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This forum covers real estate investor marketing, including using print, direct mail, the internet, or classifieds for finding deals or to promote your real estate investing career.

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Does this property make sense? Cap 6%
Started by Rick Hoskins
4 Tiny 1428499837 avatar johns104 Last post byJohn S.
about 1 hour ago
Direct Mail Campaign Update
Started by Larmon Cummings Jr
25 Tiny 1448388487 avatar top end props Last post byPhil Z.
about 22 hours ago Criteria?
Started by Chris Sickler
1 Tiny 1448388145 avatar michaelquarles Last post byMichael Quarles
1 day ago
Kansas City housing forecast for 2016
Started by Ndy Onyido
8 Tiny 1448322693 avatar jlh Last post byJay Hinrichs
1 day ago
Real Estate Investor groups?
Started by Jonathan Castro
7 Tiny 1448051344 avatar stephaniet8 Last post byStephanie Trkay
1 day ago
Door Hanger Campaign
Started by Robert Shoffner
10 Tiny 1448387325 avatar dirtman56 Last post bySteve Haight
2 days ago
Motivated Seller Leads?
Started by Lou Croce
26 No avatar tiny Last post byDavid Walker
3 days ago
Montclair, NJ
Started by Daniel Villa
0 No avatar tiny Last post byDaniel Villa
3 days ago
Probate Leads
Started by Sharon Vornholt
127 Tiny 1438623117 avatar reddrick Last post byReddrick Whatley
3 days ago
Yellow Letters
Started by Mark Dammeyer
37 Tiny 1448387267 avatar lennieh Last post byLennie Holland
3 days ago
Investing in Detroit
Started by Maria Fortner
1 Tiny 1444646017 avatar kedthornton Last post byKedrick Thornton
3 days ago
Direct Mail Feedback?
Started by Martell Swanigan
2 Tiny 1447445699 avatar martells Last post byMartell Swanigan
4 days ago
Moving to Kansas
Started by Brandon Proctor
8 Tiny 1406590984 avatar carlwillis Last post byCarl Willis
4 days ago
Buy/Sell Mobile Homes...2 websites/facebook?
Started by Samson Taylor
0 Tiny 1448388465 avatar samsont Last post bySamson Taylor
4 days ago
Cold Calling: What has been your successful strategy?
Started by Scott Rist
5 Tiny 1447340469 avatar mikec53 Last post byMike Cumbie
4 days ago
Rebogateway or Listsource?
Started by David DiMauro
10 Tiny 1417746344 avatar oye Last post byOye Alle
4 days ago
First Time Eviction- Austin Texas
Started by Jim Robertson
9 Tiny 1409344806 avatar jimrob Last post byJim Robertson
4 days ago
Better to dive in or take a class costing 10,000 dollars
Started by David Wong
67 No avatar tiny Last post byTodd Erbel
5 days ago
Business Card with Yellow Letter
Started by Kirk Galt
0 Tiny 1448386778 avatar kirkgalt Last post byKirk Galt
5 days ago

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