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Discuss property insurance issues and policies, including Homeowners Insurance and Commercial & Business Insurance, claims, & insurance fraud. Policy discussions include Liability, Fire, Theft, real estate, Personal Property, etc. coverage.

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Suggestions for DP-1 Homeowners Insurance
Started by Erick Garske
0 Tiny 1448399257 avatar erickg1 Last post byErick Garske
about 17 hours ago
Cost of duplex insurance
Started by Tereal Wilsonn
5 Tiny 1448381123 avatar julieshipp Last post byJuliana Shipp
1 day ago
Need insurance during rehab! Please advise
Started by Sherry Benge
2 Tiny 1438976296 avatar lancep6 Last post byLance Petway
2 days ago
Tenant renters insurance: can I file a claim for damages if tenant does damage?
Started by Douglas B.
26 Tiny 1448387255 avatar curtbid Last post byCurtis Bidwell
2 days ago
Transfer to LLC... additional insured?
Started by Mark Bookhagen
2 Tiny 1399784974 avatar mbook15 Last post byMark Bookhagen
5 days ago
Travelers insurance dropping policy due to fire claim
Started by Clarence Johnson
2 Tiny 1448396699 avatar setterrealty Last post byShane H.
5 days ago
LLC, Land Trust, or Umbrella Policy
Started by Dave Jackson
2 Tiny 1448324338 avatar curt Last post byCurt Davis
7 days ago
Quit Claim Issues with Title Insurance
Started by Curt Davis
5 Tiny 1448388745 avatar longhorngreg Last post byGreg H.
8 days ago
LLC'S vs Millions dollar umbrella insurance policy for rentals?
Started by Guillaume Derouet
19 Tiny 1448386633 avatar michaelb138 Last post byMichael Boyer
8 days ago
Started by Andrew Martin
9 Tiny 1438623374 avatar parkerc Last post byParker Cox
9 days ago
Started by William McCauley
4 No avatar tiny Last post byMichael "Mike" Flavin
10 days ago
Vacant Property/Builder's Risk Insurance - Chicago, IL
Started by William Hess
1 Tiny 1414983520 avatar jasonbott Last post byJason Bott
12 days ago
Reasonable insurance for older buildings
Started by Mike S
2 Tiny 1399659223 avatar blk94f150 Last post byMike S
12 days ago
Insurance companies for a flip?
Started by Will Martin
5 Tiny 1446483699 avatar tonyg17 Last post byTony Goodspeed
12 days ago
Seeking Insurance suggestions - Cincinnati SFR
Started by Bryan C.
6 Tiny 1439584806 avatar travismurray Last post byTravis M.
13 days ago
has anyone here worked with Afffinity Group Management?
Started by Jarred E.
14 Tiny 1446467890 avatar rody1 Last post byRod Y.
13 days ago
Started by Ethel Weaver
8 Tiny 1399702923 avatar glennproperties Last post byBrad Glenn
13 days ago
Insurance- Am I doing this right?
Started by Taylor B.
2 Tiny 1448386785 avatar jb20 Last post byJ Beard
14 days ago
Will landlord policy cover floor damage from burst pipe under hse
Started by Louise Dowd
3 No avatar tiny Last post byBrandon Foard
14 days ago
Will a claim against your homeowners insurance raise your premium
Started by Shawn M.
3 No avatar tiny Last post byBrandon Foard
14 days ago

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