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Detroit banks for income producing properties
Hey guys! I am currently unemployed due to covid but I have great credit and over 25k ready to use...Anyone know of any banks in Detroit MI who will give me a mortgage on an income producing property based solely on... View more
going the extra mile to skip trace
Today marks the last day of week 6 of 13 of our campaign. I found that we talked to 30% of the decision makers in our list. Our goal is to talk to 75% of the owners by the end of next month. In real estate we are so... View more
St. Louis rent for quadplex
Looking for some thoughts on rent for quadplex’s in St. Louis city. Around southwest garden. 2,400 sq ft so 600sq ft per unit. The property should be assumed to be fully updated, full rehab.Whatcha think?
VA loan opportunity
I am currently stationed in Augusta, Ga where cost of living is super cheap and the area is growing decently. I have a remainder of 1 year and 5 months left here, that being said, with a VA loan I would have to occupy... View more
Recommendations for first solo purchase/deal
I inherited 8 properties. 6 rental properties, a lake cabin, & an abandoned industrial building zoned for business only (has studio apartment in great shape on top/2nd floor). All properties are paid off and all 6... View more
Starting out but can't get a grasp
I decided to get my real estate license. So now I'm waiting 2 additional weeks for it to arrive. My broker wants me to start getting my prospecting list up, adding new names each day. Problem is, I DONT KNOW new people... View more
Philadelphia PHA (Section 8) Fair Market Rent Determination
I have no experience with the Philadelphia housing choice voucher (section 8) program. But I have done some research. I'm considering partnering with this program for a possible next investment and have come across... View more
Arizona Investors- Calm my anxiousness !
Hello, My name is Eli and I live in Mesa Arizona. I have been here for 3 years and recently bought my first house at 27. My reasoning was not to start a family or work towards furthering my education. I believe I have... View more
Unprecedented times call for unprecedented Leadership!
What are your plans for Leadership in 2021? If you're an entrepreneur, solopreneur or small business owner....you are Leading someone! How effective are you?It's no secret that disruption, uncertainty, and... View more
Here to help out other investors!
Hello everyone, My name is Sean, a current student from Shanghai American School with over two years of dedication towards learning about real estate investing. I have read books, guides, and watched videos, all in... View more
Can you really have a hard money Leander with no money
So- drinking the juice with all of the real estate hype. Is it really posible to do your first deal with no money. Every hard money Leander I’ve talked too expects at least $20,000-30,000 on hand while paying up to... View more
Wholesaling to Flipping
Hello Biggerpockets, I have been building my knowledge on flipping properties, i know that it is somethings that is done right can be very lucurative. I am to the point to where i am trying to get away from wholesaling... View more
Are there any math impaired RE investors here? :)
First of all, I consider myself very smart.  I run a very successful company, have always excelled in everything I do (including school), and have even been pretty successful with RE investing & flipping so far... View more
Due diligence while buying house built in the 1970s
Hi all, thinking of buying a property in Dallas, TX area built in 1972. I haven't bought a property of this age before. Trying to do all the usual due diligence. Looking for advice on what all factors to consider... View more
Lending to a developer
I'm considering lending money to a developer to partially fund a new project. I have high level details on the project and think their terms (interest/timeline) are fair. This would be my 1st time lending money in any... View more
Real Estate Related Jobs (Not Agent Related)
Hello everyone. Over the past 9-10 months I have been studying real estate investing day in and day out. I’ve read countless books, listened to dozens of hours worth of podcast, and talked with others to help develop... View more
Sell or hold as rental?
Hello BiggerPockets community! I need a bit of help deciding if I should sell or hold one of my properties. This is a brand new manufactured home we are installing on a small lot about 10 minutes from our primary. The... View more
First time ground up building my Certified Passive House!
Investment Info: Single-family residence other investment. Purchase price: $333,000 Cash invested: $1,180,000 Design and construction of my certified Passive House! If you don't know what it is,... View more