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Funding for ADU in backyard of Primary Residence
Hey everybody! This is my first posting in here. I'm hoping to get a couple different perspectives on a particular strategy, so I'm looking forward to any and all advice offered! My wife and I are looking into... View more
🚧 First time building – order of operations? 🚧
Hello BiggerPockets,My wife and I have dreamt of running AirBnBs and resorts since we were married. This year we want to take the plunge, take a risk, do something. Our goal is to build 2-3 geodesic domes as short-term... View more
JADU-Convertible Builds in Southern California
Hello All,In the near future I will be developing 10 or so lots in southern California. Ideally the homes will be modular as I've had the best experience with that. I am very interested in multi-generational houses... View more
Course to better understand Property development
Hello I am a local investor in the Bay area. I have done some minor flip projects and recently went through a subdivision process for one of my properties. As a result of that, I have an empty lot of 5000 sqft on which... View more
Popped my Cherry! WHAT A RIDE!!!!!!
I started off the year bad in March when I got let go from work due to COVID BUT everything happens for a reason! PERFECT TIMING!!! It gave me enough time to learn to build Custom Homes before my permits got approved... View more
Construction Loans / Additional Structure / Construction Lenders.
New investors, looking for a construction loan to add additional structure to site. I recently bought a single family home in a duplex lot, i am currently looking for a small loan/ lender to build separate structure... View more
Tiny house Community New York State
I wanted to learn more about Tiny Home Communities and Resort types of any in New York State. I am interested in creating plans to buy a lot of land and creating a small community of 5 to 10 tiny houses. Do any BPrs... View more
Leasing land for Hay
I realize that this is largely influenced by local market conditions.We've got about 13 acres of future development ground which won't be developed for 1-5 years. There's not a lot of trees and there are presently... View more
New construction building questions
Hi everyone. I'm looking for some insight from those with experience building new construction SFH. I'm looking to buy a piece of land in a suburb outside of Chicago. Without going and getting quotes from subs, what is... View more
Interiors & landscape sketching software (Sketchup alternatives)
Hello all,Does anyone have a sketching software they like/recommend for interiors/floor plans/landscape/hardscape? I’ve already done some research on Sketchup, but I am also looking into alternatives. Ideally, the... View more
Cost to build an Elevator in a 9 Unit Building?
I am currently working on securing a deal for a 9 unit condo new construction building in the boston area. The building will be 4 stories tall about 12k square and will require an elevator. The elevator will have a... View more
ADU Prefab options in Bay area
Hello, I am considering putting an ADU behind my rental property in East Palo Also. Keeping the setbacks aside, I can build around 40*20 = 800 sf ADU. Keeping rentability in mind, I am trying to do a 2bed/1bath I have... View more
Take a look at this project I'm working on.
I'm building a duplex in my backyard of my single family. Feel free to just look at this and offer any feedback. The architect just sent this to me and it's the first draft. I'll have changes, but haven't presented... View more
Residential land development
We are looking at developing a family farm into residential properties. I am trying to figure out the structure of the business and how to do that. And looking at hiring a land developer vs doing it ourselves. If you... View more
ADU New Construction Cost (Charlotte)
Seeing as this is the New Construction forum and a lot of the questions are some version of “how much does it cost to build X” I thought I would share some real numbers and experience from a project we currently have... View more
San Diego Multifamily Development
Hey Everyone, I'm an investor out of San Diego, CA and I own a few small commercial properties (rental offices) and a couple of single family homes here. I also have one piece of raw land (there used to a residential... View more
AIA contracts and Initial Deceision Maker/Dispute Resolution
Hi all,Looking to get some feedback on who to use as an Initial Decision Maker (on an AIA contract) for dispute resolution for a construction project in Denver, CO.  For various reasons we don't want to use the... View more
How Much to offer my co signer (Close Family Member)
I am asking a family member to co sign on a construction loan for 1 year. This family member will not be providing any funds, they are just offering their qualifying income to me.What type of percentage should I be... View more
Office warehouse
Hi DP members: We have a 17,000 sf piece of land on the feeder of a major highway in Houston. Looking to build an office warehouse (with a 1: 9 ratio viz. office: warehouse) and lease out for income stream .... View more
Building New Residential Multi-Family in Chicago
Hello, my name is Matt.This is my first time posting on this site. I am new to real estate investing, I know more about the construction side. I see many people buying multi-family buildings for renting out. I was... View more
Help with Costs for ADU in San Diego, Ca
I have a property with a large lot in East San Diego. SFH go for about $300 a SF in my area. Homes with ADU's are not getting appraised as the ADU being worth $300 a SF, more like its an amenity. So even though... View more
Residential Land Development Cost
We are looking into purchasing a 5 acre lot in Washington state that is currently undeveloped and subdividing it into 5- 1 acre lots. What are the steps we need to take and estimated costs to develop?