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This is our Real Estate Tech forum. Discuss hardware, software, link strategies, blogging, real estate web design, and anything else related to real estate, technology, and the web, including using social media like Twitter, Facebook, and of course, BiggerPockets!

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What's the Best Site for Property Info
Started by Mark Marinaccio
8 Tiny 1448388502 avatar marklm Last post byMark Marinaccio
about 4 hours ago
Branding Thoughs
Started by Joseph Konrad
6 Tiny 1448398106 avatar svornholt Last post bySharon Vornholt
about 6 hours ago
Do you find VA's for admin work to be a little expensive?
Started by Omar Bryan
1 Tiny 1435633637 avatar graimalkin Last post byJessica B.
about 13 hours ago
Biggerpockets Profile Widget
Started by Curt Davis
5 Tiny 1448324338 avatar curt Last post byCurt Davis
1 day ago
Successful Podcast Experience?
Started by Kyle Tokasey
4 Tiny 1399327546 avatar mobilehomegurl Last post byRachel H.
5 days ago
Started by Reggie C.
5 Tiny 1420666549 avatar timherndon Last post byTim Herndon
6 days ago
Started by Vanessa Burgess
11 Tiny 1399678217 avatar scoremax Last post byRonald Keene
6 days ago
Way to make money online
Started by N/A N/A
16 Tiny 1444978440 avatar emmaw Last post byEmma Watson
7 days ago
New Website
Started by Justin Hackney
7 Tiny 1447458328 avatar vkaarya Last post byRyan Singh
7 days ago
Social Media and Technology - What are you using?
Started by Karen Margrave
2 Tiny 1448398343 avatar kkoppenhaver Last post byKeanan Koppenhaver
7 days ago
CRM systems: Which do you use? Would you recommend it?
Started by Katharine Gonzalez
7 Tiny 1448324013 avatar charmed wi Last post byDawn Anastasi
8 days ago
Tenant Cloud
Started by Ayodeji Kuponiyi
4 No avatar tiny Last post byTrent Honea
8 days ago
Started by Jarell Stokes
2 Tiny 1446128121 avatar cincere invest Last post byJarell Stokes
9 days ago
REI simulation game- Investorville
Started by Clayton Rokosh
1 Tiny 1444252964 avatar claytonr3 Last post byClayton Rokosh
9 days ago
Property Management Software comparison
Started by Dooreuhn Cee
30 No avatar tiny Last post byJon S.
9 days ago
Quickbooks 2014 not supported on Windows 10
Started by David C.
0 No avatar tiny Last post byDavid C.
10 days ago
Facebook Ad Targeting - Selling and Renting
Started by Danny Di
2 Tiny 1445965731 avatar briannec Last post byBrianne Chard
12 days ago
Smartmove WEbsite not working for me
Started by Curtis Mears
3 Tiny 1399749625 avatar teamofna Last post byCurtis Mears
13 days ago
How to Stop "Related Videos" at the End of Embedded YouTube Video
Started by Jon DeCamp
0 Tiny 1445445367 avatar jonnyd14 Last post byJon DeCamp
13 days ago

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