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best Wholesale software
Can anyone give me their opinion on what they think is the best software for real estate wholesaling ?I hear a lot about investor carrot. But I want a software that does everything, assisting finding off market... View more
Setting up Systems for attracting leads
Hello all, Happy New Year. This year I have a lot of goals I intend on meeting. My first being to set up more systems to help me with marketing and attracting leads because I work full time right now. I've done some... View more
How to analyze multifamily new Build?
Hi im looking at a piece of land in central Phoenix, and having trouble analyzing all the numbers to decide If it will be a good project to build. Anyone out there do new development projects? It is already zoned for... View more
Torn between 2 very similar SFH's in Denver Suburb- Advice Please
After months of not finding anything I want to buy as my 1st rental, I found 2 that I would like to buy (I can only afford one). Both are in the neighborhood I live in- great schools, safe place, quiet, middle to upper... View more
[Calc Review] Help me analyze this deal: Negative Cashflow!!
So I ran the numbers on a recent sale as it's the type of duplex I want to buy and house hack, to see if its feasible for me to actually do. There are several properties with near identical floor plans in the... View more
BiggerPockets Insights Usage
I have a zip code analysis spreadsheet I have been tooling around with for a bit. It is to help me identify DMM zip codes that fit what I want more reliably in my local market. One of the things I would like to do is... View more
Newbie here, [Calc Review] Help me analyze this deal
View report *This link comes directly from our calculators, based on information input by the member who posted.This will be my first rental property investment, I would like a more seasoned investor... View more
TX investment -Which city should i target for.
I am looking for investment property in TX. I have 1 in Round Rock Which city should I target next , budget is 250-280KHere are my choices Cedar parkRound RockPflugervile Should I consider Leander? Poonam
Commercial zoned residential triplex
I'm questioning a purchase on a 3 unit building in southern Maine , east...only coiuple miles from ocean. Nice area, great school system... the building in on a main road , nice exposure...based on a 25K reduction in... View more
Should I sell or rent it out?
I own a SFH that's currently my primary residence. Next year, I want to move to a duplex (fix it, rent out one unit, stay in the other half for a year, repeat). What should I do with the current house? Should I rent it... View more
[Calc Review] Help me analyze this deal
Hello All,I was wondering if the folks here could evaluate this deal and let me know your thoughts. Some of the things I am thinking of working on to increase the cashflow is:- Get an energy audit (Mass Save) and get... View more
Vacation rentals ... Split or not to split
Last year we bought 2 cottages on 1 parcel of land...  neither are winterized & are seasonal since they are located in Maine by the ocean. They are located in a very convenient vacation spot for beach goers. The... View more
what are your thoughts using Anderson advisors?
Hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone used Anderson advisors for creating an LLC/S corp? Also is anyone a platinum or titanium member? I'd love to hear your feedback as I'm thinking of using them. Your feedback is... View more
[Calc Review] Help me analyze this deal
View report Hey guys. I have an opportunity to purchase this property that is currently starting a new 2 year lease with a community nonprofit. They have leased this property for the past 6 years. A couple things about... View more
First Deal Alert! Help me analyze this deal
Hello BP, This is my first deal in a C class. I'm thinking of living in it for a few years while I remodel it and then rent a hold for long term CF.  What are your thoughts? View report *This link comes directly from... View more
Nevada corporate headquarters incorporated
I was just wondering if anyone worked with Nevada corporate headquarters? They work side by side with rent to retirement and seem like they are giving more than I really need in order to own one turnkey rental... View more
Taking a Fresh Look At My Properties
Hi Friends!I am a "relatively new" investor who in a sense is just starting out. I actually have two SFR that I bought over 10 years ago when I was in the military, long before I ever discovered BP and all of the... View more
Closed on a $1,446,000 fourplex with 3.5% down via FHA / 203k!
Location: Jersey City, NJProperty Type: Fourplex gut renovation, financed with a 203k loanPurchase price: $999,000Renovation amount: $460,000ARV: $1,500,000Projected rental income: $10k/moAnnual income: $120,000Net... View more
what to do when Buying Vacant Land
So I'm looking to buy land to build a single family residence on, Right now I have only been working with an agent to see land for sale on the MLS. What other ways can I go about finding land not for sale. Sort of like... View more