Rehabbing and House Flipping
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Do You Know ALL the Expenses Associated with a House Flip?
One of our Bloggers, Justin Pierce, wrote a fantastic article that took an in depth look at all of the costs associated with a house flip. This is a MUST read for any newbie rehabber/flipper: Rehabbers! Know ALL... View more
Hi Folks, My parents have owned property in NYC. I don't think I have that opportunity to put my hands on a Million dollar multi family just yet. I have been looking into the atlanta market to do a BRRRR, all numbers... View more
Best flipping market in SC?
Hello all! I'm ready to pursue flipping my first property, preferring to start in South Carolina, my home state. Can anyone advise what they feel to be the best town/city to find properties, flip, and get the best ROI?... View more
Bedroom HVAC options
Hi, all.Looking at rehabbing a spare bedroom I have in my primary. It currently does not have any heat/air going to it and I wouldn't be able to simply tie a pipe from my central system to it (I have a floor vent... View more
Virtual REI meetings Chicago
I used to on occasion attend REI meetings in the Chicagoland area. Due to my work and now having children at home I could not attend them anymore with my husband. Didn't go to alot of them but the few we attended were... View more
Anyone familiar with getting past de tax lists in washintn state?
Hello group I am wondering if anyone knows of a list provider that does past due taxes???Or do I need to look this up on the county website one by one?? Is there a way I can just go to list source and type in amounts... View more
Cost guestimate to finish rough-finished house
Looking at buying: Walls down to studs but framed in 1824 sf house, North Tonawanda, NY, 14210 close to Niagara River; single; no drywall up Walls down to studs but framed in throughout the house. It is an Open concept... View more
Contractors in Grand Rapids, MI for house renovation
Hello BP community,  I recently purchased a home in Grand Rapids, MI to be a future rental and I'm looking for contractors to help with the renovation. The house needs some extensive work- new roof, re-wiring,... View more
Group Homes in Chicago/Illinois
Hello All, Has anyone here from Illinois ever run group homes? Within the next 6-12 months, I want to find properties, flip them and make them group homes. I've heard that people can fix and flip homes and donate them... View more
Chinese Drywall Remediation in Florida
Hey guys,  I recently purchased a home in Lee County Florida (think Cape Coral/Fort Myers area) that has Chinese Drywall. Many homes in the area used to have Chinese drywall, and there used to be a bunch of contractors... View more
Land Property to Quad Plex
I found a great opportunity and I’m trying to find different ways to get creative with investors.There are two properties side by side which I think are undervalued. I would like to purchase them both using investors... View more
Water heaters and permitting
I have recently purchased a duplex in Columbus, OH.  It came with a list of code violations that I am working on addressing.  I wonder if anyone has been down this road before and has enough of an understanding of the... View more
new construction / modular home
I'm working to determine the cost of building a modular home.I recieved a interesting deal from a whole sellers. Asking price is 225k, 12k to demo the currently building, although it can be renovated. Arv for 3,000... View more
Butcher block counter tops
Has any one had any experience with butcher block counter tops in a rental unit? Considering installing them, and curious how “tenant proof” they are
JV Deal Structures-Residential
Hey BP- Can anyone shed some light on the best way to structure JV deals for flips on residential. Potential partner is well established and seasoned- with an immaculate record, has own construction crew/manager and... View more
Flip Renovation Planning
Newbie flipper here just have a quick question. Looking to get into flipping this year, I’ve gather a good understanding on the whole process. My only real question is how does one go about playing what renovations... View more
Anyone live in Bakersfield, Ca or familiar with the area?
I would like to start investing in Bakersfield since I live here. Looking for advice and opinions on the current market here and also would be nice to meet new people.
Buy and Rehab hold rental property in Detroit Michigan
I am interested in buying and holding properties in an area where there is low barrier to entry. While practicing analyzing deals I came across this property . There seems to be an area that there are multiple... View more
1 car side garage vs 2 car backyard garage on long narrow lot
I am remodeling a property I recently bought and am interested to know what everyone thinks about the property value impact of building a one-car detached garage on the side of a small 2/1 house vs. a two-car garage in... View more
Using private lender for a downpayment
Hello all! I’ve got a really good potential flip I’ve found that’s got great numbers. However the downpayment for the property is where I need the help of a private lender. I am wondering is it possible to find a... View more
Best way to learn to rehab
I am curious about different ways people learned to rehab/fix up houses. I am in the Minneapolis area and looking to do either live in flips or live in/buy another and rent out strategies. I have seen people learn from... View more
Cash reserves needed to begin a flip
As a new investor I’m like a sponge. I’m looking for every piece of knowledge that I can find to fill my head with as I begin my journey. The question I’m asking my peers on here is, how much money should one have in... View more
Finding Realtors who Specialize in House Flipping Clients
Hello Flippers and Realtors!I am searching for Real Estate Agents who specialize or have experience working with clients who are house flippers. It takes something extra to help find properties that will yield the... View more
Small Rehab Question
I'm curious on the approximate cost to install a wall and door in a hallway/entrance way. The door would be standard and the wall would be around 10ft across and 7ft high. I don't have a 'go to' contractor to call and... View more