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Undervalued stocks ?
I’d like to buy some stocks that are priced low now relative to pre Covid levels and will bounce back once all restrictions are lifted and consumer confidence returns. My uneducated timeframe for this bounce back is... View more
What’s your opinion of self-righteous investors?
Have you ever read a post on one of these forums saying something like, “I would never invest in California/Detroit because it is a horrible place to invest.” Or “C-class neighborhoods only look good on paper but you... View more
Tithing When You Refi Your Rental Property
I know, I know, I know. There's going to probably be a lot of pushback on the fact that someone would even think about tithing on a loan that has to be paid back🤷🏿‍♂️ BUT, I want you to think about this... When you're... View more
Would you rather be leveraged 80% w/ low reserves or 100% w/ more
Thanks to everyone who shared their opinion about whether they would rather have 10k monthly cash flow or 1,000,000. To keep the thought process going, I’d like to know, given the 2 different options, would you rather... View more
Discussion: buying investment property cash down or 50% down
Hi Just opening a discussion topic for pros and cons of buying investment property fully cash down or 50% down?What are the benefits of either? I don’t have much experience in investing in properties. I was only a... View more
Financial advisor
Hi, I currently have two properties in Jersey City that are cash flowing nicely. I have some plans for moving forward and was looking to talk to a professional financial advisor to get some opinions. Does anyone have... View more
Single mobile home- not in mobile home park
Good evening, I am looking at a single mobile home placed in an okay subdivision. However it is very close to above average schools, walking distance from town , church, bank, and fast food places. The price is also... View more
Finding Deal for buy&hold rentals
Hi everyone!Continuously checking for deals in Chicago City North for deals that will bring cash flow but no luck!Low inventory and high listing prices!Do you think is better to wait for possible market turnover or... View more
Explain to my employer I need time to finish my first property
I’m looking for a way to present a three month leave from a union roofing job to complete my first fix and flip. That I have to have finished by March 31, 2021. More ways that I can improve my time management to do... View more
Turning my house into a rental. How do i calc cost for ROI?
I'm very new to learning about real estate, and have some questions. I'll have more after this but my other questions could change based on the answers i get. I'll admit, they may be stupid, it scares me enough that i... View more
Timing for investing
Hi everyone!Continuously checking for deals in Chicago City North for deals that will bring cash flow but no luck!Low inventory and high listing prices!Do you think is better to wait for possible market turnover or... View more
Beginners Bubbles to avoid on first deal?
Hello Bigger Pockets,This is my first post on Bigger Pockets! I've been commenting and connecting here and there but decided I need to just jump in instead dipping my toe's one at a time.After listening to the podcast... View more
REI Advice in Movie Quotes
I'm writing some articles and I find that I keep dropping movie quotes into them to parallel a theme or message.  It's the end of 2020, which has been an interesting year for everyone, and I thought it might be fun to... View more
Long distance investors
My long distance real estate investors, before buying your first out of state property how did you know when to take that leap and follow through with the property & what are somethings I should make sure I have... View more
What are the main things to look for when buying
What are the main numbers to look at when purchasing a rental property? Goal: cash flow and appreciation Location:Out of state.Property management percentage ? 6-10%?
Out of state vs. backyard
Hey all, I am just getting into real estate and want to see these two sides from other perspectives. I feel as though I understand the pros and cons of each throughly and have chosen out of state. I live in San Diego,... View more
Time for Land Banking?
Hello!  I'm a land investor and typically I buy and sell vacant land to retail buyers, sometimes work directly with home builders, but I'm wondering if we get into a recession type economy if those two buyers will dry... View more
First 4 plex but Seller is lacking proper financials
Hello, I have placed an offer for my 4 plex which has been accepted. I am excited!!!! The property has 4 families which are long term renters. 3 families have not kept props very well. Seller also does not have proper... View more
Kitchen remodel for flip
How do you know what color of cabinets to use? There are so many choices these days. Are white ones the best option? I want to make it appealing to prospective buyers.