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Dealing with your fears. Overcoming the excuses. Motivating yourself and each other to invest. Stop hiding your money under your mattress!

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Upload a picture that showcases where you live!
Started by Ryan D.
33 Tiny 1425947488 avatar carolina1Last post byCarolina E.
11 minutes ago
Looking for some advice
Started by Proxy Rodriguez
7 Tiny 1442845252 avatar proxyrLast post byProxy Rodriguez
2 days ago
You just net $1 Million dollars game
Started by Kelly Foydl
70 Tiny 1399711360 avatar michaelaatlLast post byMichaela G.
3 days ago
Getting ready for rent Lehigh valley
Started by Arthur D.
0 No avatar tinyLast post byArthur D.
3 days ago
Should I lend money and buy rentals?
Started by Patrick Young
5 No avatar tinyLast post byVernon Tome
4 days ago
Driving for dollars in exchange for education
Started by Jennifer Ceren tapp
6 Tiny 1435601003 avatar jenniferc18Last post byJennifer Ceren tapp
6 days ago
Investment property in Poconos
Started by Teya Beradze
5 Tiny 1443818146 avatar teyaLast post byTeya Beradze
6 days ago
BRRR - Willing to sacrifice?
Started by Kenny Dahill
6 Tiny 1444025333 avatar brandonelliottLast post byBrandon Elliott
7 days ago
Best Places in US & World to Spend RE Profit? Show me your City?
Started by J. M.
21 Tiny 1399611481 avatar jonnysfLast post byJonny Cerri
8 days ago
Elevator pitch mindset change
Started by Jim Hartmann
6 Tiny 1440767944 avatar davidd60Last post byDavid Diner
8 days ago
Are you wasting your potential?
Started by Mark F.
3 Tiny 1417909706 avatar coasthomebuyersLast post byMark F.
9 days ago
Why you need at least 3% rental appreciation annually-buy&holders
Started by Matt R.
4 No avatar tinyLast post byJohn Thedford
9 days ago
Sleep Poll: How much do you get?
Started by Nick Britton
21 Tiny 1444066811 avatar danielcarnettLast post byDaniel Carnett
9 days ago
Does working out and investing take the same mindset?
Started by Devan Mcclish
2 Tiny 1428708142 avatar aaron mLast post byAaron Mazzrillo
10 days ago
Care about cashflow now or later?
Started by Amy Wunderlich
23 Tiny 1439545034 avatar gregflynnLast post byGreg F.
10 days ago
Security Systems on Rentals and Flips
Started by Ryan D.
4 Tiny 1411689796 avatar ivanoberonLast post byIvan Oberon
12 days ago
Hypothetical question - Which situation would you rather be in?
Started by Sharad M.
5 No avatar tinyLast post byKen Deboy
13 days ago
What kind of car do you drive?
Started by Jeff Sims
353 Tiny 1399745548 avatar csoignierLast post byChris S.
14 days ago
Do accredited investors have an unfair advantage?
Started by Jeanette Adler
11 Tiny 1439545034 avatar gregflynnLast post byGreg F.
14 days ago

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