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In our Rehabbing and House Flipping Forums, you can post or find discussions on topics including: flip basics, knowing how much to pay, how much to improve, how to deal with contractors, problems to look out for, and everything else relating to the fix and flip.

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Discussion Replies Last Post
Considerations for starting flips, have questions
Started by Geetika Casmon
7 Tiny 1441733189 avatar edwardb7Last post byEdward B.
about 1 hour ago
From 1 Flip to 4 Flips in less than a year
Started by Todd S.
31 Tiny 1444697159 avatar kyles36Last post byKyle Schuler
about 3 hours ago
Flippers: do you give buyer's agents bonuses? If so how much?
Started by Cal C.
3 Tiny 1421848914 avatar cal cLast post byCal C.
about 3 hours ago
Next step in my RE adventure
Started by Carey Edmund
30 Tiny 1440611505 avatar johnl67Last post byJohn Lindemann
about 4 hours ago
Started by Aaron Baker
4 Tiny 1401279382 avatar lpgspainLast post byRobert Edwards
about 8 hours ago
My first big / higher end flip
Started by John D.
2 Tiny 1427346408 avatar cmerricksLast post byCourtney Merricks
about 11 hours ago
Cost of rehab for old brownstone
Started by Sebastian Naczas
8 Tiny 1437145984 avatar backbaybostonLast post byRob Parmar
about 17 hours ago
rehab work
Started by Robbie Knecht
0 Tiny 1440455729 avatar robbiekLast post byRobbie Knecht
about 19 hours ago
In search of asset-based lending in Kansas? Any recommendations?
Started by Beau Romstedt
0 Tiny 1444690276 avatar romstedtLast post byBeau Romstedt
about 20 hours ago
To renovate or not to renovate?
Started by Holly S.
10 Tiny 1443467600 avatar hollyannLast post byHolly S.
about 23 hours ago
Fix and flip, out of state...
Started by Sylvia Hanna
13 Tiny 1442949334 avatar patriciopLast post byPatricio P.
about 23 hours ago
No-Seasoning Cashout-refi .... Confused
Started by Michael Dunn
11 Tiny 1435605947 avatar christopherb8Last post byChristopher Brainard
about 23 hours ago
Denver Metro House Flipping
Started by Gregg Schiff
3 Tiny 1399391772 avatar travissperrLast post byTravis Sperr
1 day ago
Hire GC or Not
Started by Cortney Newmans
10 Tiny 1443799889 avatar cnew34Last post byCortney Newmans
1 day ago
Cincinnati Investors
Started by Chris Campbell
19 Tiny 1444658058 avatar charlesd17Last post byCharles Darling
1 day ago
Anyone use a Home Depot or Lowes Commercial Credit Card
Started by Prashant P.
31 Tiny 1442787584 avatar kristyr1Last post byKristy Ruff
1 day ago
Electrical Permit Question
Started by Emily Allen
7 Tiny 1399757698 avatar chapincitaLast post byPyrrha Rivers
1 day ago
Paint Choices to Go the Extra Mile
Started by Jordan Moorhead
0 Tiny 1434739730 avatar jmoorhead23Last post byJordan Moorhead
2 days ago
investing in fire damage properties
Started by Harry D Johnson
2 No avatar tinyLast post byNathan Golding
2 days ago

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