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This forum is NOT for advice on general construction or remodeling, there are other forums for that.Rehabbing and House Flipping or Real Estate Development & New Home ConstructionThis forum... View more
Baltimore County Zoning
Attn Maryland real estate friends, agents & investors: Does anyone have any connections in Baltimore County Zoning? The building is closed to the public & you can’t even leave a message with their office- the... View more
General contractors Fayetteville, NC
Ive came to the realIzatIon that I want to learn how to use, fund and afford general contractors to upgrade my properties freeing me up to hunt out other deals vs me working crazy hours at my job plus doing all the... View more
Deep Dive into Development of Duplex/Townhouse (New Construction)
Introduction My intentions here is not to do a quick look at the numbers but a deep dive into the entire experience of doing my first development. I did break this down into sections so that you can skip to area of... View more
Would you make an offer? Concrete slab issues.
There is a vacant house next to a investment property that I just purchased. The house was inherited by a family member and has been vacant for sometime. The current owner said the house has a concrete slab that needs... View more
What to ask when working with a new contractor?
I am new to fix and flips and working in a new market. I have a property under contract that I intend to flip as my ARV is profitable but I want to make sure I do my DD regarding the contractors I select for the... View more
Renovation while vacant
I need some renovations after an 8 year tenant. I am going to do some myself and some contractors. It will take me 60 days to complete. Insurance has a 30 day owner occupancy clause. Insurance wants lease proof or... View more
My Manchester, NH 4 Unit renovation
I recently purchased a 4 unit off market building for $231,000. It was originally listed on the MLS. The numbers in my eyes weren't terrible so I requested a showing. The realtor wasn't very helpful and the seller... View more
Plan and Budget—Acquiring Dollar Properties
I am gearing up to acquire a Dollar Property in STL, MO. I’ve done a bit of research on the process and was wondering if anyone had any advice or words of wisdom in regards to creating a plan and budget for my bid....
ADU plan submission diary - San Mateo, CA
I am in the process of applying for an ADU in san mateo, ca. I saw a lot of people interested in this topic, especially in bay area, CA. I am going to document my experience with this ADU here, so other people might... View more
Pensacola Dumpster Purchase
I am kicking around the idea of buying a 30 yard roll off dumpster or a dumpster trailer.  I can't seem to find any dumpsters for sale  near Pensacola.   Anyone have any ideas there?  I have searched criagslist,... View more
Uneven Flooring and Placing Vinyl
Hello all, Looking for a contractor to give me some advice on laying vinyl flooring. The floor is uneven when stepping into the room from the tile in the kitchen. Originally it had carpet and there will be a gap of... View more
Recommendations in Tulsa Ok area
I have been having a hard time finding a roofer, siding and windows in the Tulsa area. I can’t seem to get anyone that wants to work. Does anyone have any recommendations in the Tulsa area?I need complete new siding... View more
Interest in purchasing Storage Units
Hey folks,  First post here. I am a recent college graduate with a net income of 40k, and I am eager to get started on acquiring properties. I have heard a great place to start is with self storage units. Easy to... View more
Looking for General Contractor in Chicago
Hello,I’m looking for a licensed and bonded general contractor in the area of Chicago, IL for flip rehabs. If you recommend anyone who has worked with investors please let me know.
Started Investing in single family homes rental prop. Help!
Hi Guys I am starting my Real estate investment journey. I started in Alabama and buying recently rehabbed properties. In single family homes. I am looking to buy want to do the rehab myself(with a contractor or... View more
Build an ADU or subdivide property to build a 2nd home?
Hi All -The home I live in is on a 10K sq ft lot in a suburban LA neighborhood around 45 mins north from Santa Monica. There used to be two homes on the lot. I was told that a previous owner had combined the two lots... View more
interior door recommendation
Hi,I want to have an interior door installed but the opening is not a standard size. It is like 59"x95".One handyman told me that the wall has to be modified to fit a regular sized French doors and it costs like... View more
OSB walls??... need ideas
Looking at purchasing a great deal, but rather than drywall, the homeowner “remodeled” and used OSB on the walls. The issue, other than the cost of drywall is that the OSB is flush with trim/windows so even 1/4”... View more
Real estate builders new construction
Any take on what builders would buy a 2,000 sq foot home for on a street with homes upwards of 6.5 million in Atlanta. Most homes are 4,000 - 5,000 sq feet. Home is good condition.
Permit Fee Increases?
Hi BP Community! I am about 3/4 through my first rehab for a buy and hold property. Everything was permitted of course right off the bat.  All drawings and plans were submitted to the city.  The plans have not... View more
Tenant closet issues
Here is one for you. Tenants have one closet. Cloths seem to be really heavy as the weight bent the brackets. Outside of fixing this... again. Should I tell them to buy a closet for their clothing so that they can... View more
Why would general contractors decline??
I’m writing multiple contractors in my area. Ones with good portfolios, before and afters, etc. I’ve had two reply with “not interested”, “I don’t do this type of work”. Then I go back and they clearly do this type of... View more