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This forum is not the place to request website reviews or to sell your domain. Our "Domains & Website Reviews" forum, located in the MARKETPLACE is where you can do that. Please note that this is also... View more
Are there any free online floor plan editors?
I'm new to real estate investing and was wondering if there was a program that could be used to edit the floor plan of houses and rearrange walls. I'm a complete novice so any information would be greatly appreciated!
Propstream? Comps accuracy
Hey hope everyone having a good day. Quick question is propstream worth the 97$ just for pulling comps? And how accurate are the comps on propstream. If not worth it what are some better alternative you guys would... View more
Any reviews of RentRedi?
I currently have 3 units, with 2 more coming soon. I am looking for something geared toward smaller self managing landlords. Looking for the ability to list properties, receive applications, screen tenants, receive... View more
Considering starting a YouTube Real Estate Channel
Some of you may know me from threads that I have started or from posts that I have made or from a handful of podcasts that I have been on (which I have to give credit to BiggerPockets for being the first and getting... View more
Need Assistance to Set up My Carrot Site - build a campaign
I need help to build a campaign in my central Arkansas market for motivated Sellers. Contract work to help get us set up and rolling. Already purchased a Carrot membership. Need help with PPC campaign. Would like to... View more
Software for analyzing/marketing deals
I’m looking for a really good software program for analyzing while sailing deals and market my deals. Any recommendations?Also, is it necessary to get an LLC to start a business in wholesailing? I have no desire to be... View more
Facebook ad strategy w/ the new special ad category?
How are investors marketing using facebook ads now with the new special ad category for housing that limits targeting to specific zip codes? I am a flipper looking for my first deal in a couple of specific zip codes so... View more
Looking for a good text blasting tool!
I am looking for a good text blasting tool. One that someone has used in the past or still uses now. As of now, we are making cold calls, buying lists and driving for dollars. We are looking to start a texting... View more
What are the best real estate apps?
I'm just beginning my journey in real estate. I would like to start off by buying a small multi-family property & house hack in one of the units. I've tested a few apps & none of them are that great & have... View more
Lead generating - Skip Tracing - Cold calling
I am doing distressed Real Estate for a while and the way I did it I had a very targeted list that I was going after and I tloxp for the owners info and manually called. But I am getting burnt out. Can anybody... View more
Deal Machine Skip Tracing
So now that COVID19 has taken my day job. I decided to jump into wholesaling. I started a 14 day free trial with Deal machine. 2 days I've found 80 properties I want to go after. I just started cold calling. Well on... View more
Skip tracing software
I have seen and been recommended about PropStream for pulling lists/skip tracing. However, PropStream seemed to be lacking of info to call the seller. I came across with, does anyone have review or... View more
Reipro vs Prop Stream
Does anyone use Reipro or Prop Stream?  Which do you prefer?  How accurate is the info you get?  Have you closed a deal with the info you received from it?  Is it worth the investment?
Where to get lists- delinquent taxes, h20 bills, etc
Hey BP community!Long time reader, first time poster! I’m an AZ native who’s working on wholesaling, flipping, and buy and holds in AZ and FL (Tampa and Jacksonville).Looking to start networking with RE Gurus, agents,... View more
Deal Machine vs Lead Propellar...for the win?
The name of the post says it all. I’m looking to find more motivated sellers and before I invest in either program I’d love to hear some feedback since they both seem to do pretty much the same thing. Any and all input... View more