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Discuss software, link strategies, blogging, web design, and anything else related to real estate, technology, and the web on this forum. This includes using social media like Twitter, Facebook, and, of course, BiggerPockets! For more information on how you can best use technology to help reach your real estate investing goals, we encourage you to visit the marketing category of our blog.

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Joshua Dorkin Last post by Joshua Dorkin, almost 11 years ago
Joshua Dorkin Joshua Dorkin 0 almost 11 years Jump to last post
Phone Service / App?
Jeff Mason Last post by Jeff Mason, about 13 hours ago
Jeff Mason Jeff Mason 1 about 13 hours Jump to last post
Need help finding particular CRM
Mike Lopez Last post by Mike Lopez, about 23 hours ago
Mike Lopez Mike Lopez 0 about 23 hours Jump to last post
Investor Carrot
Jess Kinzel Last post by Jess Kinzel, 1 day ago
Jess Kinzel Jess Kinzel 23 1 day Jump to last post
CRM for Mortgage Brokers
Cameron Marlon Susman Last post by Cameron Marlon Susman, 5 months ago
Ralph NA Ralph NA 3 1 day Jump to last post
Want to get feedback on an idea for an app
Nettles Mason Last post by Nettles Mason, 1 day ago
Nettles Mason Nettles Mason 3 1 day Jump to last post
Text Blasting as the New Direct Mail
Jared Plumb Last post by Jared Plumb, 1 day ago
Jared Plumb Jared Plumb 25 1 day Jump to last post
Tenant Cloud
Amy Poe Last post by Amy Poe, 2 days ago
Amy Poe Amy Poe 54 2 days Jump to last post
New Connected Investors PIN? Opinions? Game Changer?
Suzane Ivas Last post by Suzane Ivas, 2 days ago
Suzane Ivas Suzane Ivas 44 2 days Jump to last post
Online Marketing- Facebook Marketing
Chris Lawrence Last post by Chris Lawrence, 2 days ago
Chris Lawrence Chris Lawrence 5 2 days Jump to last post
Anyone using Smart Sheets? Compare to Microsoft project?
Daniel H. Last post by Daniel H., 2 days ago
Daniel H. Daniel H. 1 2 days Jump to last post
REIRail vs. Any other RVM
Kevin Powell Last post by Kevin Powell, 2 days ago
Kevin Powell Kevin Powell 2 2 days Jump to last post
Realtor v Trulia v Zillow
Jonathan Greene Last post by Jonathan Greene, 3 days ago
Jonathan Greene Jonathan Greene 5 3 days Jump to last post
Deal finding software - is it out there?
Nathan Shankles Last post by Nathan Shankles, 3 days ago
Nathan Shankles Nathan Shankles 15 3 days Jump to last post
Real Estate APIs and Data Science
Michael Bowie Last post by Michael Bowie, 4 days ago
Michael Bowie Michael Bowie 27 4 days Jump to last post
How to name a home buying company for best SEO
Jackfen Lazarre Last post by Jackfen Lazarre, 4 days ago
Jackfen Lazarre Jackfen Lazarre 12 4 days Jump to last post
PIN v4 vs S.M.A.R.T. 3.0
Michele Cihak Last post by Michele Cihak, 4 days ago
Michele Cihak Michele Cihak 3 4 days Jump to last post
Real Estate Markets Data / Analytics
Tyler Gibson Last post by Tyler Gibson, 4 days ago
Tyler Gibson Tyler Gibson 1 4 days Jump to last post
Free Word Press Theme to build Website for Motivated Sellers
Andy Nathan Last post by Andy Nathan, 5 days ago
Andy Nathan Andy Nathan 6 5 days Jump to last post
Using quickbooks for financial management
Bernie Neyer Last post by Bernie Neyer, 5 days ago
Bernie Neyer Bernie Neyer 8 5 days Jump to last post
Looking to put my PowerPoint presentation skills to use.
Tyler Santos Last post by Tyler Santos, 6 days ago
Tyler Santos Tyler Santos 2 6 days Jump to last post
WHOLESALERS BEWARE! REIRail NIGHTMARE, Beware and stay away!!!!
Cole Souza Last post by Cole Souza, 7 days ago
Cole Souza Cole Souza 0 7 days Jump to last post
Neighborhood scout vs. House Canary
Shawn Dwyer Last post by Shawn Dwyer, 8 days ago
Shawn Dwyer Shawn Dwyer 2 8 days Jump to last post
Social media (facebook, instagram..)
Nick Calabro Last post by Nick Calabro, 9 days ago
Nick Calabro Nick Calabro 3 9 days Jump to last post
Mileage and expense Tracking
Aaron K. Last post by Aaron K., 9 days ago
Aaron K. Aaron K. 1 9 days Jump to last post

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