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Housing and Urban Development (HUD), Veterans Affairs (VA), and Tax Sales discussion forum. HUD & the VA can foreclose on properties. Discuss these foreclosures here. If taxes aren't paid, the government will force tax foreclosure. Discuss Tax Sales here as well.

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Huge hairy mess
Started by Traci Lovelace
58 Tiny 1448388745 avatar longhorngreg Last post byGreg H.
about 14 hours ago website - any experience with this site?
Started by Chad Jarrah
2 Tiny 1429915144 avatar chadwhy2 Last post byChad Jarrah
3 days ago
Looking for information on Hud in Jacksonville
Started by Isiee Koch
0 No avatar tiny Last post byIsiee Koch
4 days ago
How do I take possession after tax sale in Texas?
Started by Orlando Ordonez
7 No avatar tiny Last post byOrlando Ordonez
4 days ago
Purchased a home at tax deed auction
Started by Derek Pace
2 Tiny 1399509414 avatar jarrodweaver Last post byJarrod Weaver
4 days ago
Wholesaling Hud Houses
Started by Dan Koch
16 Tiny 1407510488 avatar emiliobasa Last post byEmilio Basa
5 days ago
2 VA Rentals - Restoration of Entitlement
Started by Ryan Field
0 Tiny 1454279581 avatar ryanf31 Last post byRyan Field
5 days ago
VA loans
Started by Ryan Keenan
21 Tiny 1454458656 avatar daniellehman Last post byDaniel Lehman
5 days ago
Are HUD houses a good flip option?
Started by Gina Worsham
1 Tiny 1437694696 avatar jamarcusj Last post byJaMarcus Joseph
6 days ago
In Atlanta, Does anyone buy Tax Deeds for Flips or Wholesales?
Started by Angel Troupe
8 Tiny 1448811321 avatar williamw43 Last post byWilliam Walls
7 days ago
Can a VA foreclosure have been sitting empty over a year?
Started by Joe Splitrock
1 Tiny 1448386891 avatar russelltee Last post byRussell Brazil
8 days ago
At what point does the city take a house that is behind on taxes?
Started by Benjamin Blackburn
8 Tiny 1399609387 avatar sjpm Last post byKyle J.
8 days ago
HUD Properties in Florida
Started by John Rogers
20 Tiny 1433529332 avatar christopherr8 Last post byChristopher Rodriguez
9 days ago
HUD / questions
Started by Jeff Robert
2 Tiny 1446839321 avatar sean cole Last post bySean Cole
10 days ago
Are HUD homes still a good market for wholesale deals?
Started by Luis Gonzalez
8 Tiny 1448388472 avatar percyn Last post byPercy N.
10 days ago
HUD ..... Property Arraisal Repair question(s) ....
Started by Michael Dunn
5 No avatar tiny Last post byMichael Dunn
11 days ago
Successful HUD Bidding Strategies
Started by Brett Alphin
6 Tiny 1439570812 avatar brettalphin Last post byBrett Alphin
11 days ago
If I win property at a tax sales auction, is there a redemption
Started by Tanya Allen
2 Tiny 1453390451 avatar tanyaa1 Last post byTanya Allen
12 days ago
Anybody else getting ready for commissioner sales in Indiana.
Started by Greg Carrier
4 Tiny 1443168314 avatar gregc23 Last post byGreg Carrier
15 days ago
HUD countered, should I be excited?? What do I do now?
Started by Christina R.
18 Tiny 1448386919 avatar cbors Last post byChristian Bors
15 days ago

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