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New to BP - Evaluating a 8 unit apartment Building
Hello BP,  I joined this week and new to real estate investing - rental is the way I want to go. I found a 8 unit apartment building  $400k and have about 40k to use. Learned at the webinar this week that I need 20%... View more
This post has to start with a disclaimer. No one can guarantee returns, and there's a risk associated with any investment. Having said this, it will give those who are curious a rough ballpark of the kinds of returns... View more
Best methods to acquire first investment property ?
How’s it going ? My name is Stedman Valentine currently located in Columbus, OH i’m in the very beginning stages of my R.E journey. I’m looking to connect with all R.E professionals, with hopes of  receiving feedback... View more
Long Term Rental Renovated to add $500 cash flow
I purchased this Cave Creek, AZ property in May of 2019 for $280,000.  There was a tenant in-place paying $1475 a month which was a little better than a break even deal with the cash flow being about $100 a month.  The... View more
Beginner getting into a 10 unit out of state.
I am a brand new investor looking to buy my first property and came across a 10 unit out of state that has a really good looking P&L. There are minimal repairs needed and the property seems to be in really good... View more
New to BP in Columbus, Ohio
Hello all! I too, am in Columbus, Ohio and so eager to get started on my journey with Real Estate. As I find myself at home working all day and night in a basement on a back breaking chair, I've been able to discover... View more
My first REI, 4-doors!
Investment Info: Small multi-family (2-4 units) buy & hold investment in Columbus. Purchase price: $300,000 4-units. 1 bed/1 bath, each Experimenting with STR for one unit. What made you... View more
New property owner with complicated eviction
I recently closed on my first multi family property in Worcester MA. I purchased it with an owner occupied loan, and the property was sold to me fully rented. My second floor tenant is a TAW, I closed on November 30th... View more
Who is wholesaling in AZ?
Hello BP wholesalers in AZ! Who is marketing in AZ currently? How are thing going? What is holding you back in your business the most right now? In an effort to stay connected, during this strange COVID19 time, I'm... View more
Proof of Income - NJ Rental
Hi all! We have a rental property that will soon be up for rent. I have not yet posted the property for rent but we have gotten requests for information from people in the area. My current neighbor rents the house next... View more
First Time Investor - Contractor Questions
Hi Team, Im a first time investor looking to buy rental property in Charlotte NC, and before investing have the below 3 questions on finding / choosing a contractor. Any help or responses in general are much... View more
Hard Money Lender Recommendations in Columbus
Hey Everyone,I'm planning on buying my first investment property in the Columbus area and am looking to BRRRR it. I've been searching around for Hard Money lenders that I can get pre-approved by, but thought it would... View more
Prop 19 will be implemented Feb 15 and upon your death will trigger a new evaluation of your properties for property taxes. This could force your family to sell the property to pay taxes. If they don’t move into the... View more
Cleveland Ohio--SFR investments
Hello everyone,Anyone have any intel or experience with multi-family rentals in Cleveland Ohio? I was browsing through redfin and I noticed that homes can be purchased for as low as 50k! I'm looking to invest outside... View more
Do i go basic or decent on appliances on new rental?
Hey All, I just got my townhome back from insurance rebuild and instead of selling it i have decided i will go ahead and rent it out for now for the cash flow. My question is the kitchen is a Mahogany tint cabinet set.... View more
Rent to own help needed
Hello,I have a client who can’t purchase a home right now due to issues with an ongoing divorce, but she needs to get a new place ASAP. I am not too familiar with rent to own, but I thought that could be a solution for... View more