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Forum for bankers, lenders, and mortgage brokers to network & learn from one another. Also a good place for agents and investors to meet and network with industry types.

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Portfolio lender - Multiple Areas
Started by Kris Johnson
1 No avatar tiny Last post byDustan Marshall
about 7 hours ago
FHA to Conventional Loan
Started by Matthew Hille
4 Tiny 1403988095 avatar fin savvy Last post byAlbert Bui
about 12 hours ago
Portfolio lenders
Started by Don Griffith
3 Tiny 1430198460 avatar donnyg Last post byDon Griffith
about 13 hours ago
Bank Financing for Fix and flips
Started by Deadrick Colbert
5 Tiny 1399680627 avatar colberttigers Last post byDeadrick Colbert
1 day ago
funding for flipping
Started by Billy Gullett
10 Tiny 1448387193 avatar pvtmny4u Last post byCharlie Fitzgerald
1 day ago
Any MLO's using a Loan Officer Smart Phone App?
Started by Buck Seymour
0 Tiny 1454563173 avatar bucks Last post byBuck Seymour
2 days ago
Please help me with this question...
Started by Josh Zelaya
2 Tiny 1446438581 avatar joshz4 Last post byJosh Zelaya
2 days ago
Mortgage Broker Recommendation in Fort Lauderdale
Started by Dan Krupa
1 Tiny 1444943504 avatar noep Last post byNoe Perrin
3 days ago
Looking for lenders in Indiana
Started by Nick Cucci
3 Tiny 1399471447 avatar compton Last post byJosh Compton
3 days ago
VA Loan for a multifamily property in Texas
Started by David Storman
9 Tiny 1417216138 avatar davids4 Last post byDavid Storman
4 days ago
Brokering Manufactured Home Purchases
Started by Tim Finck
1 Tiny 1450241792 avatar mark919257 Last post byMark Limke
5 days ago
Dwell Financing Reviews
Started by Pavlos Kasselouris
6 No avatar tiny Last post byMark Antonello
5 days ago
Brokers interested in Manufactured Houses?
Started by Tim Finck
0 Tiny 1454600647 avatar timf19 Last post byTim Finck
6 days ago
Which insurance companies offer the best umbrella policy?
Started by John Boby
4 Tiny 1438623374 avatar parkerc Last post byParker Cox
6 days ago
Manufactured Home insight from Mortgage Brokers
Started by Tim Finck
0 Tiny 1454600647 avatar timf19 Last post byTim Finck
6 days ago
Getting a Deal on a REO
Started by Sree Kanala
2 No avatar tiny Last post byElaine Gee
7 days ago
Blanket loans
Started by Rose Davis
6 Tiny 1448387771 avatar ncarey Last post byNed Carey
7 days ago
Best Software for private lending calculations on rentals?
Started by Tony Carter
0 No avatar tiny Last post byTony Carter
7 days ago
home owners loan / renting purchased property until sell current
Started by Cal Bruxvoort
1 Tiny 1448397799 avatar jerrypadilla Last post byJerry Padilla
7 days ago
any advice out there from lenders?
Started by Michael Viele
1 No avatar tiny Last post byAl Wilson
8 days ago

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