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Beware of the Real Estate Guru Trap: What to Look for & How to Protect Yourself
Blogger Andrew MacDonald, yesterday posted an article on the BiggerPockets Blog that is an absolute MUST READ for anyone considering spending their money on a real estate guru. The article breaks down both the typical... View more
Why Negative Reviews about Your Company Can Be Good For Business
Negative Reviews Can Be Good for Business! I just came upon a fantastic article about Negative Reviews online and thought it appropriate to share with the readers of our Guru Review forum. This article talks about... View more
WARNING: When reading the Guru Review threads, take note that in many cases, the gurus will send their friends to shill on their behalf. These people are typically easy to pick out, as they usually have only a handful... View more
Non-Performing Institutional Notes Course
Hello!I'm so freaking excited and eager to learn more about notes. We have access to several million dollars from our money partners that have funded our past flips that's ready to deploy asap.I'm looking... View more
My VIP experience at Phil Grove’s Big Live Event 2017
Summary: I attended the December 2017 event as a VIP member. Compared to other events I attended over the past 23 years, this had the least usable content and the most red flags. I did not receive “VIP Education,” I... View more
Is Phil Pustejovsky a scam-artist?
Hey everyone, I'm 19 years old and am very interested in getting involved in Real Estate. I have been researching a lot about Phil Pustejovsky and his Freedom Mentorship Program. There have been discussions about this... View more
Phil Pustejovsky
On this same note, does anyone know Phil Pustejovsky? I am considering his coaching program because he seems to me like a very genuine guy and his fee are NOT as hefty in perspective; I mean compared to many others I... View more
Cold Caller Training Programs
Hey BP family.  I'm looking for recommendations on a good cold caller training program or website that I can use for overseas VAs or in house callers.  I've cold called myself in the past, but looking for something... View more
FreedomSoft Scam!
Hello, does anyone else have any experience with Preston Eloy's FreedomSoft system?My business partner and I bought into it  quickly saw its limitations then just as quickly canceled our service  within two weeks. So... View more
Freedom Mentor Phil is a total salesman
Phil is a total salesman of his own mentorship program. He wants you to slave yourself to make money for him and his crews who are barely there for you when you need them. You can only talk to them within the given... View more
Getting started in real estate book list
While I am not new to real estate investing (I have worked in commercial real estate finance in a previous career and have invested in a few crowdfunded deals), I am new to directly investing in real estate personally.... View more
Real Estate Sales llc - Flip Cheap Houses
Hello everyone!I am 19 year old college student very interested in every aspect of real estate investing. I honestly hated college after my first semester and that’s when I began researching other career avenues. I... View more
Wealth accelerator system- Ron Phillips or Brandon Rooks
Hello BP nation-These folks have been emailing information touting turnkey real estate all over the south and Midwest with a 200 to 400% ROI. I can't actually find anyone that has worked with them. They are based in... View more
Is Jack Bosch just another phony?
Has any one of you heard of Jack's Hidden Tax Sale Cash program? He explains the tax deed loophole where you can buy properties for $100 and make big profits doing nothing but collecting overages from the county after... View more
Warrior's of Wealth Coaching, anyone with experience?
I'm looking to get started and was wondering if anyone has any experience that they can share working with Jen and Stacy Conkey in their Mastermind coaching program. Thanks in advance!
Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refinance, Repeat By David Greene, Bonuses
I recently bought Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refinance, Repeat by David Greene from the Bigger Pocket's store. The Ebook bonus material downloaded ok but the links for two of the videos (How to Interview and Hire a Great... View more
Long-Distance Real Estate Investing by David Greene, Bonuses
I recently bought Long-Distance Real Estate Investing by David Greene from the Bigger Pocket's store. The Ebook bonus material downloaded ok but the links for the two videos (A Coaching Conversation with David... View more
Connected Investors Largest REI Scam on the Internet
We signed up for Connected Investors 9-4-16. At the same time we where gullible enough to likewise put out information through the CiX site looking for lenders. Allegedly all the lenders on the CiX site have been... View more
Tax Lien Investments Courses
Hi BP community! I need your feedback on United Tax Liens company - They provide an education course on the subject line. (Not to be mistaken by US Tax Liens) Thank you for your time and feedback!
Real Estate U course TEXAS
I am interested in getting my real estate license. I have been looking at several different courses to include Aceable Agent and Real Estate U. Has anyone taken either of these? They are both TREC approved. I reached... View more
Jerry Norton programs ($10k finder fee - Powerflipper)
Let's discuss Jerry Norton's Powerflipper 3.0 with a finder's fee of $10,000 for any deal you find them.  I THINK IT'S A SCAM.  If anyone has had success of has had a deal accepted by them where they actually paid them... View more
Is Ken McElroy Master Class any good?
I'm enjoying Ken McElroy's content and see he has a RE Master Class for $450. I'm looking to buy small multifamily and notice that his specialty is large complexes, resorts, mobile home parks, and other large scale... View more