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STR / Air BnB in North Myrtle Beach, SC: Any helpful tips?
Hi BP, I am new to BP and have been researching STRs for a while now. I live in RI and wish to pick up STRs down south : SC, NC, VA (in that order). I already own a rental unit at a condo and have a long term renter... View more
Finger Lakes NY vacation rental
Hi, I am investing in the Buffalo area and I am looking at a waterfront properties in the finger lakes. Has anyone invested in vacation homes in this area? I need to better understand the numbers (how many weeks a year... View more
Carolina Beach Short Term Rental Meet-Up
Who would be interested in doing a market specific short term vacation rental meet up? Thinking about starting one on the 3rd Tuesday of every month here on the island. This would be in addition to the meet up I... View more
Living in Atlanta and running Airbnb cabins in Gatlinburg/Pforge
Hi everyone!I've been investing in Atlanta for four years, and I'm branching out into the VR business. I have my first cabin on Airbnb now, and I have a second one under contract.I'm interested in networking with other... View more
Advice for a Breckenridge Colorado condo as an investment rental
Hello, I have been reading some similar posts as mine, but most are several years old. I apologize if redundant, but I wanted to get some updated opinions about this. I'm planning on purchasing a condo as a rental... View more
When can I start deducting short term rental expenses?
I have an apartment unit that will go online as a short term rental, starting April 1st. I am currently living in the unit and will have to purchase furnishings, supplies, and services to have it operational. When can... View more
what to account for when estimating for a airbnb rental
I've been debating on buying a property to use as an airbnb rental. I'm familiar with estimating for a property that will be a long term rental, but not this. I wanted to see if I might get some tips on what I may need... View more
High interest rates for STR in Maui
We were thinking of putting an offer for a short term vacation condo in Maui Hawaii (~400k) but decided to not go forward with it because of high 3.75% interest rate for 30 yr Fixed, 20% down. We knew that STR's fall... View more
Adding Lodging Tax to my Airbnb Listing
If my name property is in my personal name and I don't have an EIN number how do I add the lodging tax to my listing?  I have my business license number. Airbnb is asking for both a Business tax ID and Accommodations... View more
Looking for opinions on a STR in Manhattan, Kansas
I'm interested in a property for sale that is currently an AirBnb in the Manhattan, KS area and am looking for opinions from anyone with experience in these areas. If you would either comment that I can DM you or DM me... View more
Sarasota Vacation Rental Networking
Interested in buying a vacation rental in Sarasota FL but looking to connect with other vacation rental owners to get intel on the market, particularly "off-season" May - Oct. Anyone willing to connect? Thanks!
How to tell the new neighbors you’re running an airbnb
So my girlfriend and I just bought a house with incredible mountain views and are planning on turning the property into a vacation rental. The problem is, the new neighbors suffer from various mental illnesses and are... View more
Vacation rentals Destin Florida/Panama City
Looking to invest in a vacation rental in Destin Florida/Panama City. Looking for a good property manager anyone have a recommendation. I will be managing them from Louisville Kentucky.Thanks 
Glamping, Tiny Homes, and Unique stays
Hi everyone! I have been a BiggerPockets listener for two years now, but this is my first forum post! I have been increasingly interested in tiny homes and glampgrounds similar to Getaway and what you can find on... View more
Starting an Airbnb and STR management company
So I have been an Airbnb host for about a year and a half with my primary residence (in-law suite in the basement as well as private rooms) and just got our second property up on the Airbnb market.  My wife and I do... View more
Best Internet Wears Valley Road
We're closing on our property on Wears Valley road this coming week. One duplex and two cabins. Anyone know the best option for internet access? We're going to stay about 3-4 weeks and my kids need the best internet... View more
Airbnb Investment Homes In The Palm Springs, CA Area
Hi EveryoneI am a professional Airbnb investor and host of over 4 years. I love the people and forum of Bigger Pockets and its an honor to write my first post on here. I've been learning on Bigger Pockets for some... View more
STR and AirBnB Pro-Forma
Does anyone have or know where to find a Pro-Forma to evaluate STR's? I have looked through a couple but they are not very helpful with projections. Thanks!
Daytona Beach Short Term Rental Update
Four years ago me and some other vacation rental investors in Daytona Beach sued the city in an attempt to allow STR in all of Daytona Beach. We fought for this for several reasons: 1. tourism is our main economy 2.... View more
High interest rates for STR in Maui
We were thinking of putting an offer for a short term vacation condo in Maui Hawaii (~400k) but decided to not go forward with it because of high 3.75% interest rate for 30 yr Fixed, 20% down. We knew that STR's fall... View more
What is your prediction on the future of bio-diese. STR related.
With the new administration coming into the White House and congress, I'm predicting that there will be incentives given to the production of bio-diesel. The new administration wants to get away from producing fuels... View more
Second home purchase
Hi everyone! Would really love sound advice. My spouse and I own our home and we would like to buy a second home/vacation home on Marco island. Searching for units facing water located in buildings that allow rentals... View more
Investing in Tulum?
Hi all, newbie here with a few questions regarding investing in STRs in Tulum. I’ve been evaluating a few different recommended markets for STRs (Florida panhandle, Smoky Mountains etc) and I’ve found that from a... View more