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This is the forum for discussing DIY (do it yourself) projects. Need help with electrical work? Can't get that sink in correctly? Talk about everything including landscaping, interior design, home improvements, carpentry, electrical work, and more in this space. If you cannot find the answers that you are looking for within the forums, we encourage you to check out the BiggerPockets Blog for further information on DIY.

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What was your worst home renovation fail!?!
Ryan Lin Last post by Ryan Lin, 4 days ago
Ryan Lin Ryan Lin 108 4 days Jump to last post
Getting started looking for a good resource in the Midwest!
Spencer Cornelia Last post by Spencer Cornelia, about 16 hours ago
Spencer Cornelia Spencer Cornelia 1 about 16 hours Jump to last post
I guess I'm replacing the floor!
Steve Richardson Last post by Steve Richardson, about 20 hours ago
Steve Richardson Steve Richardson 5 about 20 hours Jump to last post
How to Find the owner of a Property
Lore Postman Last post by Lore Postman, about 23 hours ago
Lore Postman Lore Postman 6 about 23 hours Jump to last post
Cheapest way to send mailers?
Gordon A. Last post by Gordon A., 1 day ago
Gordon A. Gordon A. 3 1 day Jump to last post
Water still flowing even after main shutoff
Billy Smith Last post by Billy Smith, 1 day ago
Billy Smith Billy Smith 23 1 day Jump to last post
HELP NEEDED!!! Cat filled house - Cat urine removal ceramic tile
Casey Hunt Last post by Casey Hunt, 3 days ago
Casey Hunt Casey Hunt 5 3 days Jump to last post
Very general estimate on remodel
Brent Paul Last post by Brent Paul, 3 days ago
Brent Paul Brent Paul 8 3 days Jump to last post
Soil Erosion under Patio, Garage, etc.
Matthew Defore Last post by Matthew Defore, 3 days ago
Matthew Defore Matthew Defore 2 3 days Jump to last post
Stinky drain and mice urine in drop down ceiling. Help!
Amber Gonion Last post by Amber Gonion, 4 days ago
Amber Gonion Amber Gonion 3 4 days Jump to last post
New Vinyl Flooring Install..thoughts?
TJ Sinn Last post by TJ Sinn, 4 days ago
TJ Sinn TJ Sinn 1 4 days Jump to last post
Deal Machine App Beneficial
Jay McKenzie Last post by Jay McKenzie, 4 days ago
Jay McKenzie Jay McKenzie 60 4 days Jump to last post
Tools for my tool box
Laurence Jankelow Last post by Laurence Jankelow, 4 days ago
Laurence Jankelow Laurence Jankelow 8 4 days Jump to last post
Learning To Be More Handy
Martha Molinini Last post by Martha Molinini, 4 days ago
Martha Molinini Martha Molinini 21 4 days Jump to last post
Let’s work together ,
Stanley Bolton Last post by Stanley Bolton, 5 days ago
Stanley Bolton Stanley Bolton 11 5 days Jump to last post
Investors offer letter
Sam L. Last post by Sam L., 5 days ago
Sam L. Sam L. 1 5 days Jump to last post
Wholesale home goods/ materials
Landon Rogers Last post by Landon Rogers, 6 days ago
Landon Rogers Landon Rogers 0 6 days Jump to last post
Can I use an adapter in this case?
Matt R. Last post by Matt R., 6 days ago
Matt R. Matt R. 3 6 days Jump to last post
2nd Opinions on my First Property?
Sam Shueh Last post by Sam Shueh, 7 days ago
Sam Shueh Sam Shueh 12 7 days Jump to last post
Compromised mid century modern house. What would you do?
Sophie Maisel Last post by Sophie Maisel, 7 days ago
Sophie Maisel Sophie Maisel 10 7 days Jump to last post
Designing your own house plans?
Christpher Schuebel Last post by Christpher Schuebel, 8 days ago
Christpher Schuebel Christpher Schuebel 4 8 days Jump to last post
Converted a Vintage Travel Trailer into a Coffee Shop!
Kristina Modares Last post by Kristina Modares, 9 days ago
Kristina Modares Kristina Modares 2 9 days Jump to last post
Whats the Best Property info App?
Maciej Kosiarski Last post by Maciej Kosiarski, 10 days ago
Maciej Kosiarski Maciej Kosiarski 0 10 days Jump to last post
Acoustic Drop Ceiling vs. Drywall Ceiling
Mike McCarthy Last post by Mike McCarthy, 10 days ago
Mike McCarthy Mike McCarthy 4 10 days Jump to last post
Real Estate License
Abel Curiel Last post by Abel Curiel, 11 days ago
Abel Curiel Abel Curiel 1 11 days Jump to last post

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