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Dealing with your fears. Overcoming the excuses. Motivating yourself and each other to invest. Stop hiding your money under your mattress!

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Bernie Sanders. Holy Crap he scares me.
Started by Leigh C
144 Tiny 1399679934 avatar anishtolia Last post byAnish Tolia
about 3 hours ago
Any must-read book suggestions?
Started by Hunter Groover
2 Tiny 1440206737 avatar hunterg2 Last post byHunter Groover
about 8 hours ago
Cash distribution to multiple investors
Started by Amber Murray
6 Tiny 1448388208 avatar maxt2 Last post byMax Tanenbaum
about 21 hours ago
A friend Dying of Cancer
Started by Michael Quarles
3 Tiny 1428460027 avatar mauriceg6 Last post byMaurice Graham
1 day ago
What areas of real estate are you avoiding?
Started by Adam B.
4 Tiny 1448396921 avatar rpmullin Last post byRyan Mullin
1 day ago
WOMEN IN RE: Comfortable going to meetups? Improvements?
Started by J. Martin
25 Tiny 1399666228 avatar apirlrain Last post byJennifer Lee
1 day ago
NPR has no idea how real estate works
Started by Brandon G.
6 Tiny 1436892014 avatar jamesm74 Last post byJames Masotti
1 day ago
Denver, Co investor pondering Kansas City market needs advice!
Started by Chris Billington
17 Tiny 1454112824 avatar billington41 Last post byChris Billington
2 days ago
Credit Cards, 0% interest, balance xfer & playing the game....
Started by David Huynh
6 Tiny 1452210937 avatar joshuam37 Last post byJoshua Malik
2 days ago
Am I the Only One NOT Watching the Game?
Started by Ben Leybovich
60 Tiny 1413300636 avatar investfourmore Last post byMark Ferguson
3 days ago
The Magic Bank Account
Started by Bryan Hancock
1 Tiny 1435079937 avatar ryanwatkins Last post byRyan W.
3 days ago
effects of R.e. agency across the street?
Started by Marci Stein
1 Tiny 1448386891 avatar russelltee Last post byRussell Brazil
4 days ago
"Career" options for a young investor
Started by Michael McDermott
18 No avatar tiny Last post byChase Gochnauer
5 days ago
I am the rich guy you want to be - and I have nobody to talk to
Started by Account Closed
82 Tiny 1442299369 avatar ronaldc3 Last post byRonald Cook
6 days ago
Running numbers after a refi
Started by Jeremiah Hilliard
5 Tiny 1448397484 avatar reflex Last post byScott Weaner
6 days ago
Cash Buyers and Investors
Started by Julio Soto
0 Tiny 1426091804 avatar julios2 Last post byJulio Soto
7 days ago
Talk Me Down!
Started by Robert Harmon
1 Tiny 1451503963 avatar koryt1 Last post byKory Thaut
7 days ago
The Real Estate Investor's Energy Plan 1
Started by Gabriel Redhead
0 Tiny 1454375304 avatar gabrielr12 Last post byGabriel Redhead
11 days ago
If you could go back in time?
Started by Lucero Sanchez
8 Tiny 1435631437 avatar 4everlasting 8a Last post byLucero Sanchez
11 days ago

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