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Housing and Urban Development (HUD), Veterans Affairs (VA), and Tax Sales discussion forum. HUD & the VA can foreclose on properties. Discuss these foreclosures here. If taxes aren't paid, the government will force tax foreclosure. Discuss Tax Sales here as well.

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How to buy a tax deed at the Fulton County Tax Sale, Atlanta, GA
Dan Mahoney Last post by Dan Mahoney, 1 day ago
Dan Mahoney Dan Mahoney 118 1 day Jump to last post
Appraisal subject to repairs
Lynn M. Last post by Lynn M., 3 days ago
Lynn M. Lynn M. 4 3 days Jump to last post
Tax DEEDS (not liens)? Possible bank foreclosure? IRS? Quitclaim?
John Warren Last post by John Warren, 3 days ago
John Warren John Warren 9 3 days Jump to last post
Best strategy for tax sale property with billboard
Jerry K. Last post by Jerry K., 3 days ago
Jerry K. Jerry K. 15 3 days Jump to last post
Memphis Tax Sale Map
Tan Su Last post by Tan Su, 3 days ago
Tan Su Tan Su 27 3 days Jump to last post
Auction 2nd Mortgage Winning Bod
Wayne Brooks Last post by Wayne Brooks, 4 days ago
Wayne Brooks Wayne Brooks 1 4 days Jump to last post
Buying an occupied house at tax sale. Dealing with occupants
Arnie Abramson Last post by Arnie Abramson, 5 days ago
Arnie Abramson Arnie Abramson 18 5 days Jump to last post
Tax Auction: Title Insurance
Charlie Vess Last post by Charlie Vess, 5 days ago
Charlie Vess Charlie Vess 3 5 days Jump to last post
Hud real estate agents
Carl B. Last post by Carl B., 6 days ago
Carl B. Carl B. 4 6 days Jump to last post
Purchasing HUD home as OO
Huso Akaratovic Last post by Huso Akaratovic, 9 days ago
Huso Akaratovic Huso Akaratovic 6 9 days Jump to last post
Conservation Easements as a tax shelter but done in an odd way.
Carolyn Morales Last post by Carolyn Morales, 9 days ago
Carolyn Morales Carolyn Morales 0 9 days Jump to last post
Realtor must list and open to public for bids?
Chris Sukala Last post by Chris Sukala, 9 days ago
Chris Sukala Chris Sukala 9 9 days Jump to last post
Pressure test failed
Kiet N. Last post by Kiet N., 11 days ago
Kiet N. Kiet N. 13 11 days Jump to last post
First time home buyer HUD homes
Bruce Lynn Last post by Bruce Lynn, 11 days ago
Bruce Lynn Bruce Lynn 1 11 days Jump to last post
the uglier side of tax sales
Greg Carrier Last post by Greg Carrier, 12 days ago
Greg Carrier Greg Carrier 23 12 days Jump to last post
Backing out of HUD deal after 15 days
Michael Plante Last post by Michael Plante, 13 days ago
Michael Plante Michael Plante 6 13 days Jump to last post
Is this still a thing
Jim K. Last post by Jim K., 13 days ago
Jim K. Jim K. 2 13 days Jump to last post
My first Tax Auction(Wayne County MI)
Isaac A. Last post by Isaac A., 14 days ago
Isaac A. Isaac A. 14 14 days Jump to last post
Trying to find out about a HUD vash voucher
Lisa Young Last post by Lisa Young, 14 days ago
Lisa Young Lisa Young 0 14 days Jump to last post
Bidding on HUD property after 1st price reduction
Jacob Essenov Last post by Jacob Essenov, 16 days ago
Jacob Essenov Jacob Essenov 2 16 days Jump to last post
HUD home - what should I have bid?
Greg H. Last post by Greg H., 17 days ago
Greg H. Greg H. 1 17 days Jump to last post
Alabama Tax Deed Purchase Help
Joel Walker Last post by Joel Walker, 19 days ago
Joel Walker Joel Walker 9 19 days Jump to last post
Business owner of Theze Handz Cleaning Service LLC.
Sheria Nash Last post by Sheria Nash, 20 days ago
Sheria Nash Sheria Nash 0 20 days Jump to last post
Active in buying Trustee and Tax Sales in CA bay area?
Joo Park Last post by Joo Park, 21 days ago
Joo Park Joo Park 17 21 days Jump to last post
ETUX/ETAL = proper notification?
William W. Last post by William W., 24 days ago
William W. William W. 4 24 days Jump to last post

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