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This forum covers real estate investor marketing, including using print, direct mail, the internet, or classifieds for finding deals or to promote your real estate investing career.

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Started by Daniel Moreno
1 Tiny 1399533769 avatar lbchandlerLast post byBrad Chandler
about 2 hours ago
Probate Campaigns
Started by Stephanie Lakey
0 Tiny 1442857481 avatar stephaniel15Last post byStephanie Lakey
about 3 hours ago
MFH in South Georgia
Started by Tyler Merrell
0 No avatar tinyLast post byTyler Merrell
about 4 hours ago
Door Hanger Campaign
Started by Robert Shoffner
6 Tiny 1436200615 avatar tmacy23Last post byTim Macy
about 8 hours ago
Does direct mail/post cards works for mortgage brokers
5 Tiny 1411151286 avatar sheeplvl1Last post bySTEPHEN YUAN
about 15 hours ago
YouTube for Marketing?
Started by Shelly Forte
2 Tiny 1442827403 avatar jamesw53Last post byJames Warren
about 16 hours ago
To LLC or NOT to LLC, that is the Question!
Started by Tanikka Myers
12 Tiny 1415737381 avatar tanikkacharraeLast post byTanikka Myers
about 20 hours ago
Expanding portfolio out of state
Started by Marco Campos
19 Tiny 1399322865 avatar alcraig70Last post byAlex Craig
about 21 hours ago
Marketing to Divorce Lists
Started by Jason Murphy
25 Tiny 1431449880 avatar austinh4Last post byAustin Hughes
about 23 hours ago
List Source?
Started by Gary McKissick
29 Tiny 1444426261 avatar nellyl1Last post byNelly Licona
1 day ago
Reverse short sales & Wholesaling
Started by Joshua Williams
1 Tiny 1435639041 avatar rubelynpLast post byRubelyn P.
2 days ago
Yellow Letters to Property Managers and Corporations
Started by Chris Rosenberg
3 Tiny 1399725301 avatar james345Last post byJames Syed
2 days ago
Direct mail marketing
Started by Jared Knudson
13 Tiny 1399711360 avatar michaelaatlLast post byMichaela G.
3 days ago
no responses from direct mail..
Started by Robbie Knecht
19 Tiny 1409165685 avatar bestlerLast post byBob E.
3 days ago
Selling Motivated Seller Leads
Started by Ron Hansen
4 Tiny 1399654391 avatar stankcLast post byChris K.
4 days ago
Creative Investing friendly Real Estate Agent Needed
Started by Robert Green
1 Tiny 1443217794 avatar 3yrdmannLast post byBrian Callier
4 days ago
First DM Marketing results
Started by Matt Ellis
17 Tiny 1412127574 avatar ccjllcLast post byCarlos Coppin Jr
4 days ago
Door Knocking & Absentee Owners
Started by Medvin Bagh
7 Tiny 1437373008 avatar medvinLast post byMedvin Bagh
4 days ago
List source list price
Started by Lee S.
17 Tiny 1435934263 avatar lees2Last post byLee S.
4 days ago

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