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Forum topics below include discussions on finding foreclosures and pre-foreclosures, making offers on these properties and doing foreclosure deals.

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Discussion Replies Last Post
Foreclosing on a Land Contract
Started by Charlie Lannin
5 Tiny 1448387193 avatar pvtmny4u Last post byCharlie Fitzgerald
about 13 hours ago
Find balance on a senior position, open ended line of credit?
Started by Robert LaBrie
8 Tiny 1399649407 avatar cirrusav8or Last post byBrian Burke
about 15 hours ago
Recommendation for a house that maybe foreclosed
Started by Anna S.
4 Tiny 1454202002 avatar annas13 Last post byAnna S.
about 18 hours ago
In Love...But Confused!
Started by Anthony Calogero
4 Tiny 1447784765 avatar sarahz2 Last post bySarah Ziehr
1 day ago
Foreclosure help
Started by Kelli Ford
5 Tiny 1421453149 avatar rons5 Last post byRon S.
2 days ago
State tax lien on a property I am looking to buy
Started by Matthew Fields
1 Tiny 1403826873 avatar darrons Last post byDarron Stewart
2 days ago experience
Started by William Allen
24 Tiny 1454230317 avatar megana1 Last post byMegan Arzt
3 days ago
Foreclosure Auction : Narrowing Down Your List
Started by Kyle H
43 Tiny 1448381638 avatar seano Last post bySean OToole
4 days ago
Obtaining Upset Price When No Attorney Name is Given??
Started by Chad Jarrah
16 Tiny 1448388825 avatar stevebabiak Last post bySteve Babiak
4 days ago
Pre-Foreclosure, How does it work??
Started by Andre Wilson
4 Tiny 1448322763 avatar jeangot Last post byJean G.
4 days ago
Lexington, KY - House Going to Sheriff's Sale
Started by Gabe K.
10 Tiny 1436142660 avatar gabe k Last post byGabe K.
5 days ago
Bought house at Foreclosure Auction - now what?
Started by Robert Evans
21 Tiny 1448029427 avatar donaa Last post byDona Alvarez
5 days ago
Washington, DC foreclosures
Started by Nikki Grizzle
8 Tiny 1452638891 avatar nikkiandlearned Last post byNikki Grizzle
6 days ago
1st Auction Property Won - What's mine
Started by Frank Matanane
8 Tiny 1438435831 avatar frankm15 Last post byFrank Matanane
7 days ago
All Liens Removed from Props that go through Sherrif Sale in PA?
Started by Matthew Smuts
7 No avatar tiny Last post byGreg Wilkins
8 days ago
203k loans
Started by Kara Hooppell
7 Tiny 1449037301 avatar smartland Last post bySteven Gesis
9 days ago
Buying @ an Auction
Started by Shanel Wiggins
4 Tiny 1447001399 avatar shanelw Last post byShanel Wiggins
9 days ago
Non Performing Notes
Started by Stephen Strout
7 Tiny 1446211328 avatar stephenstrout Last post byStephen Strout
9 days ago
Courthouse Auction Schedule
Started by Tenzin Sonam
2 Tiny 1399348055 avatar annbellamy Last post byAnn Bellamy
9 days ago
Foreclosure Clean out
Started by Byron Brumfield
3 Tiny 1446105351 avatar dmmacclintock Last post byDavid MacClintock
9 days ago

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