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This is the forum for discussing Do It Yourself projects. Need help with electrical work? Can't get that sink in correctly? Talk about everything including landscaping, interior design, home improvements, carpentry, electrical work, and more.

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Getting an llc new york!!!!!!!!
Started by Matt Harris
3 Tiny 1438882101 avatar matthew harris Last post byMatt Harris
18 minutes ago
Renewing Rental in Baltimore Maryland
Started by Lukasz Kownacki
0 Tiny 1424615161 avatar lukasz Last post byLukasz Kownacki
about 1 hour ago
Looking for contact on construction waste removal in Minneapolis
Started by Nick Jude
2 Tiny 1438613066 avatar carlp2 Last post byCarl Petterson
about 2 hours ago
Is it appropriate to shadow handymen/contractors?
Started by Cody Barrett
20 No avatar tiny Last post byStone Teran
about 2 hours ago
Water puddles around the foundation wall
Started by Mona Verma
4 Tiny 1421364801 avatar monav Last post byMona Verma
about 4 hours ago
Door/Window manufacturers and installers in San Diego
Started by Russell M.
8 Tiny 1401158025 avatar sdmatt Last post byMatt C.
about 17 hours ago
Project management: Additional work outside of scope
Started by Peter Kolzow
12 No avatar tiny Last post byPeter Kolzow
about 21 hours ago
Whats the most amazing inexpensive countertop on the planet?
Started by James Joseph
87 Tiny 1399554112 avatar vinese Last post byEd Lee
1 day ago
Virtual Assitant Opportunities for Australian Living Abroad
Started by Thomas Banks
5 Tiny 1444011240 avatar brianl34 Last post byBrian Lacey
1 day ago
New construction costs per sq. ft small multifamily
Started by Nate Wightman
61 Tiny 1453662817 avatar natew9 Last post byNate Wightman
2 days ago
Schedule 30 and Short elbows
Started by Michael Herr
5 Tiny 1449519078 avatar franks23 Last post byFrank Sanchez
2 days ago
Water Jetting to clean drains
Started by Dan Graney
12 Tiny 1448388126 avatar myrentedroom Last post byAndy Luick
2 days ago
Arizona Insurance Claims
Started by Joshua Tremblay
1 Tiny 1448396628 avatar fortwayneinvest Last post byJeremy Tillotson
2 days ago
There are always surprises...
Started by Sylvia B.
1 Tiny 1399738415 avatar marcia Last post byMarcia Maynard
3 days ago
Cleaning dishwasher - not often used - looks like rust???
Started by Daria B.
9 No avatar tiny Last post byScott Schultz
3 days ago
Journeyman Plumber here, any questions ask away!
Started by Austin James
58 Tiny 1442187179 avatar robertn3 Last post byRobert Nason
3 days ago
Bandit Signs
Started by Roger Hendrixson
2 Tiny 1450806611 avatar stephenk14 Last post byStephen Kratcoski
3 days ago
​Guest House - Before and After
Started by Jason Clark
5 Tiny 1451926400 avatar russ n Last post byRussell Naylor
3 days ago
Anyone know of a way to stain tile floors?
Started by Eric P.
1 Tiny 1454043996 avatar marciaj2 Last post byMarcia Jeanes
3 days ago
Too expensive to get cedar shakes painted?
Started by Sherry Norman
3 Tiny 1420352212 avatar peterc3 Last post byPeter Crisp
4 days ago

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