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To Own or Rent: Combining the Best of Both Worlds! - Part 1
Started by Christopher Gill
4 Tiny 1422238637 avatar christopherg4 Last post byChristopher Gill
about 10 hours ago
How to talk to zoning boards
Started by Linda Weygant
2 Tiny 1448396948 avatar kylek88 Last post byKyle Kingma
about 10 hours ago
Office warehouse
Started by Robert T.
0 Tiny 1448386759 avatar amred Last post byRobert T.
about 15 hours ago
What to do with several lots in Sarasota & Charlotte Counties FL?
Started by Ahmad Hijazi
0 Tiny 1422553654 avatar stableinvestor Last post byAhmad Hijazi
about 18 hours ago
Bank (Seller) requesting dye test for vacant lot with sewer???
Started by Mark Beekman
3 Tiny 1448388916 avatar djbenedict Last post byDavid Dachtera
about 19 hours ago
New Development Building Sq Ft Efficiency Benchmarks
Started by Jon Lee Green
0 Tiny 1441432188 avatar jonleeg Last post byJon Lee Green
about 19 hours ago
Private notes or simultaneous closings for new homes
Started by Dwayne Jones
20 Tiny 1448323450 avatar d12pray Last post byDwayne Jones
1 day ago
Major Listing Question?
Started by Kyle Hazen
2 Tiny 1448418921 avatar kylehazen1997 Last post byKyle Hazen
2 days ago
New Builds in Orlando Fl
Started by Trevor Robert
1 Tiny 1448396811 avatar trevors8 Last post byTrevor Robert
2 days ago
Construction Loans for Spec Homes
Started by Kevin Martin
11 No avatar tiny Last post bySteve K
2 days ago
Should i stay in my newly built house that i plan to sell?
Started by Anthony Odede
1 Tiny 1448388158 avatar joefairless Last post byJoe Fairless
2 days ago
industry standard question - add on quote to a buyer
Started by Matthew Hicks
5 No avatar tiny Last post byWayne Brooks
2 days ago
Anyone Invest in Exotic Land/Vacant Islands?
Started by Jacqueline Carrington
8 No avatar tiny Last post byChris Field
3 days ago
Looking for a GC Partner in Massachusetts
Started by Craig Shames
1 Tiny 1443386327 avatar michaell58 Last post byMichael Letarte
3 days ago
Architectural survey
Started by Shalom Rakhminov
0 Tiny 1399712662 avatar sarinvestment Last post byShalom Rakhminov
4 days ago
For those in Earthquake prone area...Xtra cost to build/inspect?
Started by Shane H.
9 Tiny 1448387255 avatar curtbid Last post byCurtis Bidwell
4 days ago
Developing Boston
Started by Jabari Piper
10 Tiny 1448212694 avatar walnaragenor Last post byWalnar Agenor
4 days ago
Construct 2 duplexes or 3 SFRs??
Started by Ryan Walker
8 Tiny 1448396948 avatar kylek88 Last post byKyle Kingma
5 days ago
Short Plat requires neighbors help
Started by Curtis Bidwell
11 Tiny 1448396948 avatar kylek88 Last post byKyle Kingma
5 days ago

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