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Question About Non-Occupying Co-signer on Mortgage Loans
I was told by a broker that a non-occupying cosigner does not qualify for the 3.5% down payment but instead has to put 25% down for FHA loan. I was told by another broker that it should be no problem, that they had... View more
Existing Lease Lender Question
I am currently trying to Refi a BRRRR property and I have one last hurdle to clear. The lender is asking for proof that the leases for a duplex that I recently purchased transfer to me. I am in Michigan. I can't seem... View more
First time homebuyer with 760 credit score and first job
I am a recent grad who just landed my first job (65K a year) and have 760 credit score on average but started to have a 780 credit score recently and plan to keep increasing it. I have good money saving habits as well.... View more
Marketing & Help not Selling
Ok. Listen I am on here to learn for my boyfriend and I how the market us doing from single family housing to our own flipping purposes. Then on my own, I am a digital marketing consultant, so I find it heart breaking... View more
How to verify proof of funds letter
First time poster! Hello!I am a new RE agent. I have received a proof of funds letter from a client and am unsure of how to verify it. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!Jake Kantor
US Expat in South Korea Receiving Mortgage Loan in the USA
Hi All, I am currently looking into investing in property back home in the USA. I'm originally from California, but I work in Seoul, South Korea.  I am currently looking into how to get preapproved for a mortgage. Has... View more
Converntional funding as an LLC
Working through my NC real estate broker prelicense course and am hearing about how certain stipulations are placed on lending to corporations relative to an individual.Does anyone have issues obtaining a traditional... View more
FHA 203k Consultant
I am in the process of making my first purchase in Chicago. I am currently researching and screening FHA 203(k) consultants. Can anyone make any recommendations of good consultants that they have worked with or... View more
Impact of multiple deals on credit score
I am in the process of doing a cash-out on a rental property while also looking to buy a new home.  Last month I refinanced my primary residence.  Before I submit applications and give permission to pull my credit... View more
US entity structure when investing from Canada suggestions
Hello BP Forums. I am a new investor and WILL get started investing in US real estate from Canada in February. I have almost everything lined up, a couple agents, a property management company, lender (just one so far,... View more
Where to start with the Refinancing Process?
Hello BP. We, like everyone, are bombarded with the news that now is one of the historically best times to refinance. Given that there are so many lenders that refinance, I wanted to see what tips BP real estate... View more
Commercial/Broker Loan fees
We are about to begin the refi process to get out of hard money and into commercial loan for a small 6 unit complex. I would say the loan amount would be 350k but can't be more than 400k at best. The broker I worked... View more
Best prefab and modular construction lenders?
Prefab and modular projects often require a different draw schedule than stick built homes. What construction lenders have others used for prefab or modular projects?
Want to HELOC but high DTI....
Can anyone offer any assistance with a high DTI question? I would like to take a HELOC out on my rental property, but I've only owned it for six months and my DTI is around 50%.I have excellent credit, but I have to... View more
I'm curious about how long loan processing is taking in your community. We are 2 months from start to the bank ordering an appraisal, which will noww take another 4-6 weeks.What are you experiencing?