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How to find foreclosures and short sales
Hello All!I am trying to find out strategies to finding foreclosures and short sales outside of the mls. Has anyone had good experience with RedX?  I called my local County Clerk and they said they don’t compile a... View more
Connecticut Foreclosures and Fools
I am a noob here as a 43 year old physician struggling to keep up the hours of my busy practice and I am looking for tips on starting investment by BRRRR'ing (is that a verb?) through foreclosure auction in the state... View more
Right of Redemption advice
I am about to go under contract with a local Credit Union in Alabama to purchase a foreclosure from them. The property will still be eligible for the Right of Redemption for another 6 months. My intent is to BRRRR the... View more
Title search/title search for newbies
Hello all, I have been purchasing homes for a few years now and renting them In NJ. As you know regulations are through the roof, especially here and I am Starting to learn about flipping foreclosure properties. Most... View more
Investing in foreclosures
Looking at properties for a first investment! Some of the properties are foreclosures or preforeclosure. What would be the best thing to watch for with these properties? Obviously you can get into the properties for... View more
Is Eviction after buying a foreclosure allowed now?
Looks like evictions will be forbidden at least till the end of September 2021. Wondering if it will impact buying an occupied foreclosed home? Will I still be able to evict current occupants?
Bidding to buy- where is the foreclosure bonus?
I started reading “bidding to buy”, hope to get a much better understanding on the process and how to buy at auction. The book says “for more resources on how to find foreclosed properties online, go to... View more
First Flip Offer / Counter Seller Shenanigans
New to the Bigger Pockets community and starting our journey into real estate investing. We thought we would start with a flip. Found a house that we could pay cash and offered. It is a foreclosure and the offer... View more
What’s the deal on Preforeclosures?
I see more preforeclosures listed on Zillow nowadays. What is the process of you are interested? Are you able to view property? Is it generally better to wait until they are up for auction?
ISO West Monroe, LA Lawyer for foreclosure
Looking for recommendations for experienced foreclosure lawyers in and around west monroe, LA. This is not to stop a foreclosure but bring action on a late note.
Sheriff Auction bidding checks
I successfully purchased a home through our county sheriff auction.  However, I am curious how the professional bidders have the ability to bid on multiple homes.  In order to bid on a home in the auction, the process... View more
Impending unemployment Tax Bomb and Liens?
Any suggestions on how to learn more about tax lien investing?I'm expecting a major tax bomb impacting millions of Americans to hit Q1/Q2.  You can't hand out $700 of state unemployment, $600 federal, with hold $0... View more
Auction Legal Sale Hours. When to show?
There were several properties listed scheduled for auction this morning at my local courthouse. When I arrived at 10am, there was only one property being auctioned off. I did some digging and found out that the other... View more
Quick and Cost effective Title search in Texas
Hello BP community- Can someone recommend a title search company, who can perform a title search for me on an investment property in relatively quick time and at a reasonable price. I am looking for one in and around... View more
PA Tax Sale and title insurance
Planning to look at a property in a town where I have other rentals. Long story short, the current owner recently purchased this property at a tax sale 2 months ago. Seller claims it’s a clean title, a new title search... View more
Questions abt a foreclosure auction in California
I'm interested in learning more about the foreclosure auction process for a specific property in California and had a few questions (well I have many, but I'll start with a few). Appreciate any responses.Here's some... View more
Pre-foreclosure and foreclosure properties
Starting out and newer to RE. Are there realtors in the Seattle area that specialize / have experience with foreclosure or pre-foreclosure properties that you recommend? Thanks!
Best people search website
Hi, Could someone please recommend a good, accurate people search engine for finding CURRENT addresses and phones of people when foreclosing on tax lien properties?  Also that has accurate information on relatives with... View more