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In our Rehabbing and House Flipping Forums, you can post or find discussions on topics including: flip basics, knowing how much to pay, how much to improve, how to deal with contractors, problems to look out for, and everything else relating to the fix and flip.

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Do You Know ALL the Expenses Associated with a House Flip?
Michael Peters Last post by Michael Peters, about 2 months ago
Michael Peters Michael Peters 129 about 2 months Jump to last post
New to investing looking for help on where to start.
Conner Bridwell Last post by Conner Bridwell, 22 minutes ago
Conner Bridwell Conner Bridwell 3 22 minutes Jump to last post
Profit split in a SFR flip as only a money investor
Caleb Heimsoth Last post by Caleb Heimsoth, about 2 hours ago
Caleb Heimsoth Caleb Heimsoth 14 about 2 hours Jump to last post
Upside down properties
Marcus Auerbach Last post by Marcus Auerbach, about 2 hours ago
Marcus Auerbach Marcus Auerbach 6 about 2 hours Jump to last post
Cabinets in Virginia Beach Virginia
G. Emerson Zollos Last post by G. Emerson Zollos, about 18 hours ago
Mike Sedlacek Mike Sedlacek 1 about 2 hours Jump to last post
Why everyone is looking for "cash buyers"?
Nick C. Last post by Nick C., about 2 hours ago
Nick C. Nick C. 8 about 2 hours Jump to last post
Inherited home with structural damage
Mike M. Last post by Mike M., about 8 hours ago
Mike M. Mike M. 8 about 8 hours Jump to last post
Scope of work software / template
Victoria P minor Last post by Victoria P minor, about 10 hours ago
Victoria P minor Victoria P minor 5 about 10 hours Jump to last post
How to House Hack my 2nd deal!
Jonathan Escobar Last post by Jonathan Escobar, about 10 hours ago
Jonathan Escobar Jonathan Escobar 2 about 10 hours Jump to last post
What am I doing wrong
Raeshal Solomon Last post by Raeshal Solomon, about 11 hours ago
Raeshal Solomon Raeshal Solomon 5 about 11 hours Jump to last post
Is there a good app on how to redesign a floorpan?
David Robertson Last post by David Robertson, about 16 hours ago
David Robertson David Robertson 1 about 16 hours Jump to last post
Should I buy this bank owned home for 3000?
Lynnette E. Last post by Lynnette E., about 19 hours ago
Lynnette E. Lynnette E. 19 about 19 hours Jump to last post
Partership with the contractor
Jim Larsen Last post by Jim Larsen, about 19 hours ago
Jim Larsen Jim Larsen 0 about 19 hours Jump to last post
Help! Unsupported bricks in ceiling of remodel.
Kat Robertson Last post by Kat Robertson, about 22 hours ago
Kat Robertson Kat Robertson 3 about 22 hours Jump to last post
Private funding strategies
Eric Michaels Last post by Eric Michaels, about 22 hours ago
Eric Michaels Eric Michaels 2 about 22 hours Jump to last post
Pet Peeve: New listings without photos?
Karl B. Last post by Karl B., about 23 hours ago
Karl B. Karl B. 6 about 23 hours Jump to last post
Newbies Investing Rentals
Nicole Heasley Last post by Nicole Heasley, about 24 hours ago
Nicole Heasley Nicole Heasley 5 about 24 hours Jump to last post
How do I find property managers and Real Estate Investors
Mark Arthur Last post by Mark Arthur, 1 day ago
Mark Arthur Mark Arthur 3 1 day Jump to last post
Resurfacing Bathtubs
Paula O Sample Last post by Paula O Sample, over 1 year ago
James Edwards James Edwards 18 1 day Jump to last post
Where to get mortgage on a property to fix and Flip in JAX?
Alex Bekeza Last post by Alex Bekeza, 1 day ago
Alex Bekeza Alex Bekeza 2 1 day Jump to last post
Where I’m at with my 25K after two weeks!
Jimmy Francois Last post by Jimmy Francois, 1 day ago
Jimmy Francois Jimmy Francois 0 1 day Jump to last post
Cash out Finance paid off remodeled condo
Jerry Padilla Last post by Jerry Padilla, 1 day ago
Jerry Padilla Jerry Padilla 5 1 day Jump to last post
Have you heard of Qucikline Capital Partners?
Garret Dorsey Last post by Garret Dorsey, 1 day ago
Garret Dorsey Garret Dorsey 0 1 day Jump to last post
Looking Advise before take action.
Aaron K. Last post by Aaron K., 1 day ago
Aaron K. Aaron K. 5 1 day Jump to last post
WiFi Hotspot for Job Site
Dave DeMarinis Last post by Dave DeMarinis, 1 day ago
Dave DeMarinis Dave DeMarinis 2 1 day Jump to last post

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