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This is the forum for renters who are looking for advice in dealing with their landlord. Ask questions about dealing with landlords, leases, tenant rights and other important issues.

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4 months advance rent but bad credit and work comps lawsuits
Started by Ssinv Toll
9 Tiny 1399535316 avatar ssinv Last post bySsinv Toll
about 1 hour ago
What Should I ask for prior to showing a rental property
Started by Justin Kline
4 No avatar tiny Last post byGail Kaitschuck
about 2 hours ago
Tenant left husband. husband is not on the lease
Started by Amine E.
13 Tiny 1448388745 avatar longhorngreg Last post byGreg H.
about 10 hours ago
"Financial Inputs"
Started by Ian Davis
2 No avatar tiny Last post byIan Davis
about 15 hours ago
Building tougher rentals
Started by Roy Gamiz
2 Tiny 1454368490 avatar jima732 Last post byJim Adrian
about 16 hours ago
30 Days vs. 60 Days Vacate Notice from Landlord
Started by Ashley Jacobs
3 Tiny 1451858733 avatar ashleyj9 Last post byAshley Jacobs
about 17 hours ago
Lease Addendums
Started by Craig Desnoyers
0 Tiny 1454541316 avatar craigd5 Last post byCraig Desnoyers
about 20 hours ago
Ripped off at move out
Started by Anu Ram
21 Tiny 1453820693 avatar ryanc9 Last post byRyan Cronwell
about 22 hours ago
Vacancy Rates
Started by Nelson Del Castillo
0 Tiny 1450566427 avatar nelsond1 Last post byNelson Del Castillo
1 day ago
Need advice - have you ever evicted for "disturbing the peace"?
Started by Casey Kleinhenz
2 Tiny 1447496239 avatar cashmerer Last post byCashmere Robinson
1 day ago
Applicants having a friend pretend to be their landlord for reference
Started by Kyle Hipp
40 No avatar tiny Last post byKyle Nelson
1 day ago
Alabama Tax deeds /Tax Lien
Started by Mario M.
10 No avatar tiny Last post byAnna Vanderbleek
1 day ago
Tenant to be deployed
Started by Phil Vander Kraats
14 Tiny 1448397983 avatar cal c Last post byCal C.
1 day ago
Denver Landlords-Do You Allow Pets?
Started by Erin Carpenter
0 Tiny 1452021171 avatar erinc8 Last post byErin Carpenter
1 day ago
Denver rental
Started by Sandro Visani
6 Tiny 1448399197 avatar bills r Last post byBill S.
2 days ago
Recurring online rent payment?
Started by Mike Curadossi
10 Tiny 1448388194 avatar vandalfan Last post byJonna Weber
2 days ago
Landlord not renewing lease
Started by Vinay Pissal
21 Tiny 1399672937 avatar kyran Last post byKelly N.
2 days ago
Inherited Tenants ( Is it worth to deal with them)
Started by Yashira Zayas de Zavala
24 Tiny 1399672937 avatar kyran Last post byKelly N.
2 days ago
in-law apartment
Started by Thomas D Perrone
3 No avatar tiny Last post byMatthew Paul
3 days ago
First rental - Section 8?
Started by Jenny Pennock
9 Tiny 1448396937 avatar jrre Last post byChris Dawson
3 days ago

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