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The Construction & Remodeling Diaries forum is the place to walk through your deals with your peers as they happen. Whether you're sharing your latest construction project status or connecting with your colleagues about what they are working on, this forum is the place to dig deep into what you've got going on at the moment.
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Karen Margrave Last post by Karen Margrave, about 3 years ago
Noel Felix III Noel Felix III 0 almost 2 years Jump to last post
Hard money lender questions
Stephanie Potter Last post by Stephanie Potter, about 3 hours ago
Stephanie Potter Stephanie Potter 5 about 3 hours Jump to last post
schuylkill county contractor / handyman
Steven Perre Last post by Steven Perre, about 4 hours ago
Steven Perre Steven Perre 0 about 4 hours Jump to last post
Do I need and can I get a construction loan?
Tarik Turner Last post by Tarik Turner, 2 days ago
Tarik Turner Tarik Turner 4 2 days Jump to last post
Foundation and framing contractor needed in Mpls area
Ahmad Eltawely Last post by Ahmad Eltawely, 2 days ago
Ahmad Eltawely Ahmad Eltawely 0 2 days Jump to last post
Contractors in San Antonio
Quinity Williams Last post by Quinity Williams, 2 days ago
Quinity Williams Quinity Williams 2 2 days Jump to last post
Washington, DC and Baltimore investor friendly GC
Chad Greenhill Last post by Chad Greenhill, 3 days ago
Chad Greenhill Chad Greenhill 0 3 days Jump to last post
Looking for Builders in Austin, TX
Josiah Cammer Last post by Josiah Cammer, 3 days ago
Josiah Cammer Josiah Cammer 0 3 days Jump to last post
Outsourcing Maintenance Requests
Matthew Irish-Jones Last post by Matthew Irish-Jones, 3 days ago
Matthew Irish-Jones Matthew Irish-Jones 12 3 days Jump to last post
Full Bathroom Remodel
John Miller Last post by John Miller, 3 days ago
John Miller John Miller 6 3 days Jump to last post
Flood Zone Properties
Robert Murphy Last post by Robert Murphy, 3 days ago
Robert Murphy Robert Murphy 5 3 days Jump to last post
Mixed Flooring in Open Design
Caleb Stephens Last post by Caleb Stephens, 3 days ago
Caleb Stephens Caleb Stephens 1 3 days Jump to last post
Swimming Pool worth the seed capital cost?
Brent Coombs Last post by Brent Coombs, 3 days ago
Brent Coombs Brent Coombs 2 3 days Jump to last post
Better long term value - Seed lawn or Turf?
Hank Wu Last post by Hank Wu, 4 days ago
Hank Wu Hank Wu 5 4 days Jump to last post
Thinking about an ADU / Granny Flat / In-Law Suite?
Jonny Morris Last post by Jonny Morris, 4 days ago
Jonny Morris Jonny Morris 1 4 days Jump to last post
BRRRR in Lincoln, NE
Josh Nix Last post by Josh Nix, 4 days ago
Josh Nix Josh Nix 1 4 days Jump to last post
London,ON, Looking 4 someone 2 help with poss. structural issue.
Rob Dowsett Last post by Rob Dowsett, 4 days ago
Rob Dowsett Rob Dowsett 2 4 days Jump to last post
Where to buy a new Garage Door?
Danny Farrell Last post by Danny Farrell, 4 days ago
Danny Farrell Danny Farrell 4 4 days Jump to last post
Finding out if unique property is up to code.
Frank Macias Last post by Frank Macias, 4 days ago
Frank Macias Frank Macias 7 4 days Jump to last post
leaky roof repairs/ where to find contractors
Luke H. Last post by Luke H., 5 days ago
Luke H. Luke H. 22 5 days Jump to last post
Rental Construction Work
Daniel Hyman Last post by Daniel Hyman, 5 days ago
Daniel Hyman Daniel Hyman 1 5 days Jump to last post
Building Materials, how many quotes?
Matt K. Last post by Matt K., 5 days ago
Matt K. Matt K. 7 5 days Jump to last post
The Most Annoying Thing About Real Estate Investing
Matt Hoyt Last post by Matt Hoyt, 5 days ago
Matt Hoyt Matt Hoyt 7 5 days Jump to last post
What should be included in a contractors contract?
Cynthia Hartley Last post by Cynthia Hartley, 5 days ago
Cynthia Hartley Cynthia Hartley 1 5 days Jump to last post
Contractors: Apps for Project Management?
Steven Gesis Last post by Steven Gesis, 6 days ago
Steven Gesis Steven Gesis 8 6 days Jump to last post