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We all want to know if that new book or investing course is worth getting. This forum is for discussing real estate gurus, books and courses.

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Beware of the Real Estate Guru Trap: What to Look for & How to Protect Yourself
Dane Peterson Last post by Dane Peterson, 4 months ago
Dane Peterson Dane Peterson 117 4 months Jump to last post
Why Negative Reviews about Your Company Can Be Good For Business
Johnny Groves Last post by Johnny Groves, 10 months ago
Johnny Groves Johnny Groves 10 10 months Jump to last post
Iverem Rose Last post by Iverem Rose, 12 months ago
Iverem Rose Iverem Rose 20 12 months Jump to last post
Rich Dad Poor Dad/Legacy Education Worth It?
Mia Carmona Last post by Mia Carmona, about 10 hours ago
Mia Carmona Mia Carmona 60 about 10 hours Jump to last post
Single Family Rental Summit
Gilberto Rodriguez Last post by Gilberto Rodriguez, 1 day ago
Gilberto Rodriguez Gilberto Rodriguez 0 1 day Jump to last post
Doug Hopkins - Winning the Property Wars
Janice Jackson Last post by Janice Jackson, 1 day ago
Janice Jackson Janice Jackson 26 1 day Jump to last post
Does anybody actually like the book Rich Dad Poor Dad?
Matthew Couto Last post by Matthew Couto, 2 days ago
Matthew Couto Matthew Couto 26 2 days Jump to last post
Anyone heard of WealthFit Real Estate Investor?
Andrew Johnson Last post by Andrew Johnson, 2 days ago
Andrew Johnson Andrew Johnson 2 2 days Jump to last post
Has anyone bought Michael Blank's Apartment Building Course?
Patrick Duffy Last post by Patrick Duffy, 2 days ago
Patrick Duffy Patrick Duffy 12 2 days Jump to last post
My review of Lifestyles Unlimited in Houston Texas
Joe Rattz Last post by Joe Rattz, 2 days ago
Joe Rattz Joe Rattz 32 2 days Jump to last post
Credit request at closing
Wayne Brooks Last post by Wayne Brooks, 3 days ago
Wayne Brooks Wayne Brooks 3 3 days Jump to last post
Best book for negotiations
Phillip Dwyer Last post by Phillip Dwyer, 4 days ago
Phillip Dwyer Phillip Dwyer 9 4 days Jump to last post
Real Estate Workshops LLC
Martin Mickelson Last post by Martin Mickelson, 4 days ago
Martin Mickelson Martin Mickelson 0 4 days Jump to last post
Alan Cowgill “Where to find the money”
Kathleen Dorothy Last post by Kathleen Dorothy, 4 days ago
Kathleen Dorothy Kathleen Dorothy 0 4 days Jump to last post
Connected Investors 3.0
Dan Williamson Last post by Dan Williamson, 4 days ago
Dan Williamson Dan Williamson 49 4 days Jump to last post
Spending $1500 for coaching
Caleb Heimsoth Last post by Caleb Heimsoth, 5 days ago
Caleb Heimsoth Caleb Heimsoth 1 5 days Jump to last post
Influential Real Estate Investing Books
Logan Jorns Last post by Logan Jorns, 6 days ago
Logan Jorns Logan Jorns 2 6 days Jump to last post
Rich Dad, Poor Dad Seminar
Erik Cabral Last post by Erik Cabral, 6 days ago
Erik Cabral Erik Cabral 1 6 days Jump to last post
Find vacant homes now
Meg Owens Last post by Meg Owens, 8 days ago
Meg Owens Meg Owens 138 8 days Jump to last post
Fortune Builders 3 Day Real Estate Workshop
Roxanne Davis Last post by Roxanne Davis, 8 days ago
Roxanne Davis Roxanne Davis 19 8 days Jump to last post
Investor Summit at Sea
Lane Kawaoka Last post by Lane Kawaoka, 8 days ago
Lane Kawaoka Lane Kawaoka 5 8 days Jump to last post
Cody Sperber Clever Investor
Ben Travis Last post by Ben Travis, 8 days ago
Ben Travis Ben Travis 90 8 days Jump to last post
WARNING! Rules of Renovation AKA Success Path
Casey Lehner Last post by Casey Lehner, 9 days ago
Casey Lehner Casey Lehner 1 9 days Jump to last post
Jerry Norton programs ($10k finder fee - Powerflipper)
Jake K. Last post by Jake K., 10 days ago
Jake K. Jake K. 44 10 days Jump to last post
Jack Bosch's Land Profit Generator?
Jodi Kaili Last post by Jodi Kaili, 10 days ago
Jodi Kaili Jodi Kaili 40 10 days Jump to last post