 hours ago
I Am THANKFUL to BP This Year Because...
Started by Wendell De Guzman
37 Tiny 1438656929 avatar oscarj1 Last post byOscar Jacome
about 13 hours ago
Cat Litter House: Flip # 653 and it could be the worst one yet. Look at the pics and you decide.
Started by Brian Burke
292 Tiny 1404345280 avatar erniev25 Last post byErnie V.
about 18 hours ago
Patience Pays
Started by Christopher Deitz
2 Tiny 1448397748 avatar jetsetterrealty Last post byKevin Fox
about 19 hours ago
Non-success Story
Started by Bill S.
54 Tiny 1448396670 avatar moneyking Last post byDavid Oldenburg
about 21 hours ago
Live and Flip in Columbus Ohio - $106,600 Gross Profit
Started by Marty Rini
49 Tiny 1448424861 avatar leroy87 Last post byJoshua D.
about 23 hours ago
Opening the Kimono: My Out-of-State REI Experience
Started by Michael L.
61 Tiny 1419195491 avatar monkeydaytrader Last post byJoe Chin
1 day ago
My first buy and hold
Started by Phil Bottfeld
32 Tiny 1448386721 avatar fjr Last post byFrank R.
1 day ago
First Flip in Savannah GA
Started by Robert Cronin
18 Tiny 1438801103 avatar robertc44 Last post byRobert Cronin
1 day ago
The value of hustle
Started by Liam Goble
15 Tiny 1399727749 avatar liam goble Last post byLiam Goble
1 day ago
1st Sub2 Deal / Buy & Hold
Started by Sam Byrd
5 Tiny 1447813038 avatar corym7 Last post byCory Mccarthy
1 day ago
REHAB IS DONE!!! (With Pics)
Started by Joshua D.
25 Tiny 1422903267 avatar cascadeproperty Last post byRyan M.
1 day ago
I paid off a house in just 3 years!
Started by Dawn Anastasi
178 Tiny 1429830000 avatar karlpala Last post byKarl B.
1 day ago
My first multi-unit
Started by Jameson Drew
48 Tiny 1429830000 avatar karlpala Last post byKarl B.
1 day ago
My First Short Sale!!!! NYC REAL ESTATE
Started by Nicholas Clement
1 Tiny 1448213642 avatar billl17 Last post byBill Leonard
2 days ago
My Very First Deal (4 Years Ago)
Started by Brandon Jackson
4 Tiny 1448397364 avatar vincentc8 Last post byVincent Crane
2 days ago
Thanks Bigger Pockets
Started by Mark Hailes
2 No avatar tiny Last post byMark Hailes
2 days ago

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