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Ogden UT Duplex wanted
Looking for Ogden UT area Duplex(s) for $100-$200k that cash flow w/ current rents.  Prequalified for $150k w/ a partner Prequalified for the same.   Please email with deal and details.  Thank you
Seeking wholesale flip opportunities in Raleigh NC
Looking for off-market single family flip deals.We are an as-is, cash buyer, flexible to close,Also, multi-family buy and holds.We are currently holding in Raleigh North Carolina, Cary NC, and also in Jacksonville FL,... View more
west michigan wholesaler wanted
Hello all, I am looking for a wholesaler in the west michigan area. Mostly looking in newaygo county as i have some there already. Looking for single family for the brrrr method, feel free to reach out im always open... View more
Sarasota / Bradenton - Fix and Flip Opportuities Sought
We are a property improvement company based in the Bradenton area seeking properties to fix and flip.3/2 configuration. Any condition.Bring the opportunities please.
When is negative cash flow bad for house hacking?
I am currently looking for a deal for a duplex/triplex in the Savannah, Georgia area. I will be living in one unit and renting the others, along with opening up my portion for airbnb. I have analyzed multiple deals and... View more
Chicago Wholesalers
Wholesalers I have an investor whose interested in occupied rental properties with built-in equity (20-30%) in the Chicago area.  
Attention Jacksonville Wholesalers
JAX Wholesalers,My wife and I have a small time REI company and are looking for more properties to add to the portfolio or to flip. Our focus is long flips with a few B+H scattered in. Here are our criteria:-3/1... View more
Cash Buyer in the Sacramento area
I am currently looking for sfr's in the Sacramento area I pay cash and close quickly.No limit on price, Any condition, Below market, Let's do some businessCall meLarrynorcalwebuyhouses.com916-742-3862
Wholesale Deals in Richmond/Midlothian VA?
Hi Guys,I'm ISO a wholesale deal in Richmond/Henrico/Midlothian area. It could be a duplex or single family. If you have something (non-MLS) please send me a PM.Thanks,Stacy
Looking to connect with a Las Vegas Realtor to buy a home..
Aloha BP,My family & I are moving to Henderson from Hawaii this summer. Looking to connect with an investor friendly realtor that can help me find a minor fixer upper or a MF I could possibly house hack. 3/2 Min.... View more
Mount Pleasant, WI lease to own
Have a homebuyer who wants to get into lease/rent to own property in Mount Pleasant/Oak Creek, WI.  Preferred Zip Codes, 53402; 53403; 53406; 53129; 53154; 53405; 53154 or near by areas.  They have $2500 to put down. ... View more
Looking for Fix and Flip projects in Orange County, CA
Hello,I am Real Estate Broker/Real Estate Investor in Orange County, CA.  Always looking for fix and flip properties in Orange County or parts of LA or Riverside County.  Feel Free to email me deals to evaluate. Thank... View more
Looking for wholesalers in the Rocky Hill, CT area
I'm looking for wholesalers who sell turnkey rentals in the Hartford/Rocky Hill, CT area.  I'm looking at a move there for work and I'd like to buy a turnkey to live in at first while I get to know the area, then rent... View more
Looking for Multi-family properties in Baton Rouge, La to Rehab
Will joint venture, help in financing  or go it alone.Looking forward to being of service or making acquisition,Thanks,Alex Hamilton JrPhone: (225) 238-3923 or visit ... View more
Ready to purchase in NO or ATL
I am looking to purchase a single family up to a fourplex in the New Orleans or Atlanta area. Does anyone have or know of anything available in those cites? 
Private Lender Needed
I am looking for financing on an "Instant Equity" property in Princeton, WV.I need a "Rehab Loan", guaranteeing 10% interest rate (negotiable), secured by Deed of Trust, balloon at sale of property preferably, however... View more