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Can I buy mixed use and rent to my own business?
I own a real estate flipping business, so all of my profits are taxed as ordinary income (and at a high rate).  I thought it could be beneficial if I bought a mixed use property and rented the commercial space to my... View more
Cost Segregation: Anything to watch out for?
Hi All! We are about to pull the trigger on a cost segregation study on our commercial building. I feel like we have done our due diligence... -Vetted a reputable firm.  -We qualify for RE professional status and meet... View more
Commercial Real Estate Commission Question
I recently made the jump from residential residential real estate to commercial real estate after about 20 years, buying and renting single family homes and small multifamily. I purchased a 40k sqft industrial... View more
Meet Up for Industrial, Office, Retail
Hello BP!I'm looking for a meet up group that specifically focuses on the non-multi-family side of commercial real estate. There are no shortage of residential and multifamily focused groups but I'd love to connect... View more
Book recommendations for Non-multifamily CRE investing
Hi, I was wondering if anyone here has some good book recommendations for non-multifamily commercial real estate investing.  I live in Portland, Oregon and I currently just own one duplex as a house hack, but my 3 year... View more
Is now a good time to build an RV&Boat storage?
I own 9 acres directly on FM1314, near the intersection of HW99, in Porter TX. I have plans to build an RV&Boat storage with 160 units (a mix of enclosed and open faced), however, the overall price of the steel... View more
Checklist before investing in a property w/ a bank as the tenant
Have you had experience purchasing or helping a client invest in a property with a bank as the tenant? I have no idea how to do DD to determine how solid the tenant is... I’ve seen big name banks go belly up, so I want... View more
Passive Income Options
We are looking to diversify part of our portfolio and we are looking into some passive investing options in commercial real estate. There will be a 1031 exchange involved. What types of passive investing do you favor... View more
Investing in triple net properties
I have 6 residential units and would Like to transition into the commercial real estate world. Preferably triple net properties. I've read that you have to have 30-40% down for a NNN property. Is there anyways around... View more
What to do with free & clear commercial lots?
Hello everyone! My mom owns 3 commercial lots in Arizona free and clear and we are deciding what to do with them. Each is about .17 acre in size, they sit adjacent to each other. They have been in our family for over... View more
Industrial/Flex Property- Day in the Life, Building a Flex Prop
Primarily do Self Storage.  As I have looked around several cities, I have come across Industrial Flex, Contractor Garages and Contractor Incubator buildings.We have 4 acres set aside on a 4 lane road with 15,000... View more
Looking for a mastermind or networking group
I'm an active commercial real estate investor who is interested in joining a networking or mastermind group. Unfortunately most of what I've been able to find online are groups that either focus of house flipping or... View more
What are your thoughts on ghost kitchens?
Anybody have any thoughts on ghost kitchens (or micro kitchens, virtual kitchens...etc)?I've been looking into opening a space with 6-8 ghost kitchens (300-400 sf kitchens built for takeout/delivery only). They were... View more
Self Storage Day to day Constructing a new facility
Day in the life- Constructing a New Facility location 23 June 2020, 08:39 We are starting our 8th and final storage location. I will try to give an update as we go through construction. Although this will be... View more
Self Storage- Location Selection- Avoiding REITS
Had a new investor ask how to avoid large REIT competition when selecting their first Storage location.Lets understand their "normal" business model first:a. Onsite management, lowers their margins and causes increased... View more
$ from Investors for a Commercial RE Purchase
HI fellow investors,I am looking at some projects and I have some investors (many are friends) that want to invest with me. It will only be for a short term with a guaranteed return. Do I need a PPM or an attorney can... View more
Realtor- Seller, Buyer or no realtor? Buying land.
Going to make an offer on some land this week, for a future Self Storage location in Texas.  We found the land by driving by and called the Realtor.  We're not working with a realtor when we found this property.  We do... View more
The surge isn commercial warehouse space demand
Curious to find out if anyone has in depth experience in the commercial warehouse market. Lots of recent articles and real estate analysts have pointed to the growing demand over the next several years in this area.... View more
Applying for variance in New Hampshire
Hey guys,     I'm currently working on a variance in Manchester, NH to turn a commercial property into mixed use to add to apartment units. I'm curious if anyone on here has any experience doing this? Just need some... View more
How can I get started in Commercial Real Estate?
Hello everyone! I am here to discuss some of the obstacles I have been facing thus far. My interests are in commercial real estate (specifically industrial) and I have spoken to multiple brokers all over the country... View more
Self Storage- Market Cycle
Follow up to an individual who was trying to decide to invest or not in the Storage unit business through a Storage Syndication company.I'm going to go with you are in Philadelphia proper. Take all of the info above... View more
How did you find your first large multi family?
Hey everyone. I’ve been investing in duplexes for the past year and it’s been pretty good. We’re up to 6 units so far. I’d like to ramp up into large multi family properties. As you can imagine, those have been tougher... View more