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In our Rehabbing and House Flipping Forums, you can post or find discussions on topics including: flip basics, knowing how much to pay, how much to improve, how to deal with contractors, problems to look out for, and everything else relating to the fix and flip.

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Discussion Replies Last Post
Advice for a fix/flip in Brooklyn NY
Started by Chaim F.
0 No avatar tiny Last post byChaim F.
about 1 hour ago
Newer house with foundation problem
Started by Jaimie Chen
9 Tiny 1448397697 avatar jaimie Last post byJaimie Chen
about 1 hour ago
Fire damage...
Started by Jeremy Bridges
2 Tiny 1448397727 avatar kims17 Last post byKim Smith
about 1 hour ago
Foreclosure Specialist in Raleigh
Started by Britt Treece
2 Tiny 1418170578 avatar trailwoodrealty Last post byDawn Brenengen
about 3 hours ago
Private investor 400K gift.
Started by Jim Keller
2 Tiny 1448386586 avatar socalkeller Last post byJim Keller
about 3 hours ago
WHERE DO YOU BUY ___ Vanities * Fixtures * ETC
Started by Nicholas Moffett
4 Tiny 1441256337 avatar marys10 Last post byMary Shea
about 3 hours ago
WHERE DO YOU BUY YOUR ( Cabinets / Tile / fixtures / flooring)
Started by Nicholas Moffett
6 Tiny 1424198557 avatar nickydelivers Last post byNicholas Moffett
about 4 hours ago
HVAC Estimate for Fourplex
Started by Edward Barnes
2 No avatar tiny Last post byJim Shepard
about 6 hours ago
Rehab Project Management Software
Started by Jim Foil
10 Tiny 1446320752 avatar jbowie Last post byJames Bowie
about 7 hours ago
General Contractor's License for Permits when Doing Work Yourself
Started by Shaun Moore
4 Tiny 1399663143 avatar investorinnc Last post byHenri Meli
about 8 hours ago
What types of properties do you WALK away from and why?
Started by Scott Rist
17 Tiny 1448387877 avatar deverix Last post byDev Horn
about 8 hours ago
Best Books/Tools on Rehab Project Management
Started by Garrett Hogan
2 Tiny 1414076359 avatar gmh8 Last post byGarrett Hogan
about 8 hours ago
Mobile Alabama Flippers
Started by William Allen
3 Tiny 1448396734 avatar gte939h Last post byWilliam Allen
about 9 hours ago
buying leads from company?
Started by Jack Rengold
8 Tiny 1403631889 avatar sbullet86 Last post byJohn Ma
about 11 hours ago
Investigating First Flip - Numbers Check
Started by Michael Verkruyse
2 Tiny 1447980963 avatar michaelv32 Last post byMichael Verkruyse
about 11 hours ago
What are some strategies for finding great investment properties?
Started by Gregory Caccioppoli
0 No avatar tiny Last post byGregory Caccioppoli
about 12 hours ago
Asset protection attorney in North Atlanta?
Started by Ludmila M.
0 Tiny 1444758249 avatar ludam Last post byLudmila M.
about 13 hours ago
rehab costs in San Antonio
Started by Jeremy Able
2 No avatar tiny Last post byVijay Ramamoorthy
about 14 hours ago
Looking for GC Licensed in Aurora, Colorado
Started by Brian Kraft
5 Tiny 1448324149 avatar briankraft Last post byBrian Kraft
about 14 hours ago

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