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This forum is for bankers, lenders, and mortgage brokers to learn from one another. It is also a good place for agents and investors to network with industry types. Looking for more information and a list of FAQs on lenders and mortgage loans? Be sure to visit our mortgage calculator page.

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Investor friendly banks
Salvatore Lentini Last post by Salvatore Lentini, about 15 hours ago
Salvatore Lentini Salvatore Lentini 2 about 15 hours Jump to last post
BUYER BEWARE Infinity Capital Finance / Sean Richway
Cindy Thomas Last post by Cindy Thomas, about 16 hours ago
Cindy Thomas Cindy Thomas 6 about 16 hours Jump to last post
How do I decide what relationships to form?
Richard Davis III Last post by Richard Davis III, 1 day ago
Richard Davis III Richard Davis III 1 1 day Jump to last post
Refinance of 10 units
Ben Rishwain Last post by Ben Rishwain, 2 days ago
Ben Rishwain Ben Rishwain 3 2 days Jump to last post
Passive investor terms
Roni Elias Last post by Roni Elias, 4 days ago
Roni Elias Roni Elias 2 4 days Jump to last post
Banks That Would Accept 20% Down Payment for Duplex in Maryland
Ned Carey Last post by Ned Carey, 4 days ago
Ned Carey Ned Carey 11 4 days Jump to last post
Bank in Kansas City area... HELOC needed.
Carlos C. Last post by Carlos C., 5 days ago
Carlos C. Carlos C. 8 5 days Jump to last post
When to count income
Melissa Gittens Last post by Melissa Gittens, 5 days ago
Melissa Gittens Melissa Gittens 4 5 days Jump to last post
Andom finance LlC a scam?
Joshua Scott Last post by Joshua Scott, 6 days ago
Joshua Scott Joshua Scott 2 6 days Jump to last post
How to improve chances of getting a home loan when self-employed
Joshua Massari Last post by Joshua Massari, 7 days ago
Joshua Massari Joshua Massari 9 7 days Jump to last post
Best bank accounts for real estate investors
Will Barnard Last post by Will Barnard, 7 days ago
Will Barnard Will Barnard 2 7 days Jump to last post
"Construction Loan" recommendations
Jo-Ann Lapin Last post by Jo-Ann Lapin, 7 days ago
Jo-Ann Lapin Jo-Ann Lapin 4 7 days Jump to last post
Loan approval and syndication
Alina Trigub Last post by Alina Trigub, 7 days ago
Alina Trigub Alina Trigub 5 7 days Jump to last post
Has anyone used All City Funding,LLC out of New York?
Scott Wolf Last post by Scott Wolf, 7 days ago
Scott Wolf Scott Wolf 1 7 days Jump to last post
Real Estate Investing
Jacob Sanchez Last post by Jacob Sanchez, 7 days ago
Jacob Sanchez Jacob Sanchez 3 7 days Jump to last post
Line of credit question
Aaron K. Last post by Aaron K., 9 days ago
Aaron K. Aaron K. 1 9 days Jump to last post
HELOC on a rental property?
Jason Surat Last post by Jason Surat, 9 days ago
Jason Surat Jason Surat 2 9 days Jump to last post
Does a K1 loss negatively affect my personal mortgage
Alan Lacey Last post by Alan Lacey, 9 days ago
Alan Lacey Alan Lacey 7 9 days Jump to last post
Mortgage Lenders in the Memphis Market
Antoine Martel Last post by Antoine Martel, 9 days ago
Antoine Martel Antoine Martel 4 9 days Jump to last post
Want to Hire an Experienced RE Advisor. Recommendations?
Jeff Wallenius Last post by Jeff Wallenius, 9 days ago
Jeff Wallenius Jeff Wallenius 4 9 days Jump to last post
Lenders for self employed doing BRRRR
Alex Bekeza Last post by Alex Bekeza, 14 days ago
Alex Bekeza Alex Bekeza 2 14 days Jump to last post
Will Bank refi ARV 45k house?
Clarence Harris Last post by Clarence Harris, 14 days ago
Clarence Harris Clarence Harris 0 14 days Jump to last post
Mortgage Rates on Rental Properties - What are you seeing now?
Michael S. Last post by Michael S., 15 days ago
Michael S. Michael S. 2 15 days Jump to last post
Can I have two owner occupied mortgages?
Zack Karp Last post by Zack Karp, 15 days ago
Zack Karp Zack Karp 4 15 days Jump to last post
Whata the pros and cons on Piggy back (HELOC)
Tanisha Haughton Last post by Tanisha Haughton, 15 days ago
Tanisha Haughton Tanisha Haughton 5 15 days Jump to last post

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