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The Construction & Remodeling Diaries forum is the place to walk through your deals with your peers as they happen. Whether you're sharing your latest construction project status or connecting with your colleagues about what they are working on, this forum is the place to dig deep into what you've got going on at the moment.
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Karen Margrave Last post by Karen Margrave, over 3 years ago
Noel Felix III Noel Felix III 0 about 2 years Jump to last post
Repair Estimates Formulas
Derrick Gordon Last post by Derrick Gordon, about 2 hours ago
Derrick Gordon Derrick Gordon 1 about 2 hours Jump to last post
Building New Construction in Joshua Tree
John Kirkman Last post by John Kirkman, 1 day ago
John Kirkman John Kirkman 15 1 day Jump to last post
Converting mobile home park to single family homes
Adam Philpot Last post by Adam Philpot, 1 day ago
Adam Philpot Adam Philpot 2 1 day Jump to last post
Recommended safety measure on unrented rowhouse in Baltimore, MD
Megan Clancy Last post by Megan Clancy, 1 day ago
Megan Clancy Megan Clancy 6 1 day Jump to last post
Need good Subs in Houston TX and info on saving $ materials
Michael Pittman Last post by Michael Pittman, 2 days ago
Michael Pittman Michael Pittman 2 2 days Jump to last post
Advice needed - foundation failure?
Jordan Wilson Last post by Jordan Wilson, 3 days ago
Jordan Wilson Jordan Wilson 2 3 days Jump to last post
Rehabbing a property in Baltimore Md.
Jeffrey H. Last post by Jeffrey H., 3 days ago
Jeffrey H. Jeffrey H. 7 3 days Jump to last post
Wood Walls in a flip????? What to do?
Eric Burgh Last post by Eric Burgh, 3 days ago
Eric Burgh Eric Burgh 10 3 days Jump to last post
Water damage from years of missing roof cap
Ned J. Last post by Ned J., 3 days ago
Ned J. Ned J. 4 3 days Jump to last post
EPDM Rubber Roof VS SBS Modified Bitumen Self Adhering
Leandro Herbstein Last post by Leandro Herbstein, 5 days ago
Leandro Herbstein Leandro Herbstein 8 5 days Jump to last post
Contractor Recommendations in the DC Area
Will Colbert Last post by Will Colbert, 6 days ago
Alec Meredith Alec Meredith 1 5 days Jump to last post
First Deal! House Hack in Houston TX.
Michael Lee Last post by Michael Lee, 5 days ago
Michael Lee Michael Lee 1 5 days Jump to last post
GC near Lewisburg, PA
John Funk Last post by John Funk, 6 days ago
John Funk John Funk 0 6 days Jump to last post
Need a reliable contractor in Richardson, TX
Adam Mitchell Last post by Adam Mitchell, 6 days ago
Adam Mitchell Adam Mitchell 2 6 days Jump to last post
3 unit building with 1400sqft basement. What to do with it?
Alex Bekeza Last post by Alex Bekeza, 7 days ago
Alex Bekeza Alex Bekeza 9 7 days Jump to last post
General Tips Turning SFH to Duplex
Jake Jones Last post by Jake Jones, 7 days ago
Jake Jones Jake Jones 1 7 days Jump to last post
Rehab General Contractors
Shawn Washington Last post by Shawn Washington, 9 days ago
Shawn Washington Shawn Washington 1 9 days Jump to last post
Know a good hard wood refinishing contractor in Cincinnati?
Joe Walker Last post by Joe Walker, 10 days ago
Joe Walker Joe Walker 1 10 days Jump to last post
Need recommendations for a good electrician
Bharath Raj Last post by Bharath Raj, 17 days ago
Bharath Raj Bharath Raj 0 17 days Jump to last post
Business Credit Line
Dee W. Last post by Dee W., 17 days ago
Dee W. Dee W. 5 17 days Jump to last post
2-fold In need of a contractor and tree trimmer Beaumont Texas
Taylor Schooley Last post by Taylor Schooley, 18 days ago
Taylor Schooley Taylor Schooley 3 18 days Jump to last post
Diary of our upstairs- personal residence
Tanya F. Last post by Tanya F., 18 days ago
Tanya F. Tanya F. 13 18 days Jump to last post
Building rental units on my primary residence...
Ruben E Sanchez Last post by Ruben E Sanchez, 19 days ago
Ruben E Sanchez Ruben E Sanchez 14 19 days Jump to last post
new and interested in 2-3 flats, northside chicago
Jake Fugman Last post by Jake Fugman, 20 days ago
Jake Fugman Jake Fugman 8 20 days Jump to last post

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