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This forum covers real estate investor marketing, including using print, direct mail, the internet, or classifieds for finding deals or to promote your real estate investing career.

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What else can I do to keep myself busy?
Started by Igor Kajpust
3 Tiny 1446848529 avatar ralphc6 Last post byRalph Corgain
39 minutes ago
List source VS prospect now
Started by Matthew Rubsamen
5 Tiny 1454966159 avatar venture34 Last post byMatthew Rubsamen
about 6 hours ago
PPC Campaign vs. Online Lead Services
Started by Eli Rose
5 Tiny 1451235365 avatar seand20 Last post bySean Dolan
about 7 hours ago
Researching and owner locating
Started by Cynthia Scaife
1 Tiny 1452140751 avatar kyles40 Last post byKyle Scofield
about 8 hours ago
Small town wholesaling VS virtual wholesaling
Started by Ricky Brown
4 Tiny 1445429752 avatar jamied7 Last post byJamie DeRossett
about 9 hours ago
Different mailers for different niches?
Started by Jeff Fairchild
1 Tiny 1450241792 avatar mark919257 Last post byMark Limke
about 10 hours ago
Dropping over 2k pieces of mail this week
Started by Ryan D.
20 Tiny 1438225468 avatar tmyers Last post byTom Myers
about 11 hours ago
Direct mail
Started by Ralph Corgain
2 Tiny 1452052181 avatar mike10387 Last post byMichael Finkelshteyn
about 11 hours ago
Anybody Direct Mail to Owners Still Living in Property
Started by James Ritter
3 Tiny 1399050034 avatar jls944 Last post byJustin Silverio
about 12 hours ago
List Size
Started by Jared Greene
1 Tiny 1436709205 avatar nathandweaver Last post byNathan Weaver
about 13 hours ago
How to append property owner's mailing address to a list?
Started by Adam Hill
0 Tiny 1401372737 avatar adamlhill Last post byAdam Hill
about 20 hours ago
Building a Joint Venture credibility package
Started by Jay Shaw
0 Tiny 1451774579 avatar jays19 Last post byJay Shaw
about 20 hours ago
Incorporating Spanish Language in Marketing
Started by Dev Horn
7 Tiny 1422067728 avatar artemiog Last post byArtemio Gonzalez
about 24 hours ago
Yellow letter campaign for out of state investing -possible?
Started by Carrie Giordano
0 Tiny 1429585400 avatar carriej44 Last post byCarrie Giordano
1 day ago
Absentee Owner, Probate, Code Violtations
Started by Matthew Rubsamen
2 Tiny 1454966159 avatar venture34 Last post byMatthew Rubsamen
1 day ago
Services that capture phone numbers
Started by Eric H.
14 Tiny 1453476885 avatar benjaminb2 Last post byBenjamin Blackburn
1 day ago
First time with a private investor - legal and other advice?
Started by Dan K.
1 Tiny 1448386327 avatar financexaminer Last post byBill Gulley
1 day ago
First time with a private investor - legal and other advice?
Started by Dan K.
0 Tiny 1411679946 avatar progrealestate Last post byDan K.
1 day ago
Internet and Direct Mail marketing to buy houses as a Realtor
Started by Wilco Ravestijn
7 Tiny 1438802369 avatar ravestor Last post byWilco Ravestijn
1 day ago

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