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Free BiggerPockets Ebook: Diary of a New Construction Project
James Fisher Last post by James Fisher, over 1 year ago
Account Closed Account Closed 19 7 months Jump to last post
Sticker Shock! Build Cost for High-end Home
Malgorzata Sadowska Last post by Malgorzata Sadowska, 15 minutes ago
Malgorzata Sadowska Malgorzata Sadowska 14 15 minutes Jump to last post
Modular homes
Canesha Edwards Last post by Canesha Edwards, 43 minutes ago
Canesha Edwards Canesha Edwards 5 43 minutes Jump to last post
Anyone building new construction with tilt-wall?
Jonathan Landry Last post by Jonathan Landry, about 2 hours ago
Jonathan Landry Jonathan Landry 31 about 2 hours Jump to last post
25k lot build a 4plex?
Jaysen Medhurst Last post by Jaysen Medhurst, about 7 hours ago
Jaysen Medhurst Jaysen Medhurst 1 about 7 hours Jump to last post
How to add more Units?
Kai Van Leuven Last post by Kai Van Leuven, about 7 hours ago
Kai Van Leuven Kai Van Leuven 7 about 7 hours Jump to last post
Tear Downs replaced with Modular or Stick Built
JD Martin Last post by JD Martin, about 8 hours ago
JD Martin JD Martin 2 about 8 hours Jump to last post
Is it possible to become a RE developer in a smaller market?
Marlon Thomas Last post by Marlon Thomas, 1 day ago
Marlon Thomas Marlon Thomas 3 1 day Jump to last post
Seeking Bay Area HVAC installer
Desiree Maya Last post by Desiree Maya, 4 days ago
Desiree Maya Desiree Maya 0 4 days Jump to last post
Marketing Vacant Land to Developer
Joe Marden Last post by Joe Marden, 5 days ago
Joe Marden Joe Marden 3 5 days Jump to last post
FIRE completely Burned down TOWN!!!
Zachary P. Last post by Zachary P., 5 days ago
Zachary P. Zachary P. 15 5 days Jump to last post
Atlanta area land development firms
Mike Salisbury Last post by Mike Salisbury, 6 days ago
Mike Salisbury Mike Salisbury 3 6 days Jump to last post
Building a 100,000 sq ft Office Space
Nathan Milch Last post by Nathan Milch, 7 days ago
Nathan Milch Nathan Milch 0 7 days Jump to last post
New Home Build End-To-End
Johnny Le Last post by Johnny Le, 7 days ago
Johnny Le Johnny Le 67 7 days Jump to last post
Vacant lots in PG County
J Scott Last post by J Scott, 7 days ago
J Scott J Scott 1 7 days Jump to last post
New Construction Costs on 3-Family Property
Narelle Myke Last post by Narelle Myke, 8 days ago
Narelle Myke Narelle Myke 2 8 days Jump to last post
Follow my Nashville new construction project
Roberto Gutierrez Last post by Roberto Gutierrez, 8 days ago
Roberto Gutierrez Roberto Gutierrez 62 8 days Jump to last post
Subdividing Lots
Mike Hanneman Last post by Mike Hanneman, 9 days ago
Mike Hanneman Mike Hanneman 6 9 days Jump to last post
Best advice to a new developer
Pavan Sandhu Last post by Pavan Sandhu, 9 days ago
Pavan Sandhu Pavan Sandhu 2 9 days Jump to last post
Ontario, Canada New Home Construction
Tanner R. Last post by Tanner R., 9 days ago
Tanner R. Tanner R. 4 9 days Jump to last post
How to sell new condos/rehabs before construction is finished?
Pedro Tavares Last post by Pedro Tavares, 11 days ago
Pedro Tavares Pedro Tavares 1 11 days Jump to last post
First Spec Home / New Constructions - Pictures & Lessons
Marcus Auerbach Last post by Marcus Auerbach, 12 days ago
Marcus Auerbach Marcus Auerbach 20 12 days Jump to last post
Developers: How Do You Guys Make So Much Money?
Karen Margrave Last post by Karen Margrave, 12 days ago
Karen Margrave Karen Margrave 26 12 days Jump to last post
Securing plots w/ options for large-scale apartment development?
Are Hvalbye Last post by Are Hvalbye, 13 days ago
Are Hvalbye Are Hvalbye 3 13 days Jump to last post
St. Augustine, Florida: General Contractor
Evan Greenfield Last post by Evan Greenfield, 13 days ago
Evan Greenfield Evan Greenfield 0 13 days Jump to last post

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